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Super Blocks World - by FG10
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NAME: Super Blocks World
DESCRIPTION: Made by FG10, or FlyGuy22222 on youtube. read the readme.


Uhh...... yeah.... very cluttered? The doors = no

Small cutoff left of Mario + bad pink palette on the cement block!

Very bad palette

For some reason I died somewhere above. Just no.

Cement block cutoffness

Major cutoffness in the top right corner

Part of this level contains original level design. Just noooooo.

Wrong OW tiles

Heavy sprite lagg.

Cool story bro

Just no. I personally don't accept that objects suddenly kill you only because they have another palette.

Read through our guidelines because your hack breaks several rules. Afterwards fix your hack if you want to submit it again.

I play different games on Twitch, currently I speedrun Pokemon Gold or play some other shit, can also include SMW hacks. Check out my twitch!

Exits done: 45, Overworld: 85%
Play through Taomb Demo 3
Taomb is pretty much dead. So am I on SMWCentral.

Hack Removed:

Hack Name: Super Blocks World Beta 2
Length: 46 levels
Author: FG10 - Submitted by: FG10
Description: fun!

My Short Review:
I'm gonna be honest with you, this
hack wasn't really fun at all, the
levels were short and there was
no point in a lot of them.

Removal Reasons:

Error: Bad cement and window block palette.
Fix this by: Fix the palette, the title screen level didn't seem to have any palette changes so you should be able to fix the palettes.

Error: You didn't even fix the errors exit mentioned.
Fix this by: It's all cluttered with random blocks and the bottom half palette of the doors look bad. Take out some items and fix the palette.

Error: Bad used block palette.
Fix this by: Fix the palette.

Error: The same error like exit mentioned, you didn't fix this neither.
Fix this by: The vertical ground is cut-off because it lies on the corner, make it lie on the ledge. And fix the pink cement block palette.

Error: Bad door palettes.
Fix this by: Fix the palettes, and once again you didn't fix the error exit mentioned.

Error: After beating the 1st level, glitched events occur.
Fix this by: You must've forgotten to delete the old SMW events because it's placed like exactly at the same spot like SMW.

Error: Koopa jumping early in the game is a no.
Fix this by: Having to do that early in the game isn't good, if you're gonna do it at least do it at world 5 or something.

Error: The midway point isn't set correctly.
Fix this by: If I die after collecting the midpoint, I end spawning back to the beginning instead of the middle of the level. Fix the midway spawn point.

Error: Bad door palette again.
Fix this by: After a while I figured (well assumed) that the different colored door is to signify that they open if a certain block is touched. It's nice to know that but can't you use custom graphics or something? This hack isn't even vanillia anyways.

Error: Glitched venus plant.
Fix this by: Glitched graphics are a no, fix the venus plant so it looks correct.

Error: I couldn't get out of this area.
Fix this by: I tried looking for a few minutes but I couldn't find any exit. Because of that, I had to kill myself which is not a good thing to do. Fix this area so Mario can exit out of this area.

Error: Cut-off cement block and death room.
Fix this by: You didn't fix the cement block like exit mentioned and I have to kill myself to get out of this level because there's no side exits. Not cool. Take out the cement block and add side exits.

Error: Blind jump here.
Fix this by: Use coins to lead the player to the destination.

Error: More glitched events.
Fix this by: Delete the old SMW events, and I don't get how you even manage to glitch the original tiles, did you replace them or something?

Error: The glass box creates cut-off in the ground.
Fix this by: Because you can see through the glass it looks like it's creating cut-off in the ground which isn't a good thing. Use some other square tile instead of that.

Error: The sprites in this level have a bad palette.
Fix this by: I don't know why you would make them look like that so fix the palette, I doubt any other sprite needs those palettes since the only sprites in the level were castle sprites. And the pipe at the top left doesn't look good ending on the blocks since you can see through the blocks.

Error: Water underwater?
Fix this by: Why would you want water underwater? And more importantly why does this "water" kill me when I touch it? Take it out since it's rather pointless.

Error: I can go inside the ground here.
Fix this by: Don't have diagonal slopes connect like that because the player can go through them.

Error: Blatant + unchanged SMW levels.
Fix this by: NEVER base your levels off of the original SMW levels, they are not allowed. Start your levels from scratch.

Error: Empty message box.
Fix this by: You didn't fix the message box like exit mentioned last. Fix the message or just take the message box out. Also, those purple bones don't look good, fix the palette.

Error: Forced death.
Fix this by: I could not figure how to beat this level so I had to kill myself. Not cool, make this level beatable so the player doesn't kill themselves.

Error: Unchanged SMW level.
Fix this by: Blatant & unchanged SMW levels aren't allowed. Create your own level.

Error: Glitched item in item box.
Fix this by: I'm pretty sure you can't even have any other sprites in your item box since it'll glitch. Use the springboard sprite instead of the block.

Error: Spin jumping off enemies to get to the next area.
Fix this by: That's a no, if you're gonna do this, at least do it at like world 7 or something since it's more suited for that.

Error: Boss Bass has a bad palette.
Fix this by: Boss bass does not look good, fix his palette.

Error: Major slowdown here.
Fix this by: Take out some enemies since there's horrible slowdown here. Also, what's the point in this level? I enter it and come here and then I kill them and that's it. (Then again, what's the point in like most of the levels in this hack?)

Error: Yoshi jumping.
Fix this by: Having to Yoshi jump to reach other ground is a no. NEVER have the player Yoshi jump to get somewhere especially across pits.

Error: Why does this mushroom kill me when I touch it?
Fix this by: I assume it's an object, but either way at least put a message saying the mushrooms hurt if you touch them.

Error: Cut-off and forced death.
Fix this by: The corners under the slope aren't the right tiles therefore they're cut-off. Use Map16 tiles 146 and 149 to solve the cut-off problem. If I'm not big I have to kill myself because that's where the goal is. Not cool, add a mushroom nearby so the player can beat the level.

Error: Annoying level.
Fix this by: Like really, why'd you have to enable layer priority on all these trees? It's not good level design and it's not a fun "gimmick."

Error: Bowser's have bad palettes.
Fix this by: I'm pretty sure you didn't bother to change the palettes in the 1st place, fix the palettes. And also another pointless level.

Error: Unfairness
Fix this by: Like really? 4 phantos underwater in tight spots with meaningless obstacles, not cool at all. At least take a few phantos out cause this was annoying to get through.

Error: Unchanged SMW level.
Fix this by: Blatant & unchanged SMW levels aren't allowed. Create your own level.

Error: SMB1 1-1 remake.
Fix this by: Remakes of other games aren't allowed either, create your own level.

Error: Why do I enter a ghost house into a ghost house?
Fix this by: That's rather pointless, take out that 2nd ghost house entrance.

Error: Forced death room.
Fix this by: If I enter the door, I have to die because the game goes to a black screen because you have custom music and you didn't apply the hex edit. And because of that I'm stuck here unless I die. Apply this hex edit:

305AB	$06:83AB	342 bytes	Level data	Unused level: Beta level 01A.
You can change 0x30657/$06:8457 from 9C to 8D to fix the P-switch music repeating glitch when using custom music.

Error: Like I mentioned before, don't use the glass tiles.
Fix this by: Since you can see through them it could make the pipe look cut-off.

You really need to work on this hack. Not only is it bad but you didn't even fix the errors exit1337 mentioned. Because of that this is your warning, if you don't fix these errors then expect a ban. Play some featured hacks to get an idea on what makes good level design and Read the hack submission guidelines because they do not follow them at all.
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