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[competition]Mario's Holiday C3 DEMO

Originally posted by pirates
Avast! I was in me treasure room countin' me pieces 0' Gold when Davy Jones told me of this hack that all of the scurvy dogs on our pirate ship was playing. He said that the hack was pure gold that even those landlubbers enjoy it

Har har har! I present ye Mario's Holiday.

Mario's Holiday is a basic Mario hack that is based around level design. I have put a large amount of effort into making this hack very decorative. In this demo, there is 5 levels and 6 exits.
There is a special Yoshi coin counter that will count the number of Yoshi coins you have collected in total - there is 5 in a level, 25 in total.

The story is as follows:

Here is some screenshots:

And a video of Mushroom Mayhem:
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You may have noticed that the title of this thread mentions a competition. This is because there IS a competition!
I have mentioned earlier there are 5 Yoshi Coins in the 5 levels of this demo. the first 5 people will be rewarded with some exclusive screenshots of W2 - Anyone else will not see the screenshots until the next demo.


I hope you enjoy my demo of this hack. I welcome any suggestions/comments here.
from what I see in the screenshots the game looks great especially the overworld, but when I downloaded it, and i tried to lnk the ips to the rom it said this isn't an ips file, you may want to re-patch your rom

I would darken this palette if I were you, It's a bit eye searing.
The link wasn't working, I had to get it directly out of your file bin. :/

Edit: TGM-It works fine for me...

Blue_Raven-I have no idea what you're talking about, nothings eye-searing in that picture...
Good fucking bye.
From what I can see in the images, the hack looks good. I'll be sure to try it out.
This looks great! I love the first level, and the OW is really creative. That's the first time I've seen FG objects used for it. I'll be downloading it straight away!

Looks neat. Certainly an interesting idea for the overworld.


Should probably be:
"After defeating Bowser, Mario decided to go on holiday to Mushroom Island."

Fix the comma and the decided, and it'll be perfect.

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I am glad you like the demo.
As i've said in your WIP thread, this hack looks pretty awesome. I'm going to try the demo out as soon as I get chance.