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My First Failure (Last Screenshot)
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NOTE 1: There is a small wall of text down here, if you don't want to read everything, fine, but i recommend you to read the contents marked with an (*) in it.
NOTE 2: Forgive me about any grammar mistakes you may find, i am not in the mood to correct them all... this would take a while...

Contents: (Click them)
Why call the levels "Failures"?
Why you didn't released it at C3?
What this hack will have?
Is there some kind of storyline in the hack?
Can i be a Beta Tester?*
It's me in the credits?*
Can i have a userbar?

Pacheco Project info*
I want to leave a comment!*

Hello everyone, some weeks before C3 started, i was developing a hack called "My First Failure" That was a hack made of REALLY old levels of mine, by that i mean, the very first levels i ever made when i started hacking until the unreleased levels of Pacheco Project.

Originally posted by Someone
But, why call the levels "Failures"?

Some weeks before C3, i was organizing my stuff when i saw a folder called Failure, and in this folder a rom named "Super Pacheco World" was found, my very first hack. i opened it and there was a couple of levels i did about some years ago. Then i started to look for all of the levels i did, after some days of search (yeah, it took a while) i have found all the levels i did when i first started hacking, then i got the idea to polish them a little, and release at C3.

Originally posted by Someone
And why you didn't?

Because i unfortunately crashed the rom. A shame.

Originally posted by Someone
What this hack will have?

It will have
-14 unreleased Levels.
-1 entire new level i'm developing
-Old pacheco sprite GFX.
-New Palettes.
-New custom music.

Originally posted by Someone
Is there some kind of storyline in the hack?

Glad you asked, yes there is one:
-Pacheco is in a strange land, help him to get out by finishing the level "My First Failure".

Originally posted by Someone
This plot sucks!

Yeah, i know, you don't need to point it out.

Originally posted by Someone
Ok, now enough talk, show me some screenshots.

Here you go.

Originally posted by Someone
It is looking intersting, can i be a beta tester?

All the beta tester was already selected, please don't ask to be a beta tester anymore.
Originally posted by Beta Tester Slots
- Maruhai
- GoldenSonic15
- netcvb

Originally posted by Someone
I made something that is in your hack, you will be adding me to the credits?

Actually, No. I mean, the levels are REALLY old and i forgot about the graphics i inserted, the few i remmember will be in though, so before you say something like "I MADE/RIPPED THAT GRAPHICS! AND YOU DON'T CREDITED ME!!!!!!" then i'm sorry, but there is nothing i can do about it, unless you send me a PM if you see it in the screenshots, then i'll add it to the credits.

Originally posted by Someone
Can i have a userbar?

Thanks to JowTH, here is a suporter userbar, go ahead and put the code in your signature, it's fixed now.

Pacheco Project Time.

As some of you may remmember, i once was working in a hack called "Pacheco Project", All i want to say is, there is no more Pacheco project. I have thought about it several times, and all i can say is that Pacheco project is a really bad name, i want to change it...
It's already seettled, the new name of Pacheco Project will be
"Eternal Oblivion//Reborn"

I am aiming for a REALLY big project, as for it, i cannot make it alone (You already know what will happen, don't you?), yes, i will start to build a team. BUT PLEASE, don't start to say "I WANT TO HELP!" because i currently have nothing about Pacheco Project to show, and i can't start a team with no progress according the rules, thats why i'm using MFF thread for it. So, if you feel like wanting to help, send me a PM, thats just enough. you don't even need to say in what you can help, just say that you want to.
*I will update it as soon as i start Pachco Project again (most likely will be called Eternal Oblivion)*

I want to leave a comment!
Why just click "Reply" already #w{=D}

Thanks for reading, if you not, thanks anyway, though i recommend you to read, at least, only the topics that may interest you. And please, leave your feedback, it will be of great help, and will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

I think it looks cool thegamer and i like that project

I am a pikachu toast dont eat me otherwise i wil shock you
This looks really good! "My First Failure" is a clever idea, polishing some of your old levels. I've done that with a a level or two in my own hack. It must bring back some memories! xD Also, I'm glad to see "Pacheco Project/Endless or Eternal Oblivion" started up again. I like hacks starring original characters as well. I look forward to seeing more of both of these!

Gotta say for a failure its starting to look like one of the most promising hacks so far, I really like pacheco and the OW, not to mention the pallettes being awesome. B)
Storing your "failed" levels to make a hack is a good idea. Also, good Palletes you got there.
And, you asked for a Userbar, uhh?

Just quote for the code.
I'd sign up for beta-testing, but I'm already testing for Back to the Classics, and having more than one hack on my plate would probably not end that well.

"Lip: A Fairy's Tale" project status: Slow (Visit the project thread here!)

Yes, you could say I like Osaka.
Originally posted by 1UPdudes
Gotta say for a failure its starting to look like one of the most promising hacks so far, I really like pacheco and the OW, not to mention the pallettes being awesome. B)

It was a failure because he never actually finished it the first time around, and the folder's called "Failure", not because it's bad. #w{:s}

Good fucking bye.
Pikachutoastie: Thanks
Karatekid5: Thanks a lot, i'll start pacheco project as soon as i finish this one. ^^
1UPdudes: Hah hah, thanks a ton ^^ and as you say, cheers :)
JowTH: Really thanks for the userbar, i liked it a lot. Do you think you can do one with "Creator" in it?
Midna: oh, hi there Midna, i didn't saw you since my old thread, glad to see you again =D
GoldenSonic15: Actually, there is some levels that are not that good. But i'm polishing them, and they will get better then they are right now.

Now a video of the level "My Third Failure". My third level ever made, and the hardest of all the 14 i did, i will adjust the difficulty if it is TOO hard, but i really don't want to change the levels that much.
*Video moved to the main post*
I know of the map16 tiles, it's already fixed. Comments?

the userbar links to this thread now, thanks a lot JowTH for the userbar.
Get the fixed code up, or down here.

The first post is updated with the video and userbar. Thanks everyone.
It's awesome TheGamer, this level is kind of hard, but is pretty good, congrats, i WILL play this. Nice work.


The 4 Relics

Pokey's Adventure Userbar
Need help with your Hack?
I'll be happy to help you with you Status Bar, anything.

Awesome, this is epic TheGamer. I will probably play this...when its out.
- It seems too Kazio-ish.
- It has default Map16 tiles.
- The bridge creates cut-off.
- The half way point is a complete mess.
- Some bush glitch-ness


Also, in the userbar, doesn't "Suporter" have 2 P's?
Yeah, should be "Supporter".

Hey you!
Check out my SMW Blog!

Ok, maybe a bit dead

Also, Visit my Youtube Page!

Depth in Detail:

WLC Entry:

This is where you would read the first line of text of my signature, but it is currently pointless.

- Serious thing kinda happening.
- on hold for some time :|
Originally posted by TheGamer
hardest of all the 14 i did

This is probably going to be the last one, then, right?

@Brad172: I'm pretty sure he said he was fixing that in the SS&V thread.

...And, if my calculations are correct, I should level up with this post.

EDIT: Ha HA! I'm a Goomba!


So yeah, I'm not really going to be posting for a while. Not that anyone cares.
Daegon/Taven: Thanks ^^
Brad172: Thanks =) Everything you said has already been fixed, and the level is now 100% complete. 12 More to go. And thanks about the userbar problem, i already fix it.
Here is the fixed one.
go ahead and put the code in your signature.

Originally posted by Toy Box
This is probably going to be the last one, then, right?

Actually no, the last 3 levels will be My Third Failure -> My Second Failure -> My First Failure.
Don't worry about the difficulty though. The only hard part in this level is the part i showed in the video, if you ignore the P-switch, the level is easy.

Anyway, more screenshots
*Moved to the main post*

*Moved to the main post*
I guess no one remmember of those ones. This is supposed to be my first custom tileset, i have found the file bin today, and i will use it in a special level for the hack.

I should replace the enemies GFX as well, or not?
I always remembered those Construction Site GFX, I definatly like how your gonna use them for a level. B)
Originally posted by Brad172
Also, in the userbar, doesn't "Suporter" have 2 P's?
Yeah, should be "Supporter".

Sorry. I had not noticed. DX (Also, thanks TG for fixing my userbar)

OnTopic: Good GFX! Also, I liked the SMW2-Styled Koopas!
I remember those 2 last graphics, still is awesome, and the pallete too, congrats.


The 4 Relics

Pokey's Adventure Userbar
Need help with your Hack?
I'll be happy to help you with you Status Bar, anything.

1UPdudes: Glad you remembered those. Thanks ^^
JowTH: Thanks, i also did some other sprites GFX, i will insert the GFX in the rom later :)
Daegon: Thanks ^^

Well, progress is slow, but the levels i have are already done, i'm just fixing some problems, and so on. the levels i have to show was already showed, so expect only a few updates.

i have selected 2 Beta Testers, and they are.
- Maruhai
- SolidSnake141.35
Reply here if you two are still alive.

I have only one room left, so if you want to be a beta tester, send me a PM.

Oh, and...
*Moved to the first post*

well, yes...


I have found this and other couple of things. Tis is my first rip, BTW. I got another idea to make a place with some of the sprite GFX i have made. hope you all enjoy this screenshot.
Do you know how epic that screenshot is? Damn dude.

Amazing...That screenshot is just..amazing. Great job!

Mario's Greatest Adventure! <- My hack thread, where I make magic.
For a first Rip, is very amazing!
Hmm... let me guess... the guy on the "machine" is... erm... from Kingdom Hearts?
Yes I am still alive. :p

I remember that old rip also. I always liked how it looked. #w{=D}
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - My First Failure (Last Screenshot)

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