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Yoshi's Adventure - Shadows From Subterranea (Kabu Caverns!)


Wow, very cool rip, Karatekid! I love the ExAnimation and the music is really well fitting. Glad to see you started using the VWF patch too. :)
Looks amazing so far, keep up the great job.
You my good man are a
[(fucking)<lang shield ]
genius. I can't wait until the real game comes out. Also, the Sonic
idea is Superb.
Thank you! I really liked these kinds of levels in the original Sonic games and it will be a lot of fun building one. I've been playing Sonic Colors lately and it also has given me inspiration for this part of the hack. The colorful "feel" of the level is another things that has made these kinds of levels fun as the flashing neon lights and colors make things seem more lively instead of just an average city. The only things this level is missing are the pinball flippers (though I have an idea on how to "make" them using a different kind of bounce block) and the slot machines, though the latter would require a lot of ASM.
Offtopic: Also, I beat 100% of Sonic Colors the other day :)

Ontopic: Thats what i did, but I did epic fail at Sky Santuary FG....
You could just try an idea that I did. you can use a combination of custom blocks (specifically the Silent on or off block or something...) and make it look like Yoshi is going through flippers.
But actualy having the same exact flippers from Sonic 2? Thats gonna frustrating, but all worth it.
Off topic: Awesome job!

On topic: I was thinking of using the "Bounce when Jump is Pressed" block, that changes into the tile next to it when used, then have it act like a slope. If only I could get it to change back as well, maybe that will work with an on/off triggered ExAnimation, using those silent on/off blocks you mentioned, though I'll take a look at it. Although, a block that performs the functions of the block I mentioned but changes back to the previous Map16 tile after 4 frames or so, though maybe a sprite would work better for this.
Here's the breakdown I did:
[ ].[ ]...........[ ].[ ]...........[ ].[ ]
[ ].[ ]...........[ ].[ ]...........[ ].[ ]

Flipper A- Let's you go down and open then closes and won't let you go up.

240: make act like 130 no matter what.

241: act like 25. make it down only block, but above it, is silent ON block

250: act like 25, but below is Silent OFF block

251: (same as 250)

FLIPPER B - Let's you go (left or right, your choice) and open then closes and won't let you go back.

242: make act like 130 no matter what.

243: act like 25, but beside it is Silent OFF block

252: act like 25. make it (left or right, your choice) only block, but on the side of where you enter it, is silent ON block

253: act like 25, but beside it is Silent OFF block

FLIPPER C - A more complicated one even I can barely do. Bounces you up and flips up then back, no buttons pressed.

244: act like 130, make it bounce block, and above is silent ON block, but above that two tiles high is silent OFF.

245: (same as 244), but act like 25.

246 and 247 are there for GFX.

With this, the flippers will actually look like sprites.
This is a good idea, and I was able to assemble it just fine (I was trying out the Flipper C layout), though the silent on/off blocks weren't in the blocks section, and the flipper is the original size, as it fits in a small enough space. However, I think a sprite would work better for this situation, as it'll be easier to customize to fit this situation. Your method, however, makes a good and an easier-to-make substitute to the Yoshi's Island one-way bumpers.
Also, thank you for taking the time to write that method. I'm glad you're supporting my hack, so thank you for that too! Also, a thank you to everyone who supports hack!
Yes. The best size for the flippers are 32x32 (16x16 cannot be done).

Anyway, how's you're hack going?
It depends on how the flippers interact. A sprite would work best for the bounce upward flippers and the custom blocks work best for the YI-styled flippers.
The hack it's self is going quite fine. I started the Casino Night Zone level the other day and I've also come up with a little gimmick for the second area. The VWF patch makes things so much easier as I can now fit much more info into messages.

Also, here's the userbar from the bottom of the first page. It was right under the title-screen video so I'm putting it here so it's easier to see.


That's great for toolbar! The sprite bounce up flippers are meant to be sprite($15 that it'll be dynamic sprite when made :D) due to its effect. Can't wait to play this level and the gimmick for part two. So hows youre hack goin? :)
Good Ideas and Good Graphics. Are there other Powerups then Mushrooms? A Flower that makes it red or a Feather that makes it Blue? Nice idea...First World YI, second World Sonics Planet.
@Rockythetigre: There are, and Yoshi is orange when fire. I don' know if you can have a separate palette for the cape.

@Ooroo: Someone's making a sprite? xD

Anyway, the first half of the Casino Night Zone level is finished, so here are some screens!

New Graphical replacements:

Roto-disc > Some kind of Orbinaut

Remember the BuzzBomber Needlebird replacement from earlier?
Now we have another kind, this is a graphical replacement for Dahnamics' Mini Necky Sprite.

Also, I decided to edit the status bar graphics, as seen on these next couple of screens, to give it a fresh new look. Though, it keeps the same layout.

Also, a couple of screens from a little secret area in Nature's Lush Quadrant (the QQ level) that isn't shown in the video. You'll need to go there to get a P-switch needed for the secret exit. Also, for World 2, the P-Switch has a graphical replacement as well! Can you guess what it is? #w{=D}

Naw, not that I know of, but im saying that if someone did i bet itll be dynamic sprite.

The level look intense and upbeat like the original!#w{=P}
I also really like the forest Layer 3 BG an Layer 1 FG.

Originally posted by Ooroo
Naw, not that I know of, but im saying that if someone did i bet itll be dynamic sprite.

The level look intense and upbeat like the original!#w{=P}
I also really like the forest Layer 3 BG an Layer 1 FG.


It could be dynamic though it wouldn't have to be.
The upbeat feel was something I liked about the original level, and It was the feel I was able to capture here, and palette ExAnimation helped out a ton.
Also, technically, the trees are Layer 2 and the BG mountains are layer 3, but I'm glad you like it. I thought the trees alone for the BG seemed a bit empty compared to the BG so the Layer 3 BG spices it up.
Heh, I like the Sonic - ish feeling the casino level is giving me, and it looks awesome too. The forest level is also nicely done. Is the P-switch replacemenet by any chance a... What are their names... Wisp?
Nothing to see here. Move along.
That could work as an idea for that dark blue cube wisp?

I'm Liking the level!
You're both correct!

It is indeed the Cube Wisp. It was basically Sonic Colors' version of a P-Switch.
Also, I'm glad you guys both like the Casino! The level is almost finished, actually. Just need to make a couple of small rooms and fix a problem with some Net Koopa disassemblies and it will be ready. #w{=)}
I like the new status bar. Could you tell me where the item box is in yy-chr? Realoly liking this hack so far
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Originally posted by Ooroo

You wouldn't think anyone would have to tell you this, but just posting a smiley is not good posting. Meh.

Anywho, this hack is really coming along nicely, however, I think the Cube Wisp graphics could be a bit better, I don't know, just doesn't seem right to me.