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LunarDrake's Graphical Goodies

Hello all. How is everyone doing today. Welcome to my C3 2010 booth. I am LunarDrake, for those who don't know me, and my primary hacking skill would have to be in the graphics area. From now till C3 ends I will be releasing some of my graphics here for anyone to use for whatever they would want to use them for. Some will be in tilesets for SMW hacking, and somethings will be in spritesheet form.

So, let's get the ball rolling.

This is a set that I made a long time ago. There seems to be a lack of train sets here on SMWC, so I figured I would attempt to fill the void. The sample level included in the set is pretty fun too. Here is the link. LunarDrake's Trainset
Looks great! I like the blend of original and ripped GFX, it works quite well.
This is just great. I had hoped you would post some of your graphics for the site to see and use, and you did. I recall seeing this particular set in its earlier stages a very long time ago (I think you only had the tracks and the background down at the time?) .. but I love how far it has come.

As always, I can't wait to see more by you.
Hey, nice job. I don't like "old style" american trains, but that's just personal prerefrance, as I like britih/modern trains. :P

Can't wait to see more as well. :)
Oh man, SMWC's resident graphical genius makes an appearance, and that looks incredible.
I don't really have a train themed level in my hack (I might in future hacks), but I'm sure lots of people will use these graphics.

I like how it still somewhat fits into the original SMW style.
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Ah, this is very convenient. I was looking for some train graphics to use for a future level for the past week or so. Then you come along and post this. Are you psychic? I've never really had that much of a use for your other graphics largely because I already committed on another set before I would find yours and they clash a bit with the other graphics, I've always thought that they've looked great nonetheless.

This set doesn't look like something I couldn't mess around with to get them to look more in style with my game, so I'll try just that. Amazing job.(!)

It seems like this site turns into a circus everytime C3 comes around. With it being a festival of sorts, I have decided to release a festive tileset. Enjoy the Big Top tileset. Here is the link. LunarDrake's Big Top Tileset

I am now going to turn in for the night, as it is after 3am here. Be sure to check back in later because I still have more goodies to share.
LunarDrake, as others may said before, you're extremely talented in drawing tilesets, these 2 graphics set you just showed made my jaws drop. Creative and unique, and really well drawn! I already used some of your tilesets in my hack, and heck, I think I can't miss these as well.
Graphical goodies indeed. I must say I'm extremely impressed with your tileset and am sure plenty of people will utilize them. What's especially amazing is the large structures, like the train and big top itself, which, from experience, can be excruciating to put together. Flat-out commendable, great work.


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

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That one looks pretty spiffy as well. Combine that with some carnival-type music (duh) and a working fireworks sprite and you got yourself a big winner right there.

Those tilesets are fabulous! Some of the best I've seen around for a while.
Holy... =O

Honestly, this must be the best C3 ever, with this being one of the main reasons as to why~
These graphics are... amazing! It looks awesome! The train set's background reminds me of Spirit Tracks, and the big top reminds me of Witchyworld (from Banjo-Tooie). It's all awesome, and I can't wait to see what more you have to offer!

(By the way, it's fall C3, not winter)
Woa! cool graphics!
Yes, indeed. The big top GFX remind me of Witchyworld from Banjo Tooie-which is in no way a bad thing. #w{:>}
Wow, just wow. The train graphics remind me of that awesome scrolling train level in Wario Land 1, which is easy inspiration for a classic fun level. The Big Top, I could see it's use in a few plots and such, heheh.

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Originally posted by Ultimaximus
Wow, just wow.

I second this.

And the train set is probably going to make an appearance in Nova Stars, which, unfortunately, is not getting a C3 release, much to my annoyance.
Want to see some of my cool swords? Well, too bad, right now you only get to see one of them, and it's my avatar. Might set up some kind of gallery/portfolio at some point, though.
I might use them in my hack Leo's Land
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Slaughtercast is fairly cold today where I live. A gloomy reminder that winter time is coming. Winter is a time of snow and, hey! That reminds me. Here is an Icecave Tileset. LunarDrake's Ice Cavern
You're one of the best graphical artists I've seen around here. These new sets look superb. An amazing amount of detail. Great job!