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Bowser And His Time Pipes ( Demo 1 ) by cgamer97

Hack Name: Bowser And His Time Pipes ( Demo 1 )
Author: cgamer97
Next demo in progress.

Mario does his normal moves, which is fine, except that he runs into this wall for a while and it looks stupid.

The game select text slices right through your title screen. Move up the title a bit.

Check your grammar, please, and if you don't speak English get someone to proofread it.

Ugh, unattractive overworld you got there. There is cutoff, blandness, pallete issues, and those houses aren't very well drawn.

Not too sure about this pallte, and it is good to have cutsom graphics, but these people are not drawn well.

Not shown, but the koopas will flash back and forth to these people when I jump on their shells.

The people crush using the koopa's frame.

Boring, try to spice your levels up with different variation of ledges and stuff.

Why so many fish here? And this had to be the third screen of water with tons of fish.


Still boring.

More boring, but this time you substituted enemies with slopes.

I started practically on this fish, and I had to react very fast to dodge it.

That ladder is yuck, and I am not too fond of this pallete either.

This was like the fourth screen of just water. Change it up please.

Yeah, these fish swim right out of the water.

Gray cement block background with an unchanged pallete. I foresee problems in the future.

Also, this creates cutoff and don't spam cement blocks.

Yep, right here the ground blends in with the bricks, making it difficult to distinguish the two.

also no spamming of cement blocks plz

Ground has been flat for a while here, although there is enemies..

Another bad submap. No elevation, cutoff everywhere. Although you did not slack on the decor.

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