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Is "The Last Airbender" an anime?

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After a 30 minute argument on the IRC and a lot of back and forth between me and goodandwicked I thought it'd be cool to get some more opinions on this.

Commonly, when you refer to a cartoon as "anime" you think that it's derived from Japan, translated somehow and streamed to you on some channel or website you found. Now, after I told everyone that one of the animes I wanted to watch was "Avatar: The Last Airbender", a few people told me that Avatar was NOT an anime.

So my question is, do you consider a show like that an anime?

I mean, to me, the definition of "anime" is a Japanese style animation, not an animation that comes from Japan.

As defined by

Originally posted by Anime, noun
a Japanese style of motion-picture animation, characterized by highly stylized, colorful art, futuristic settings, violence, and sexuality.

note that it's a STYLE.

That's my opinion anyway. I'd like to hear everyone else's.

Oh, and please don't go posting ridiculous exploits to my argument or anyone who's doesn't agree with yours. The last thing I want is a repeat of the stuff that happened on the IRC. >_>
I would call it an anime myself, it's pretty obvious that it's styled japanese and all that, and I don't think it's where it comes from that matters, more how it feels.
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While Blumiere's definition of anime is technically correct, it is not the definition most people use. Most believe that anime refers to animations from japan.

And as you know, Avatar: The Last Airbender is not made in Japan. So this means that under Blumiere's definition, yes, it is an anime. But under the rest of the world's definition? No, it is not.

Now, let's point out some things. I am about to post 2 different wikipedia articles.

Let's note something. On the Avatar article, it says "animation" in the format spot. This is true. It does not say anime or Japanese animamation. Just animation. Now, on the Panty and Stocking article, it totally skips the format and goes to "TV Anime". This implies that anime is separate from animation. That it is in its own category. A category that Avatar is not in.

Now, Blumiere's definition is correct, but it is fundamentally flawed at conveying the true nature of anime. By Blumiere's definition, many well known animes would not be considered animes. Shin Chan is a good example of this because it doesn't have many of the drawing techniques that are common in anime. Is this not an anime?

Avatar is indeed a good show and feels like an anime, but it is not an anime.
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Anime means Japanese animation.

Avatar isn't a Japanese animation.

Thus it's not anime.

You wouldn't call Donald Duck a manga, would you?
Originally posted by Hal O. Wiener
Anime means Japanese animation.

Originally posted by me, the definition of anime
a Japanese style of motion-picture animation, characterized by highly stylized, colorful art, futuristic settings, violence, and sexuality.

I'm going to put some enthusiasm in the word "STYLE".


Westerns commonly refer Japanese animations as "animes", hence mash it into their brains "anime = japanese animation" whereas all "anime" is is a shortened version of "animation", commonly referring to the STYLE of animation adapted from manga comics.

Also of course you wouldn't call Donald Duck a manga. An anime is classified as an anime if it adapts the style of manga into the animation or any other Japanese-like things. The Last Airbender uses common manga techniques (and Japanese history for its storyline) for the show, so wouldn't it be classified as an anime?
Bluemiere, you can't take the definithion of a dicctionary like if it was the absolute truth, nor you can use it as an argument like if it was your own definition, it's like if I said "let's start a philosofical debate about the meaning of happiness" and then someone opens a dicctionary and reads the definition and says "the debate is over". Besides, not every anime has violence, sexuality or futuristic setings.

That being said, the definition of "anime = japanese cartoon" is wrong as well, because japanese cartoons exist, they are not anime, and they verry similar to american cartoons, they are not even serial, an example of this is astroboy. My personal definition for anime is "Serial cartoon with japanese style drawings, usualy comming from Japan, most of anime contain supernatural powers, susspense and action"

Nowdays most of people refer to avatar as "amerime" wich menas "american cartoon with anime style", and yes, it does contain a lot of anime elements, but it also contains elements from american cartoons like some american styled jokes jokes. I would say avatar is a hibrid, as it contains elements of both japanese anime and american cartoons, so the word "amerime" fits well.
It could be or couldn't be an anime depending on what you think "anime" means. Honestly, when I was little, I thought Avatar: The Last Airbender was an anime and the dub was licensed to Nick or something. The facts are, it was not made in Japan but it has Japanese style to it, which people can either think it's a cartoon or an anime. (believing that anime is only japanese animation)

Blumiere, I think it's stupid people have point out stuff like that on the IRC when it's a simple mistake or disbelief.
I was actually going to say something about Panty and Stocking's animation style, but I guess gawd cleared that out.

Whether or not Avatar is an anime or not is totally pointless. It's probably my favorite series of all time, and if you think of it as anything less than one of the greatest series ever created just because it's not an anime, then you are a faggot. sorry, but yes.

Well if you really need my input or anything. I just wouldn't mind calling avatar a cartoon for the rest of my life. err wait... It's not just a cartoon, it's a Nicktoon. fuck yeah.
TLA is more "Animesque" You know, Americanime, American cartoons with Japanese style.
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Well, what I know about anime could fit between two electrons of a lithium atom, but I'd consider Avatar: The Last Airbender an anime. Dictionary definition aside, I don't think a cartoon has to come from Japan to qualify as an anime. Something called a "hamburger" doesn't have to be imported from America, does it? Also, wouldn't the corollary for that be that cartoons from Japan that aren't drawn in anime style (if that's even possible) would still be anime?


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Personally, I think it should be considered a partial anime. I mean, to me, an anime is a cartoon that's made by people from Japan and uses their sort of animation style. Now, while "Avatar: The Last Airbender" may look like an anime, it's actually made by people from America, so it shouldn't be considered a full out anime. However, even if it's made by American's, it shares the same animation style as other anime series from Japan, so, at the same time, it also shouldn't be considered a full out cartoon. Basically, I'm half and half on the debate. Confusing, I know.

On a side note: "Avatar: The Last Airbender" is a very awesome show, in my opinion. #w{:>}
To me, it's an anime. If I didn't know any better I'd think it was normal Japanese anime except with way better English voice acting.
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Who cares? Judge a show by it's own merits and not what labels are attached to it.
The Last Airbender is an American show, it was made in the Anime style to give it more of an "authentic" feel to it. It was a really good show I have to admit, most Animes I hear are poorly translated and this and that driving the plot away from what it really is in Japan. Since Last Airbender was an American show it was easier for me to understand and had a great storyline. To me, it's half and half, just the STYLE is anime.
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I believe that you're right, Avatar the last airbender is an anime. I consider anything an anime that, like you said has that certain art style.

Yes, anime is a style of animation not necessarily from Japan. However, said style is (graphically) the big eyes, pointy chins, big hair... I don't really know how to describe it, but you all know what the "anime girl" looks like. Avatar is not drawn in this style. Therefore, not an anime.
Originally posted by My Dictionary
Anime is commonly defined as animation originating in Japan.

No, It's not Anime. It's a good show, but it's not. My Dictionary is never wrong. Plus wikipedia describes the show as a:

Originally posted by Wikipedia
a blend of the styles of anime and US domestic cartoons

Only making it half Anime if we go by your dictionary. I'm happy to settle with saying it's half and half. It might as well be Anime after all.
Originally posted by Blumiere

As defined by

Originally posted by Anime, noun
a Japanese style of motion-picture animation, characterized by highly stylized, colorful art, futuristic settings, violence, and sexuality.

note that it's a STYLE.

That's my opinion anyway. I'd like to hear everyone else's.


That is not a good definition at all. For one it does not have to be violent and it does not have to have sexuality or futuristic settings. In fact sci-fi isn't that popular in Japan.

To me it's any anime or cartoon from Japan, But even that isn't really clear as most cartoons and anime from everywhere in the world is usually partially made in Japan.

Another thing is their is actually more motion in American animation then Japanese do to Americans thinking more motion is better which is why American cartoons that are based on comics not very similar. While Japan's animation focuses more on keeping what the comic had in mind.

I could go on more but I think I'll stop for now. As for the Avatar the last Air Bender I say it's not Anime.
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The Last Airbender is not an anime; sadly it can only be defined as a cartoon, but it's a fantastic one at that. The storyline was deep and the characters unique, it deserves far more than the title of cartoon. But, of course, most "otakus" stand firm on the ground that animation can only be defined as anime if it's of Japanese origin, regardless of it's quality.

But hey, it's personal preference. If someone starts flaming/trolling you over it, tell them to piss off and then move on.
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I believe that Avatar is infact an anime. And I have two reasons why.

First of all, the art style may not be the super mondo japanese art style that japanese animes use, but it's pretty close, and worth calling anime. In fact, it's as detailed as many animes, and has hand-drawn moving objects with painted backgrounds like pretty much every anime ever made.

Second, it doesn't matter the origin of a show to call it an anime. If FullMetal Alchemist or Naruto were made in the U.S. I'm pretty sure it'd be debated as weather these are animes or not, just like right now with Avatar. Basically, the origin of these shows should not change weather it's an anime or not. Another example of American anime is Teen Titans.
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