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Kaizo Screenshots & Videos Thread

Since I'm apparently unable to make screenshots using my keyboard while playing, I've added some screenshots from within LM. These are some of the levels I've completed so far, about 13 levels into my 24 level hack. The screenshots are not in any particular order.

Some gameplay of the first 2 levels:
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Usually when showing off kaizo levels, it's easier to upload a clean run w/ savestates (or a clean run after however long it takes to do one lol), I'm watching your video and so far it's just the same part over and over again.
I'm not sure I really understand why the yoshi jump is in there. It doesn't seem particularly hard, so unless there's some way to make it a challenge it just kind of seems like padding. I would also suggest giving some clear visual clue to differentiate the grey platforms that fall down and the ones that go up. While based on their placement it's pretty clear what direction they're going, if a player thinks the one above the munchers is going to go up, they might act more carelessly then they would otherwise.
The second level was really neat! I would change up that pipe palette lol, but the level itself was cool. I like short levels more than long ones, and it lets you use more ideas without having to stretch them out too far. Nice
I've decided to stop lying to myself and admit I'm making a kaizo level. Which is good, because it means I can make it harder!

I want to remove spin jumping to make it way more of a challenge to dodge the fuzzies (the other option being introducing fuzzies you cant spin jump on), but I'm definitely going to have to refine the spot in gif 2 because right now it's damn near impossible lol

Also for those that are interested, this level utilizes LM 3's stacking level function, although probably not in the way it was intended to be used lol. It's really nice though, because getting to stack sprites straight up guarantees they spawn the exact same way every time
umm... can i help you!?

Looks like a pretty neat use of the Fuzzies so far! Though, I'd recommend that if you haven't already, you disable L/R scrolling, otherwise parts of this level will probably be a little easy to break.

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@MajorMuff, if you haven't noticed yet, you can skip that part at 1:22. You don't have to touch the invisible block and you can jump directly onto the other side. It's easy to fix.

@Hobz, I agree with Thomas, your combination of twisted setups is really interesting.
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if you kill yoshi, yoshi kills you

I assume that's a custom block that kills you if certain sprites touch it? I'm jelly. I'm digging how you combine a shitload of gimmicks with yoshi, but make sure you don't accidentally leave parts that could possibly be easy to skip!
Can he?
:P Can't insert a picture, Sorry!.
Blank Mario Time!
How do you mean you can't insert a picture? If you have a screenshot to upload you can upload it to your site file bin - hope that helps. But unless you're looking to showoff screenshots or to comment on others, please refrain from posting here.
Working on my first levels ever in lunar magic, really hoping to make a full romhack with fun levels that are not to hard

Cave level with swooper jumps (its brighter in game):

A tight vertical up level:

Forest level with lots of quick action:

Casual platformer, nothing to fancy:
Super Chill World

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Hi everyone! I've been working on my first kaizo hack, Castle Crawl, for a while and thought I'd share the level design for the 1st section of the 1st castle. I was going for very fast-paced and momentum-based gameplay here, but it is the 1st castle so not too difficult. Hope you like it!
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From now on it's nuclear power. The nuclear age.

I dig the intensity of this level so far. Not too difficult, but demands a lot from you, which is good. Nice work!
Hi everyone! I just finished my first ever Kaizo Hack and recorded a playthrough:

It's a first version, but you can download and play it if you like:

Looking forward to any feedback :)
C3 stuff: HDMA-Codes and Custom Music included!

1 Island Of Vanilla Feeling:

MaSeHiHa World 1:


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