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Lost Mario Bros. ... does this remember you anything ?

Hi, this is my 1st participation to the C3 !

So, after months of waiting, of bugs, of work, of laziness and candys, I'm proud to present you ...

The Demo 2.1 of Lost Mario Bros. !

In English, on top of that ! ^^
Link :

This hack contains 18 levels (21 exits). Sorry about the lengh of this demo but with the school and my private life, I couldn't make it faster :s
... What ? Screens ? Why not :

Have fun ! ^^
Your layout has been removed.
I'm so gonna try this right now.
Doesn't look bad, I like how you mix vanilla and a bit of chocolate.
Now I need to change my old avatar. Or not.
Hm, seems like you've improved a lot at hacking, because this definitely looks like a hack I'd want to play. As mentioned previously, the mix of some chocolate graphics in there is nice.
I'll be downloading and playing this sometime soon!

Very nice screenshots.
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This is how you should make a semi-vanilla hack. The screenshots look really nice, I can't play this right now, but I surely will tomorrow.
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