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other stupid rom--shyguy2315

Hack Name: other stupid rom
Author: shyguy2315
Reasons for Removal:

Bland/square Overworld with a perspective error on the left island. Also, you did not use revealed paths, and I had a hard time knowing what levels I could access from the beginning and which levels I had to unlock.

The levels in this hack were awfully boring, to be honest. As you will see in the following screenshots, all I ever had to do was run and jump over pits/water/lava. There was barely any vertical movement, and the only challenge came from the hordes of custom sprites you put in each level.

Bad Message box graphic (picture 1), bad sprite palettes (picture 2), bad level palettes in general. Also, in picture 2, that thing Mario is standing in front of is part of a standalone Midway Point Bar object. You need to attach this to the midway point poles (that you see in Super Mario World and other hacks) because it looks kind of ugly as it is.

Verdict: this hack is not ready to be accepted here. Good job implementing the custom sprites, but they weren't able to save your hack. Work on improving and varying your level design beyond run-jump-run, fix the palettes (level and sprite), and improve on Overworld-making.

Read the Hack Submission Guidelines, play some Featured Hacks to get an idea of what makes a 'good' hack, and try again.