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The Vanilla Age - A smw Collab! Baserom is now out


Well, I think I have too many projects already. Shut up. Well, I wanted to make a Collab, So if you want to sign up, here are the rules:
You must notify me before signing up.
And have fun!

MEMBERS: netcvb, Lunar Rico, crobat231985(maybe), Majorasmaskkingdom, haxtreme, Leo137, Riotman898, ManuMaster65, and Bowser's Level Designer Carol of Yoshis
go here for the most updated list of levels/music slots.

That's about it for the rules, so I'll go ahead and get you started with a Intro level.

Starting out...

TWO P-switches? What do I do!?


Here's the other one...


level done. YAY.

The levels will soon have custom palettes. Don't worry.
Also, could someone do the overworld?
Ill join!

netcvb for Admin 2011
Count me in!

But what about custom music? Even though you want it to vanilla, hacks with custom music are more liked. Well it's your thing.
Your layout has been removed.
Hmm.... Oh well, I don't care. CUSTOM MUSIC iz allowed!!
EDIT: Just wanted to say... 0.1 moar DAYS untill C3!
Originally posted by Blue_Raven
0.1 moar DAYS untill C3!

Because we all didn't already know that.

Anyways, the hack has potential, but I have a very strange feeling it will fail. Meh.
Good fucking bye.
Maybe It's because I don't have a storyline.

Well here:
Mario was kidnapped!He managed to escape.can he stop the kidnapper from kidnapping anyone else?
^ probably will be revised ALOT.
That obviously wasn't what I meant.
Good fucking bye.
Dude I know a great story!

Mario was doing his normal routine: kill Koopas, Beat Bowser, Save Princess, eat mushrooms. Eventually, he got bored and decided to take a new path to Bowser's Castle. It is uncharted and never explored, but somehow was crawling with Bowser's minions. How could this be? Mario ignored the fact about that and continued on his adventure.

I'm not too good with vanilla plots.
Your layout has been removed.
Hmm, I might make one if I'm not too busy fixing a bunch of errors working on my hack.

And just to clarify, Vanilla means a hack with no custom objects, sprites, etc. and Chocolate is the opposite?

I will join, but, two things are, I don't like how the plot sounds alot like the plot from "AStrangeMission", and lastly, please put custom blocks in that will go away when the silver p-switch is pressed instead of munchers.
It's weird you have inclusive pronouns, but still only have the binary options for gender. Where is Non-Binary, Agender, etc? Not a gripe. Just curious lmao.
Then that wouldn't be vanilla, deal with it.
true, but, 1)he can easily make it look like a grey switch box, 2)people should stay away from using munchers as possible.
It's weird you have inclusive pronouns, but still only have the binary options for gender. Where is Non-Binary, Agender, etc? Not a gripe. Just curious lmao.
Add custom pallettes :/
@UMA already done.

Kewl green koopa palettes...

again, blue koopa that's actually green...

and red koopa colors.
@Majorasmaskkingdom I tried that but I seem to have problems... I set it to some tiles, and whenever I click OK the tiles have canged to 500 each, for some reason...
Well, Here's a text file telling what the levels should be for world one.
If you want to make the overworld, just design it on the ips patchand send it back to me.
The hack is very good in design. The levels seem bland though.
??? The only level I had made was level 105, the intro... Is that the wrong patch?
I'll join too...
I'll do the best level MUAHAHAHAHAA!
I'd join, but I already joined Mario's Demented Journey, and I got my own hack to worry about.

I can do palettes for people though :)
aran - Graces of Heaven
I would like to join too.

Map16 edits are considered as vanilla?
WIP Thread

not so NEW progress! (56.25% done) [18/32]

... Why the first level of like every hack has a shooting pipe.