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YI hacking FAQ v2 (updated for 2018) - Ask questions here!
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Here are all the tables used for the bonus levels.

ROM 0x081CB8 SNES 0x109AB8
0x0089 Bonus 1
0x008D Bonus 2
0x0091 Bonus 3
0x0093 Bonus 4
0x008F Bonus 5
0x008B Bonus 6

ROM 0x081CC4 SNES 0x109AC4
0x008A Bonus 1
0x008E Bonus 2
0x0092 Bonus 3
0x0094 Bonus 4
0x0090 Bonus 5
0x008C Bonus 6

ROM 0x081CD0 SNES 0x109AD0
0x0095 Bonus 1
0x0095 Bonus 2
0x0095 Bonus 3
0x0095 Bonus 4
0x0095 Bonus 5
0x0095 Bonus 6

ROM 0x081C88 SNES 0x109A88
0x401C Bonus 1
0x410C Bonus 2
0x41FC Bonus 3
0x4274 Bonus 4
0x4184 Bonus 5
0x4094 Bonus 6

ROM 0x081C94 SNES 0x109A94
0x4076 Bonus 1
0x4166 Bonus 2
0x4256 Bonus 3
0x42CE Bonus 4
0x41DE Bonus 5
0x40EE Bonus 6

ROM 0x081CA0 SNES 0x109AA0
0x2860 Bonus 1
0x2860 Bonus 2
0x2860 Bonus 3
0x2860 Bonus 4
0x2860 Bonus 5
0x2860 Bonus 6

ROM 0x081CAC SNES 0x109AAC
0x2860 Bonus 1
0x2860 Bonus 2
0x2860 Bonus 3
0x2860 Bonus 4
0x2860 Bonus 5
0x2860 Bonus 6

ROM 0x081F34 SNES 0x109D34
0x68D8 Bonus 1
0x68D8 Bonus 2
0x68D8 Bonus 3
0x68D9 Bonus 4
0x68D8 Bonus 5
0x68D8 Bonus 6

ROM 0x081E74 SNES 0x109C74
0x9E78 Bonus 1
0x9EF6 Bonus 2
0xA000 Bonus 3
0xA0BD Bonus 4
0x9FB5 Bonus 5
0x9F3F Bonus 6

ROM 0x082369 SNES 0x10A169
0xA26F Bonus 1
0xB5CE Bonus 2
0xCD4F Bonus 3
0xD181 Bonus 4
0xC497 Bonus 5
0xBD5D Bonus 6

ROM 0x082638 SNES 0x10A438
0x0058 Bonus 1
0x00E8 Bonus 2
0x0118 Bonus 3
0x00B8 Bonus 4
0x0088 Bonus 5
0xE0CE Bonus 6

Working on Super Mario World 2 - Yoshis Island Boss Rush
Other projects on hold.
Woah, that's a whole lot more complicated than I thought it was.
Are they all stored like this or are they indexed as well?
I know, having these, I can change the order of the Bonus Games used for each Bonus Icon. I hope I'm not demanding too much again, when asking for the Bonus Games, which can be played after winning the Goal Ring Roulette.

World 1
Scratch & Match
Flip Cards

World 2
Drawing Lots
Slot Machine

World 3
Match Cards

World 4
Drawing Lots
Scratch & Match

World 5
Flip Cards

World 6
Slot Machine
Match Cards

So, for example if I wanted World 1 and World 5 (which share the game Flip Cards) to have totally different, so 4 different Bonus Games altogether, would that be easily editable? Or is it only possible to alter that using the tables you gave me, so in the end, it's not possible to use 4 different games for World 1 and World 5?

NEW! SMW2 Yoshi's Island is done!
Last update: 2012-12-31
Originally posted by tehaxor69
All Boss Key Modifications:

Awesome finds, tehaxor69! Now we can use any boss we like in any X4/X8 level we like! (Bowser has to stay in 6-8, of course) so we can make out boss orders even more unique! #w{=D}Free counters!
Which bonus games are available for each world.

ROM 0x00C12C SNES 0x01BF2C
0x00 0x02 World 1
0x04 0x0A World 2
0x06 0x08 World 3
0x04 0x02 World 4
0x00 0x08 World 5
0x06 0x0A World 6

0x00 = Flip cards
0x02 = Scratch and match
0x04 = Drawing lots
0x06 = Match cards
0x08 = Roulette
0x0A = Slot machine

Working on Super Mario World 2 - Yoshis Island Boss Rush
Other projects on hold.
I know, I'm using it inflationarily, but still, I'm sincere about this, thanks a lot for these Offsets!
You're the person who has found out most things about this game recently.

As you've suggested making making doors open using X, I've also almost taken care of a different problem, namely pipes.
Offsets in ROM.

Object 0x3C

Object 0xA5 (maybe the same as 0x3C?)

Sprite 0x042
0x15AF0		LDA $0036	Button Group #2
0x15AF3		AND #$0004	Down-Button

Sprite 0x0D1
0x79BFB		LDA $0030	Button Group #2
0x79BFE		AND #$0004	Down-Button

However, there are two main problems for implementing this is the control menu.
1 - Its tilemaps are somewhere in bank $17, but the problem is, it's tilemaps, combined with some ASM, so it's not possible to freely edit it.
2 - Drawing new tiles. As you can see below, new tiles must be drawn to make it work. BUT there isn't enough space for that afaik.

So, if these tilemap-related problems can be solved, I'd implement it.
(Of course, I would release two different versions of the hack, then; one with changed controls and one with unchanged controls, so people who got too used to the old system can still use it.

(Also, does the SNES GamePad use a custom Palette (so it's only used for this image and nowhere else)?)

Ingame it looks like this:

As you can see, the other two explanations on the left side must be moved up-/downwards and the "Enter Pipe/Door" must be added. I don't think moving them is much of a problem, but adding the tiles and making them appear should the biggest problem.
Also, the custom explanation should have a palette with two blues. I don't know, whether the current color indexes used already fulfill this condition, but since it can be edited easily, it shouldn't be much of a problem.

NEW! SMW2 Yoshi's Island is done!
Last update: 2012-12-31
Originally posted by Yoshis Fan

That's just a really big change that a lot of people won't be used to. Could you just provide an alternate version with the new controls?

Also, I'm pretty sure you actually have to place the new tile.

Your layout has been removed.
@Yoshis Fan: Here is my take on the edited control menu (NOTE: This is only a mockup!):

As I stated a while back before my failed attempt at adding a Score tab, there are actually more free tiles than meets the eye. This is because there are several duplicate tiles in the menu graphics. These duplicates are used but could be removed by editing the code and data used to render the menus.

The graphic files for the mockup above might look like this:

The controller graphic shares its palette with a very limited number of (non-level) icons. My mockup uses an altered version of the palette with darker colors for the X Button, so six of the icons sharing the controller's palette would be affected if this was implemented:

The first row shows how these icons look with the normal palette. The second shows the icons with the darker blues--the first three don't look bad, but notice how the shading of the the blue is strange in the icons for Worlds 4, 5, and 6 (as the gray used to shade the dark blue is now lighter than it). These can be fixed easily enough, though, as shown in the third row.

I'm glad there are enough tiles to do that.
Do you think the explanation looks better when placed on the right?
I put it on the left side intentionally to make the whole picture more balanced, also for symmetry reasons (sheesh, I guess I've deselected Art too late), but yours doesn't look bad either. Dunno. What do you think?

Also, about the Score-tab I've tried to do it myself somehow (yeah, one suicide squad), but I already failed to implement the graphic stuff.
Problems: Tab must be there from World 1.
I'm unable to hijack the "to throw"-tiles of "Hasty", since ASM and stuff.
I was unable to decrease the table length of the white box, which is around the Score and Control Icons. (not tried much, though)
I was unable to add a third "castle top tiles" table.
Not to mention other things: Make the Score-Icon move and make it have the function of a Bonus Game.
Make the Score-tab selectable and implement a function for it. (Also, I suppose the functions are activated depending on a RAM address with alot of CMPs? Like, level index to activate = select index + World index (3-6 = 0x05 + 0x18). So a special index for that RAM addr must be created for score-tab, position table for hand must be enlarged and lotsa CMPs (f.e. Worlds unlocked).)
Solved: Creating tiles and using them with a good palette at the top of World selection bar.
Make 3 tiles appear instead of 4 after clearing a World.
Altered cursor positions for World tabs.

But aside from that stuff, making the tiles appear is not a problem as big as having too few redundant tiles, however, replacing the duplicates surely is fun... not. Actually there are not that many issues with that. (Note, that my version of the explanation costs 1 less tile (because the upper right corner is a duplicate of the "Grab/Spit out")

Also, about the pipe objects...
Either they use a button command I haven't found or they take the status of Yoshi (which I don't think, since his status is created by pressing buttons). Also, seeing that Yoshi also enters a pipe when trying to swallow an enemy or cancelling an egg throw, it's most likely a button command, but, yeah haven't found it so far.

NEW! SMW2 Yoshi's Island is done!
Last update: 2012-12-31
Here are some offsets for the controller options layout

ROM 0x0BEC3A SNES 0x17EA3A //Width of "Lock", "Grab / Spitout", "Jump"

Offset for the top outlines
ROM 0x0BEB87 SNES 0x17E987 "Lock"
ROM 0x0BEB8A SNES 0x17E98A "Grab / Spitout"
ROM 0x0BEB8D SNES 0x17E98D "Jump"

Offset for the bottom outlines
ROM 0x0BEB93 SNES 0x17E993 "Lock"
ROM 0x0BEB96 SNES 0x17E996 "Grab / Spitout"
ROM 0x0BEB99 SNES 0x17E999 "Jump"

Offset for "Lock" -no boarder
ROM 0x0BEC45 SNES 0x17EA45

Offset for "Grab / Spitout" -no boarder
ROM 0x0BEC50 SNES 0x17EA50

Offset for "Jump" -no boarder
ROM 0x0BEC55 SNES 0x17EA55

To Move "Lock" -no boarder
ROM 0x0BEC3F SNES 0x17EA3F to [CE 0A]
ROM 0x0BEC45 SNES 0x17EA45 to [0E 0B]

To Move "Grab / Spitout" -no boarder
ROM 0x0BEC55 SNES 0x17EA55 to [4E 0C]
ROM 0x0BEC5B SNES 0x17EA5B to [8E 0C]

The boarders might need to be graphically edited, or removed and added into the tabs themselves.
I still need to find the offsets for the sides.

You could hijack here to add the "X Stuff" panel.

The new tab can be written here in ram
0x000B8E for top
0x000BCE for bottom

"Lock" Top left
"Lock" Bottom left

"Grab / Spitout" Top left
ROM 0x0BEBD1 SNES 0x17E9D1
"Grab / Spitout" Bottom left
ROM 0x0BEBD4 SNES 0x17E9D4

"Jump" Top left
ROM 0x0BEBD7 SNES 0x17E9D7

"Lock" Bottom right
"Grab / Spitout" Bottom right
ROM 0x0BEBE0 SNES 0x17E9E0
"Jump" Top right
ROM 0x0BEBE3 SNES 0x17E9E3
"Jump" Bottom right
ROM 0x0BEBE6 SNES 0x17E9E6

"Lock" Top right
"Grab / Spitout" Top right
ROM 0x0BEBF1 SNES 0x17E9F1
"Jump" Bottom left
ROM 0x0BEBF7 SNES 0x17E9F7

"A Action" Top left
"A Action" Bottom left
ROM 0x0BEC07 SNES 0x17EA07
"A Action" Top right
"A Action" Bottom right
ROM 0x0BEC12 SNES 0x17EA12

"A Action" Top right patch
"A Action" Top left patch
ROM 0x0BEC20 SNES 0x17EA20
"A Action" Bottom left patch
ROM 0x0BEC26 SNES 0x17EA26

Working on Super Mario World 2 - Yoshis Island Boss Rush
Other projects on hold.
Yay! Offset time!
Thank you for those, I've moved most of that stuff up-/downwards. Also, where are the concrete tilemaps of the left and right parts, which glitch up after GFX-editing, as you can see above?
Also, I guess it's better to delete the outward lines, as you said and add them to the "Lock" and "Grab/Spit out"-graphics themselves, so there's no moving of that stuff and there won't be that much problems when it comes to actually using the custom "X" explanation.

NEW! SMW2 Yoshi's Island is done!
Last update: 2012-12-31
Help! How do I ''re-insert'' the Graphics for my ROM?
Assuming you've already extracted them, use your CommandLine and type:
ycompress 1 120200 (Name of ROM) (Name of GFX file)
Don't forget about the file extensions. Also make sure there are no spaces in the names, that might lead to the program not finding the files.

Also, it's perfectly explained how to extract and insert graphics when you simply run ycompress itself.

Hope this helps, also welcome here at SMWC!

NEW! SMW2 Yoshi's Island is done!
Last update: 2012-12-31
To remove the boarders for the objects on the left side(Lock, Grab/Spitout)

ROM 0x0BEBF0 SNES 0x17E9F0 to [EA EA EA]
ROM 0x0BEBD0 SNES 0x17E9D0 to [EA EA EA]
ROM 0x0BEBD3 SNES 0x17E9D3 to [EA EA EA]

ROM 0x0BEB86 SNES 0x17E986 to [EA EA EA]
ROM 0x0BEB89 SNES 0x17E989 to [EA EA EA]
ROM 0x0BEB92 SNES 0x17E992 to [EA EA EA]
ROM 0x0BEB95 SNES 0x17E995 to [EA EA EA]

The tilemaps of the left and right parts are these offsets +1.

Working on Super Mario World 2 - Yoshis Island Boss Rush
Other projects on hold.
Great job, tehaxor69!
Thank you once again for the Offsets. I will make the edits tomorrow, when I have more time.

(By the way, there still is the problem with objects 0x3C and 0xA5 not being changed to the X-button yet...)

NEW! SMW2 Yoshi's Island is done!
Last update: 2012-12-31
Hmm, I'm very sorry for the bothers but, Would a ''GFX'' File be something like, '' ALLGFX '' ? If so, I have inserted that and I do not see my changes in the ROM. And, What are the Extensions? I'm sorry If I am failing at trying to figure out what you said. Also, thanks for the welcome!
Nothing bothers me so far.
Anyway, yes the GFX file is the AllGFX (which can have whatever name you want it to have, actually). With "extension", I meant the file extensions of your Windows. So, for the file "AllGFX.bin", the ".bin" is the file extension.

About the changes... I dunno, what have you changed using which program?

NEW! SMW2 Yoshi's Island is done!
Last update: 2012-12-31
Well, my Friend, I'm attempting to change the Icon levels. Do you have any tips in doing this? Because, what I am doing seems to fail.
Well, my very dearest of all my friends, I could help you alot better if you told me what you were doing. You're providing too few info.
Anyway, are you a full-noob to the whole hacking stuff or do you have experience and know how some SNES things work already? Just so I know where to start. And what program do you use to edit the Level Icons? There are different ones, the most common one, which I am using, too, is called YY-CHR.

Also, a description of your concrete problems with this would be nice. Or is the only problem, there's no changes in the ROM? If so, make sure it's not read-only. And if that's not the reason for that, use the Save-Button of your GFX program before closing it. #w{=P}

NEW! SMW2 Yoshi's Island is done!
Last update: 2012-12-31
So, Do I need to list my hacking skills, and whatnot? Anyways, I'm trying to switch Level Icons around. (Example 1-1 Icon would be representing Icon 1-2). I'm using Yychr. I consider my self not a noob, If I do say so myself. Sorry I didn't provide suficient Info. My apologies.
No need for a list, just wanted to know if you know what you're doing and how to handle stuff.
For switching level icons around and still keeping all their colors you must do some minor Hex-Edits.
Open your ROM and jump to PC address 0xBDE4F. There's a table of reference palette pointers there, two bytes each, one pointer per level index, so 0x48 pointers altogether. When swapping Level Icons make sure to set the appropriate pointers. For example, when you exchange the icons of 1-1 and 1-2, make sure 0xBDE4F becomes [00 10] and 0xBDE51 becomes [00 0C]. Just an example. There are four different pointers, but only two of them are used, the [00 14] is the grayscale palette afaik and [00 18] is used for different icons, but you can still use them for custom level icons, if you want to add some later on.

In case you are still unable to alter anything at all, I can't help you, since I don't know what's the problem, then.
As for YY-CHR, swapping icons is pretty much copy/paste.

NEW! SMW2 Yoshi's Island is done!
Last update: 2012-12-31
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