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LunarDrake's Graphical Goodies

PLEASE put a sample levcel in the ice cave!
Your layout has been removed.
Here is the icecave sample level.

Icecave sample level

Map16 for FG is on page 6, and the bg is on page 13. All the bg is is the smb3 underground, I don't know why you'd need a sample but here it is.


Here is the final tileset that I am going to add for C3.

LunarDrake's Laboratory

I truly appreciate all of the nice things that you've said about me. It has been a great honour to provide these sets to you, and know that you appreciate them. Things like this is what really keeps me going in this community. I have been around various game making sites for years, those of you who've read my piece in the wiki know this, but I have found that the SMWC community is the greatest that I have ever associated with. I hope that all these sets, and others I have released, will aid you in all your hacking and game creation endeavors.

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful C3. This is the first time that I have participated in this wonderful event, and I have just loved it. I do so look forward to the next C3, and I will try to have even more for the community the next go around. Thank you for visiting my booth. Goodnight all, and good luck.

Another aweosme set!
Compared to my images in this thread below:

Yours is like very weird cartoonish-like.

I like it!! :)
I do art commissions cheap! PM here or DM via Discord for more details.

**Layout by Erik557

Wait. You drew that toad town only after it was requested? o.O