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Level 105 contest: Judges! Where art thou?

I'll judge as well. I got nothing else to do.
Originally posted by snowblade26
I say you should give a link to what you think is your best work
Sorry, gonna have to drop out. I know E-Man would probably like some actual competition, but I am just too busy to design a level for this.
There really is no dead line, you know that right?
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Did this just for fun

Inspired by a certain freeware game I played one time, which people may or may not recognize.

I'm sure some ignorant people here are gonna think it's inspired by and/or copying something else unrelated, though

EDIT: forgot to specify, I'm entering this in category 3.
Originally posted by flareblade26

Judge slots are: Open
1. TRS
2. Leod
3. MajorasMask9
4. UMA
(will add more if needed)

Category 1
3.Bowser's Level Designer
Category 2
2..Lester Vine.
Category 3

I just noticed this. How can UMA be a judge and participate in the contest at the same time?
Man, this would be hard... I MIGHT join...
Revelation 20-21: He who testifies to these things says, "Surely I am coming quickly." Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus! The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.
it shouldn't be that hard.

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Originally posted by aj6666
I just noticed this. How can UMA be a judge and participate in the contest at the same time?

Apparently, UMA is judging in category 3 and entering in category 1/
Is this contest still going? If so, I'd like to enter in Category 1. This could be fun.

One question. At the moment the pipe in my 105 level leads to sublevel 1FD. Is it OK if I change the pipe Mario comes down to an exit enabled one?
Is entry still open? I won't win, but I'd love to shoot for category 3.
I posted my entry to category 3 about a week ago. Was it not noticed? I'm still not listed on the "contestants" list yet.
oH, whoops sorry. I've been extremely busy lately. (mid-terms are BLARGH)
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Is it OK if I apply the N-SPC patch to my level?

EDIT: Actually, never mind that. Think I've found a good enough music track.
Do not play my entry yet. It appears that some...bizzarre error is going on with my IPS patches I create. They will work fine on my computer but then when I have sent them to people online they will be glitched up for those people. Until I figure out why this is happening I'll have to take down my patch from my filebin.
I already played it, and it seems to work fine for me. (Although there is no background, that seems to be intentional)
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Well, please try this IPS and compare it to the one you already have played.

This one should work as I intended it to, since soon after I made my post I figured out what the problem was. (it was a problem that still has me quite baffled though, but at least I found out how to make it stop happening)
Its the same as the last one, just with a few pallette changes and the ability to enter yoshi's house, which upon exiting destroys the overworld. (Just how IS it supposed to work like you intend it to anyways?)
Your layout has been removed.
As far as I can tell the one you have is exactly as I intended it to work, with the exception of the Yoshi's house thing. I'm not sure why it would do that for you, but I guess just ignore that since it's not part of the level submission itself anyway.
I'll do Strawberry-ish Stuff

and Can you move coins?
Words are like Bacon. You'll understand someday.