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Terrible news!

Oh no! I have something other than subpar custom music to show! Duck and cover!
It's a hack! Just download THIS IPS patch, and check it out! There's only one real level, and it's highly incomplete, but feel free to base your hack off of this!
Aww, it's adorable!

Low jump height certainly makes a very good gimmick.
Still here, I guess. Despite all odds.
It turns into mario when you get the mushroom.
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Some screenshots wouldn't hurt, youknow =/

Originally posted by Sind
Some screenshots wouldn't hurt, youknow =/

No screenies, no clickies.
Nothing to put here at the time being.
Thanks to Tom Servo for the awesome new layout!
This is a pretty cool gimmick, however I wasn't able to reach the turn block in the second level.

Also, since I have to go to school now, this will be my last C3 post. It's been a good one, and although we haven't seen any revolutions to the hacking scene this time around, I've seen some amazing hacks and graphics, patches and sprites, and all the stuff that makes me proud to be a member of this site. Cheers, everyone, and see you next spring!