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Super Mario Deaths

Hey everyone, It's Emperor Of Awesomeness here to show you two really crappy hacks!

This is the saga of Super Mario Deaths, a Kaizo hack saga that is really not known at all. It's all about unfair, but not REALLY unfair, at least, not for the firt one (THE FISRT ONE IS DUMB EASY COMPARED TO THE SECOND ONE)

Here are some Screenshots from SMD1:

Even if this hack is Kaizo, there's some chocolate things (custom blocks, sprites, some GFX, etc) and It's not that frustrating (though it still needs savestates unless you are AWESOME playing SMW...)

There's much more in that game, but I'm not gonna spoil it to you. Discover it by yourself, play it!

Now, about the second one, it's still not finished. In fact, I have started it a very short time ago, but I am preety creative with the traps and stuff and here's a video of the first level (incomplete):

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Well, that's basically it, if you wanna follow this hack saga, then request me an userbar (Cuz, if I get a good amount of people following my hack, I'll make one)

I'm an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) producer/DJ, you can check out my music here:

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My only complaint is that in the screenshots, it seems like this is a bad hack in the way that it has traps that laugh at the player.

Other than that, the video show that this hack is pretty hard, and is indeed, Kaizo.
Well, I guess I can fix that. (SMD2 doesn't have anythoing like that, SMD1 is very OLD.

I'm an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) producer/DJ, you can check out my music here:

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Well, I've played it and it really is too breakable. You give the player Yoshi's, Capes and whatnot, allowing them to fly over your levels and walk on your munchers. I suggest being less kind to the player, and getting an experienced Kaizo player to test your levels for breaks.

Some traps were really standard, some were creative (I liked the final boss, despite it being overused, but I had two capes so I could easily capespin the hammers and take a hit if I wanted to).
Of course you should fight fire with fire, you should fight everything with fire.

Oooh look at my userbar!

Sadistic Designer - testing Pit without tools.
Yeah, It's been a long time since I made that hack and I really was not that good, now I'm a WHOLE lot better when it comes to this and I'll probably be fixing that soon. (V1.3 isn't the final version anymore, apparently...)

I'm an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) producer/DJ, you can check out my music here:

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... In all seriosity, Deaths 1 is WAY. TOO. EASY.
Good fucking bye.
I know it...

I'm an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) producer/DJ, you can check out my music here:

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I just finished World 1 with all secrets completed and I must say, your level design is great! Nothing seems linnear and every level so far is very different. The OW looks good too which is an added bonus. The style is vanilla but i dont mind that. ALso, you had custom music which i liked. Based off of the first world, i would give this hack a 9/10.


The rest of the game was just as fun as the 1st world but I have 3 comments/questions:

1. Where is the secret exit in self-explanatory? I cant seem to find it.

2. After I beat vanilla secret 1, both exits led to a glitched overworld where the 1st world was being shown, while I was actually on the last world controlling an invisible mario. It was very confusing and it took me a couple of minutes to figure out that i could enter the last level with bowser, even though i coudnt see mario on the OW.

3. Lastly, (as sadistic said) the last boss is too easy with 2 capes because the spin could cancel the hammers. You might want to consider fixing that and fix what i said above(number 2)

After playing the hack comletely, I give this hack an 8.5/10

how to beat munchers domain and against time in smd1
Hello to you, that is reading my post.

The following posts are very bad and shitty, but I have since improved on them. If you really want to see them, go ahead. They weren't interesting anyway. #ab{:P}
I wouldn't exactly call this kaizo. some of the levels were easy to break, and they weren't hard compared to some of the kaizo levels out there.
Blue_Raven, he knows that already. Deaths 1 is an old hack. #w{:s}
Good fucking bye.

It's not exactly "kaizo" level, but it is definitely too hard to be in smwcentral's hacks section. I guess placing if in the kaizo subforum is appropriate.

Oh, well... I would have though that since this thread is pretty new...
Of course the thread is new. You are aware that the Kaizo subforum was around since only late last month, right?

He was just posting an older hack he made to show that there was a Super Mario Deaths 1.
Good fucking bye.
Oh... *smacks myself on the head*
@VMAN4567 I'm glad you liked my hack!

1. Just throw yourself on the pit where's two spinies at the bottom (Spinjumping, of course...) It's right next to that (That secret exit is EVIL). Fun fact: Self explanatory was based off Kaizo Mario World 1 1-1.

2.- I could just NOT find a way for the OW not to break. If anyone knows how to, tell me and I'll fix it. The glitched OW that you are standing on is actually Bowser's Valley.

3.- I should make something better and more interesting for that, Shouldn't I?

@mag10 Ummm... You aren't very expericenced in playing SMW OR YOU JUST AREN'T USING SAVESTATES, AREN'T YOU?!

@miguel21450 Yes, I know... Easy final stage.

@Blue_Raven I know.

@VMAN4567 Yup, but this IS the kaizo subforum.

@Blue_Raven Yes, it is indeed a new thread, but this hack was made at least 1 year and fixed about 1 month before this thread was made. (Before the fixes the levels were a lot more breakable, there was floating munchers, cutoff, etc. It was basically horrible.)

@GoldenSonic15 Yes, unless I wanted to make SMD2 that actual SMD1 and keep the original SMD1 to myself.

@Blue_Raven -L-O-L-

Good thing I saw this thread, because I wasn't paying much attention to this, but now I will, because I see that people are kinda interested in my hack. Also, I can't work on SMD2 or the new version of SMD1 right now because I am working on another, shorter kaizo hack and on my main hack, Super Mario World: Mystery of the Throw Block tower. But my second kaizo hack is very short and will be finished soon, so I will be back to these hacks soon.

I'm an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) producer/DJ, you can check out my music here:

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