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Mario's Journey (Bad news... read last post)
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Hey everyone, you might remember me from my last hack - Super Hack World, well I'm back with a new hack.
I decided to create a new hack because making Super Hack World kinda lost the fun I used to have making it. I didn't like the idea, I wasn't completely satisfied with the OW, so I decided to trash it. I might pick up on it later, but not anytime soon, but enough sbout my old hack, how about my new one?

Mario's Journey

For the Seven Mystic Gems

Not Mario's Journey featuring Super Mario Galaxy. (Mario's Journey ftSMG) </badjoke>

Not the most original plot ever, so don't say "Oh, that plots over used or whatever, how many people play a hack for its story?

Bowser has stolen the ledgendary Dark Star, a mysterious object said to hold great power, and is using it to take over the world. However, the only way to stop the Dark Star is to use the power of the Seven Mystic Gems, said to have been scattered across the Mushroom Kingdom.
Mario goes in search of the Gems in order to save everyone, but will he be able to do it? Only if I find the time and inspiration to finish this hack :P.

Well if you haven't guessed already, I'm replacing the eggs at the end of cutscenes with Gems and after beating the boss at the end of each world (no, it's not going to be the koopalings) you get the cutscene. I already have quite a few I ideas for stuff... yeah.

Anyways, beta title screen:

It's a WIP. I'm not sure what to put for the background; the clouds are just a placeholder. Any suggestions?

Here's a vid of the first level:
SMW Hack: First Level

Please feedback is appreciated.
Thanks for taking your time to read all of that if you did.
Beta Testers
1. Majorasmaskkingdom
2. Blue_Raven
3. Ascaska
4. Igna6750
5.??? >Could be you!
(PM me or reply to this thread indicating you would like to beta test if you want if you want to be a beta tester.)

Mario's Journey for the Seven Mystic Gems - World 1 Demo
Actually, this hack looks pretty good, the only thing I dislike about the level you showed though, is that you have to follow the banzai bill just to get that one dragon coin.
Cool title screen and first level, I like it. However, at about 1:46, you might wanna move that coin turn block up a tile, since if Mario has a mushroom and gets in that small space and spin-jumps, theres a good chance you can end up clipping through the ground and instantly being killed.
Other that that,this is pretty nice.

Mario's Greatest Adventure! <- My hack thread, where I make magic.
@Luigi's Kingdom: Well, if I should change it or if I should keep is a difficult question to answer (sorry if that made no sense.) I want to have a little bit of a challenge to get the dragon coins, and its not as hard to do as I made it look. But I'll put it into consideration, thanks!

@TheDemonWithin: Yeah, I know about that, I need to change it, thanks for bringing it up though, I appreciate it!

Mario's Journey for the Seven Mystic Gems - World 1 Demo
Ugh Double Post:
Here's a screenshot of the second level I'm working on, any opinions on the palette?
The levels called:
The Koopas' Forest

Also I need to start only replying when I have an update so I don't have to double post, but anyways...

Mario's Journey for the Seven Mystic Gems - World 1 Demo
That looks horribly perfect. #w{xD}


(previously superdragonyoshi1. sup yall.)
What the hell are you talking about. The palette is nice.
Originally posted by spookydragonyoshi1
That looks horribly perfect. #w{xD}

Uh... Thank you?
Originally posted by MGOD|Scary
What the hell are you talking about. The palette is nice.
Thanks, nothing special to the palette, I'm not palette God. I can make palettes that aren't eye shearing, but thats about it.

Ok, I need opinions here:

Does the key look too hard to get for level two?

Mario's Journey for the Seven Mystic Gems - World 1 Demo
Seems like a really good game ill keep my eyes peeled to download it O.O
Thanks Mr.Bofottle! I don't, or at least don't have plans to release any demos for it, so it may be a while! I'm trying to finish up the second level as fast ss I can so that this thread doesn't become buried like the last one. Dang! I'm probably gonna have to double post now... Oh well.

Mario's Journey for the Seven Mystic Gems - World 1 Demo
Eh, pretty good.

Also, the 1st level(?) needs more escenary, like trees, bushes, etc.
I'll see about adding scenery,
Level Two:
Koopas' Forest
May need some time to process.

Mario's Journey for the Seven Mystic Gems - World 1 Demo
Here is an update:

Introduction Level to the Temple level.
In my hack the castle's aren't called castles, they are temples to the Gems.


Standin' on a block in the lava

Spin-jumping of a pendulum ball 'n' chain.

That cannon is firing fireballs?

SMAS-SMB1 Firebars for the heck of it.
This isn't the 3rd level it is the 4th The third level is a cave that I got bored working on. There are 5 levels in World 1. (completed, in progress, not started)
1-1: Currently Unnamed - 100%
1-2: Koopa Forest - 100%
1-3: Waterfall Cave (tentative) - 15%
1-4: T1: Lava Temple - 60%
1-S: Blue Switch - 45%
1-Ect: Some kind of hub level - 0%

Mario's Journey for the Seven Mystic Gems - World 1 Demo
Still looking pretty good, I actually would like to be a beta tester for it if you don't mind
It looks good, but in the first level, to get that one dragon coin, you have to go all the way back... put an invisible coin block there. Also, some of the first level looks like it's lacking sprites... second level looks really good though.
I would like to beta test too.
Update! I have 62.5% of world one done now that I have the 1st Temple level done after a lot of work.
Well I'm not going to make a video yet, because I want to upload them in order on YouTube, but here are some more screenshots:


More fireballs! Well I guess since its called Lava Temple...


Spin-jumping on fireball

I got hit

Outside auto-scrolling section

Bowser is the 1st Gem guardian/boss?

Updated Level List for World One:
World 1:
Hub Level - 0% (Not going to be in first demo (for testers).)
1-OW: DONE! - 100% - NEW
1-1: UNNAMED - 100%
1-2: Koopa's Forest - 100%
1-Switch: Blue Switch Palace - 45%
1-3: Waterfall Cave - 15%
1-Temple: T1: Lava Temple - 100% - NEW
Switch Level - 100% - NEW
The switch level is a level that doesn't need to be unlocked that you can get items as you get Switch Palaces. You can only enter if you have gotten Blue Switch.
If you haven't looked at the first post, I am accepting beta testers. If you want to Beta Test Mario's Journey, PM me or post a reply saying you want to do so.

Mario's Journey for the Seven Mystic Gems - World 1 Demo
I didn't like the first level, but the fire temple looks real cool. :D

Also, I'd like to beta test. :)
it's all looking good! Just please stop taking your pictures in HD, it makes the SMW GFX look like CRAP.

Your layout has been removed.

So I found cutoff.

Very very minor. The only bad one that doesn't fit is the one on the bottom right.
Oh yes, I've noticed that. I'm going to fix it, just haven't come around to it yet. Thanks for pointing that out.


Update on the tittle screen. Got rid of the clouds and the little cutoff stars and made this! The dark star floats up and down. What do you guys think?

Mario's Journey for the Seven Mystic Gems - World 1 Demo
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