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YI hacking FAQ v2 (updated for 2018) - Ask questions here!
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Display Case - YI hacking FAQ v2 (updated for 2018) - Ask questions here!
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OK, I updated the FAQ.

Yoshis Fan, where you said "only apply this to a fresh ROM", could you also add something stating that you can apply it to your already-started hack, but if you do, you may need to redo all of your Midring entrances?

(I don't want people to think they can't expand the Midring data at all if they've already started their hack.)

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap (demo 3)
@Zeldara: Done that.
Sorry for one-line post... Oh, now it's two lines #w{=P}

Damn, I don't wanna be a fat guy.
Sorry for yet another clarification, but... now it seems like there's not a problem at all to apply it to an already-started hack. Maybe add more emphasis to that if you use this patch, you will need to redo any midway entrances that you've already edited? (That is, add a color, or make it bold or italic or something?

(Just trying to address any problems people might have before they occur.)

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap (demo 3)
Originally posted by me
Could corrupt your Midring-data, since the data you already edited is gone upon applying. In case you already edited some Midring-data you will have to determine each Midring again after applying this patch.

I would not know a method to clarify it only ONE little more from now. Maybe I should take a letter size of 100.

Also, it's okay to give advise, so no need to vindicate that.

(Is it okay now? If not, feel free to tell, or better, suggest a concrete text for there)
Maybe make a warning in the first section (before "Technically, this patch will do the following")?

I meant... well, as much as we expect people to read descriptions, I know there are some people who won't read the entire thing. So I try to do things to attract the readers' attention to the important statements, such as with how I place them relative to other text. (It's sort of difficult to explain.)

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap (demo 3)
I see. Changed it into a more eye-catching color and increased the font size.

I would love to infinite-ban everyone, who, from now on, writes something like:
"Help! I've used Yoshi's Fan's patch for the Midrings, but now all my previous Midrings make me end up at some random place!"
It must be a really stupid person, who misses the warning.

Also, I'm only answering already answered questions with a heavy teeth grinding (figuratively, of course...) and ask myself "Why the heck do we do the effort to make an FAQ???". At least that's what I'm asking myself, when seeing someone, who posts those questions. I have nothing against this FAQ. It happens, that someone asks answered questions, but luckily it happens rarely.
Yes, I think people will see that warning. :-)

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap (demo 3)
That is fantastic. Makes midpoint editing way easier and more is better.
Nice to see, that this is helpful to someone!

But I have a problem, too:
When testing my new and improved 3-4 (which is done now), I noticed that Yoshi isn't swallowed by Froggy at the end, but instead will be above him. I've tested a few things out and found the following:

In the original game, Yoshi is ALWAYS below Prince Froggy, he even is below Froggy's tongue. In my hack he is ALWAYS above him.

I'm using the same Boss-specific settings (AND the same level index, by the way) as in the original game.

The level headers are nearly equal, in my level BF the Tileset and the Sprite Set are changed. Changing them back to their original values won't fix this, though. The object and sprite data are exactly like in the original game.

This thing already happened in the latest released demo of my hack.

So, if you can, then please help me. I don't know how this comes, but I want to have this fixed when the hack finally gets released.

Any news about the patches?
You know, there should be an official YI hacking IRC channel. There was #eggvine, but now EggVine is mostly deprecated, and the channel is dead. I mentioned it the other night, and Blumiere said that while I could start the channel, the founder should be someone who is more experienced with YI hacking. Zeldara would be a good candidate for starting #yihacking (or whatever it would be called).


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.
@Yoshis Fan: What patches or other ASM changes had you made (at the time of your last demo)? I don't have any specific ideas as to what the cause could be, but if you take a clean ROM and apply each patch/hex-edit one at a time, maybe you'll encounter the same problem (and therefore know what to reverse in your actual hack).

@imamelia: OK, I decided to try creating an IRC channel. I called it #yi (because that felt right to me for whatever reason).

(Note: I haven't really been personally interested in IRC in the past, but maybe it would be different if it's about YI hacking?)

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap (demo 3)
That's a good idea, I might try that. If there is no positive result, then I must transfer the levels I made to a new ROM and from then on I must test the battle after each patch I apply. I'm not at home now, but I will test it as soon as I am.
Also, I'm not often on the IRC either.

Upon applying all those patches nothing bad happened to the Froggy Battle at all. However, I've used another trick to find the error's origin: I've Hex-Compared both files and found out:
When you change the byte at 0x52148 [05] back to the original value [01] Yoshi will be below Froggy again.
Only because of that little silly byte... Well, at least it wasn't complicated to fix that at all.
There's still one question: Why in the world did I change that byte???
I have a question

Whenever I write in ycompress 0 yoshi.smc(name of the rom) AllGFX.bin it says: This rom does not have 0x200 copier header.
Please help

sorry for my bad english
That means you are using a headerless rom.

Originally posted by Zeldara109
To add a header to a headerless ROM, you can use SNESTool. (Or my preferred method-- open your ROM in a text editor and manually type exactly 512 characters at the start.)

Thank you very much.

and how i use this tool?
I suppose you already downloaded it. Well, navigate through the program using the arrow keys. Then, when "Add header" is marked, hit Enter and select your ROM. Make sure SNESTool is in the same folder as your ROM. When the ROM is marked, hit Enter again and answer the question. On your keyboard, you must hit Z instead of Y to answer questions with Yes. The ROM is a LoROM, so when it asks you whether it's a HiROM, hit N. I don't know about the static RAM, answer what you like.

Alternatively you can also add the default header of the ROM.
To do this, open the ROM in Translhextion. Then, add 512 bytes at the end of the ROM. Afterwards, copy the data from Offset 0x0 to 0x1FFFFF and paste it by overwriting from 0x200. Then copy the data of the following file and paste it into the ROM by overwriting from 0x0.
Yoshi's Island Header
Thank you very much that helps#w{=)}
I'm sorry for the double post but i have another question...

Whenever I convert a Yoshi Island.ips file to a yoshis island (U) 1.0 smc file,(for example Golden Yoshi returns.ips) and if I want to play it, it does not work

sorry for my bad english. I hope you can understand me ^^
Did you use Lunar IPS (or a similar tool) to patch the .ips file to a Yoshi's Island v1.0 (U) headered ROM?

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap (demo 3)
oh, I've always tried it in a headerless rom.
I thought it makes no difference. Now I know all about the convert.

thank you #w{=)}
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