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SPOMARJ (Shameless Promotions Of My Assorted Random Junk)
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Fall 2010 - SPOMARJ (Shameless Promotions Of My Assorted Random Junk)
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Well, I didn't think I was going to do anything for C3 this year. But after reading yoshicookiezeus's and Araragi's threads, I thought "hey, I could do that", so I decided to dig up some stuff.

DISCLAIMER: I am making no guarantees that any of this will actually work unless I specifically say so. Most of it is unfinished. Also, no one may submit any of it to its respective section yet. Some of it I'm planning to release eventually, some of it isn't finished, and some of it is too crappy to be worth releasing. You may ask questions about it, give feedback, make suggestions, or fix bugs if you wish. (Why am I even putting stuff in here if it doesn't work, you may ask? Mainly, to see if anyone can make use of it anyway, if not in its current form.)

Stuff here.

So, anyway, here is what you'll find is this odd collection.


- Dark Forest Labyrinth: This is a simple spooky remix of Beware the Forest's Mushrooms (from SMRPG) that I used in my level for A Very Team haunted Halloween. But that hack was released a long enough time ago that I think I can release this.
- Mega Man 9 - Boss: A port of the boss battle theme from Mega Man 9, obviously. It is essentially finished, but I wouldn't consider the quality of it good enough to submit it to the music section. (I'm lousy at porting from anything but SPCs, and it didn't help that the only MIDI I could find of it was, honestly, pretty mediocre.)
- Smithy - Battle 1: I was planning to release Smithy 1 and 2 together, both sampled and unsampled. I have to say, though, the unsampled version of Smithy 1 (which is what I have here) doesn't sound all that great, and the unsampled version of Smithy 2 (I'm only halfway through it, or it would be in here as well) sounds even worse. I haven't even started on the sampled versions.


Note that most of these are unfinished and buggy. Don't patch them to any ROM you care about.

- Item box inventory system: This is about the only fully functional thing in here (although some of the RAM addresses should be changed to prevent the level end bug...). Part of the code was taken from Smallhacker's L/R Hook Patch, so credit to him for that. Basically, it gives the item box several slots that items can go into. By default, items no longer go into the item box automatically; it's designed for shop blocks and the like. You can scroll through the items by pressing L and R, and the current slot number appears on the status bar. I didn't include the tilemap for the left and right arrows; they use the "*96" tiles.
- Shared subroutine patch: This patches a bunch of subroutines to your ROM that you can use at your disposal instead of having to copy-paste them. (GetDrawInfo, SubOffscreen, and the Map16 tile generation routine are included.) It should work in its current's just missing quite a few of the subroutines listed in the pointer table.
- "Sprite plus" patch: This edits some SMW sprites so that they do slightly different things when the extra bit is set to 1. (E.g., the growing/shrinking pipe is upside-down, the goal sphere activates the secret exit.) At least, that's what it was supposed to do...instead, the sprites with the alternative setting just don't appear in the level at all. I suppose certain future tools would make this obsolete, but in the meantime, it could be a quick-and-dirty way to get a couple alternative sprite forms into the ROM.
- Sprite status hijack: This is supposed to make it possible to use sprite statuses beyond 0C for custom code. I honestly don't remember whether I got this one to work or not.
- "P-switch plus" patch: Its intended purpose was to make the P-switch do different things depending on its palette. I'm not sure if it works or not, since it uses the sprite data expansion feature of Lunar Magic 1.8, which is not yet usable for lack of the necessary ASM hacks.
- Image load expander: It's supposed to add a second RAM address similar to $12 that loads images for you. It sort of worked, because it did seem to load the .stim files that I used (in ZSNES, at least; I don't think I tested it on bsnes), but it also caused graphical glitches like crazy.
- RAM Address $0109 Fixer: This was supposed to make it possible to use $0109 without the game messing up. It still didn't work correctly.
- "Clear RAM on level load" patch: Clears a customizable block of RAM on level load, similar to Maxx's RAM clearing patch. This one probably works, but I don't remember ever testing it.
- CGRAM mirror patch: Was supposed to add RAM addresses that would act as CGRAM mirrors so that you could write to and read from CGRAM anytime instead of waiting for an interrupt (for writing, at least). I don't know if I ever tested it.


- Arrow Lift: This is edit1754's Arrow Lift with an edit that makes it act like the blue Arrow Lift in YI when the extra bit is set. (The blue one rotates more slowly, but it disappears after a while.)
- Chomp Rock: Similar to the last. It's edit1754's Chomp Rock with an edit made so that it uses a different palette and processes offscreen when the extra bit is set, like the brown Chomp Rock in YI.
- Triple Firebar: Exactly what it says on the tin. It's three Firebars rotating in unison around a central point. I probably won't release this until I optimize the code a bit. (It was based off the normal Firebar, which ran the main routine three times.)
- "firefreezething.cfg": Just a projectile sprite I used in SMWCP to save sprite slots. You set the palette when spawning it to determine what it will act like. It will act like a red Lotus spore if it's red, a blue Lotus spore if it's blue, or a Panser/Birdo fireball if it's yellow. No graphics included, though, and the fireball uses three animation frames.
- Flatbed Ferry: The line-guided platform from YI. It's pretty much just an edit of my line-guided platform disassemblies. Its palette determines how fast it will go, and the extra bit determines whether or not it will remain stationary before the player gets on.
- Giant Milde: A 32x32 Milde (Yoshi's Island sprite), basically what you get after you pound Marching Milde twice. It is dynamic.
- Mini Milde: ...Well, see above. It's a little sprite from Yoshi's Island that walks around quite happily and can be squished with a jump.
- Slimeball/Lemon Drop: Another YI sprite. It's technically called a Lemon Drop, but I just referred to it as a "slimeball". It's a little yellow blob that falls from the ceiling and starts moving around after it drops.
- SMW Koopa: Unfinished. I was trying to create a sprite that acted exactly like the Koopas in SMW (yes, just the plain old normal Koopas) based off mikeyk's SMB3 Koopa. I almost got it to work, but it doesn't spawn the shell-less Koopa correctly.
- Tap-Tap: The reason most of these Yoshi's Island sprites are in here is because I'm planning to release them as a package...once I get one or two more done. Anyone who has ever played Yoshi's Island shouldn't need an explanation.
- YI Shyguy: The thing I always hated about both of the current versions of the YI Shyguy is that they only LOOKED like it. They didn't ACT like it. This one actually stops, looks around, and keeps walking, like the one in the original game.

Other stuff:

Most of this is graphics that I compiled from different sources but didn't rip.

- YI graphics: Just some assorted GFX from Yoshi's Island, most of it taken from Iceguy's YI AllGFX file. There are a couplel things in here that I recolored myself, though...and I drew a few extra digits in the YI number set.
- Mega Man graphics: I semi-ripped the graphics of the Count Bomb from Mega Man 7 and the health bars from both Mega Man 7 and Mega Man X. (I had to do it manually pixel by pixel, too...) I had intended to use the former for a sprite and the latter for a patch, but I never did so.
- Frozen blocks: Just some graphics I made for frozen muncher and frozen coin blocks, put together from the SMW munchers and coins and the SMB3 ice blocks.

- IPS patch: This wasn't my first hack, but it was my second. Mario's Mushroom Quest is a hack that I worked on in early 2009 and canceled around May, mainly due to glitches. I probably wouldn't submit it to the hacks section, but if anyone wants to check it out, whatever.

-ASM tutorial: This is the current draft of my ASM tutorial as seen here. I've finished almost everything through lesson 3-4, although the first chapter kind of needs some major rewrites. You might want to skip over chapter 1 until I "fix" it.

Also, since at least one person did LPs for C3, I might as well say that I've been doing them as well.

...So...yeah...that's what I have. "Random junk" indeed.
Shit that's a lot of text D=

But hey, some of those sprites sure are nice =3
ABOUT time someone fixed the YI Shy Guy, it has always bugged me. What I would like if the Chomprock could make multiple sounds from 1 sound effect depending on how fast it goes. And the sound effect assembly for the YI Piranha Plant. You should make the YI Koopatroopa (2much work). Good stuff, MUST DOWNLOAD!
I must admit, I just came for the music. So I downloaded the music, and I came. #w{=3}

Seriously, that Smithy battle song does NOT suck. In fact I'll probably end up using it in all three hacks I'm working on on-and-off.
Some pretty cool stuff in this package. You're bringing YI to SMW, which is quite an undertaking! I feel like the rest of the assortment is just bonus content, but yoshicookiezeus did the same thing, so eh.

Also I fixed your old timer patch don't yell at me
Is the inventory patch supposed to be compatible with the 6 digit coin counter and it's shop blocks? I hit the block for the item and it doesn't go into the item box. #w{:<}


If 'Most variety in a thread' was an award, I'd be voting for this booth.

All kinds of random 'junk' here, but I'll most likely download it and go through it at some point.

IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
I seem to recall asking if the lemon drop was released on a youtube video. Well it looks like I get an early release, just 2 problems. They use sp3 and the milde uses the red pallete. I know it couldn't be too hard to change that in the asm file, but i'm completely clueless

If you want to chat some interesting people, check out my new forum at:
I Thankyou for releasing the YI stuff + the other random shtuff for I shall use them and give credit!
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Fall 2010 - SPOMARJ (Shameless Promotions Of My Assorted Random Junk)

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