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Caffeine Intake

My favorite soda is Dr. Pepper (high-five Adam!), but I don't drink soda that much. I'll have it on occasion, usually the weekends, or when I go out to eat.

I don't much like coffee unless it's mocha or alcoholic(Kahlua is some good shit), except I'm pretty sure the latter is like anti-caffeine.
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I have atleast two cups of coffee per day and usually a bottle of Cola aswell. Neither of those help me staying awake at all. Sometimes I drink Cola right before going to sleep when I don't have anything else to quench my thirst with and it doesn't affect me in the slightest. I sleep just as well as I do without caffeine intake.

And none of that stuff makes me hyper at all. I consume loads of sugar a day, drink coffee and/or other caffeinated stuff but I don't get hyper in the slightest. Doesn't work for me.
Sometimes I treat myself to coffee, and often a red tea. I don't drink much caffiene.
But herbal tea...

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For me it depends mostly on whether a caffeinated drink is available. Then it depends on whether I feel tired (or if I think I'll feel tired when I'm going out). Even then it's usually one cup a day to conserve the supply, which is likely some form of Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, or Dr. Pepper.

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Eh, I only get caffeine from eating chocolate. I don't drink regular soda or coffee. I just drink the decaffeinated soda. So that means that I only consume a little bit in a regular basis.
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Yay for Dr. Pepper fans.

I try to limit myself to 1-3 cans a day, but if I let myself go, I can go for like 6-8.

I'm not fat at all; if anything I'm too skinny.

Oh, and coffee is good too, as long as there is like 5 packets of cream in it.
Under normal circumstances, I have a bit of Dr Pepper now and again (why have a drink with one flavour when you can have twenty-three?). Last night was poker night, however, and I had seven cans of it. My body has been punishing me all day. I was worse in the morning than some of my fellows that actually drank!
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Originally posted by DivisionByZero
caffeine talk

Don't forget Mountain Dew for late nights as well.
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Originally posted by Tennis the Menace
Mountain Dew

Oh how I wish more than one store in all of Australia sold that.
Originally posted by Tennis the Menace
Originally posted by DivisionByZero
caffeine talk

Don't forget Mountain Dew for late nights as well.

Of course. Can't forget Mountain Dew!

Especially during my LPs.
Mountain Dew Voltage when available, I almost never have it though because it's never on sale. :(

Dr. Pepper is my second choice.

Coca-Cola is my third choice.
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FirePhoenix, how the Hell can you drink that stuff? I 'pounded back' some Smirnoff last night (tip: never drink on the night before an exam), and I ended up with gut-rot all freaking day.

Also, I know it isn't caffeine, but that picture reminded me of Yagger-Bombs. Liquor and Redbull. . .it screws with your metabolism, that's for sure.
Mix it. Then you don't die from the fact it's 94 proof.
Originally posted by Azrael
Originally posted by Tennis the Menace
Mountain Dew

Oh how I wish more than one store in all of Australia sold that.

What are you talking about. You can buy Mountain Dew in heaps of places, like in Woolworths and general convenience stores. Vanilla Coke on the other hand... man, I haven't even seen any Vanilla Coke for years.

Also Mountain Dew isn't caffeinated in Australia, and there's only one variety. Every other kind of Mountain Dew is imported. It sounds like the USA has a much wider range of just about everything.

Anyway about my own caffeine intake, it's often none. I don't drink coffee, and I don't drink soft drinks much either. When I do, it's not cola, because I honestly don't like cola. It makes my teeth feel like rubber, and that feeling isn't particularly nice. I don't have any energy drinks either, it's not like I use that much energy during the day anyway.

When I do have caffeine though, I think it does have some kind of effect on me, though it's not much. For it to really get me excited I'd need to drink about three or four cans of Coke. Though it's much easier to get me excited by giving me something I'm actually excited by, such as something I really want. Caffeine isn't one of those things.
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Probably way too much.
I drink a lot of soda and tea and a lot of other things that are really whoaohohaoohoah.
Oh wait that's sugar.
Well it's kind of the same thing.
I think I have an immunity to sugar and caffiene though, because I'm like never hyper or anything...
ussually about 5 mugs on weekdays and 3 mugs on weekends
i have one of those 10 gallon cosco drums
i bought it a few months ago and it's allready half empty
this is my sig. if you did not know that, why did you look at it?

...I hardly ever drink things involving caffeine, half because I can't and/or don't take the time to get a hold of it. I VERY RARELY drink coffee (about once a year), and I drink pop whenever it's available, which is never. (probably about every three months)
Hmmm, depends on the time of year...

On average, a fair bit as greed caffiene is good, but I don't get hyper from it