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YI hacking FAQ v2 (updated for 2018) - Ask questions here!
Forum Index - Non-SMW Hacking - Yoshi's Island Hacking - YI hacking FAQ v2 (updated for 2018) - Ask questions here!
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Thanks, Doggycharly, you edits did the trick!

Putting my YI hack on hold.
I need help regarding enemies from '?' bucket. I need to change this:
org $05C5E7	;- Enemies from '?' bucket(Bandit, Coin). Those values can be changed. I changed mine to icy melon and stars. Original 
was 20 00 15 01.
db $20,$00,$15,$01;

I changed the first 2 bytes for an ice melon and the other 2 for stars, but no matter what I put, I always end up with the Bandit and the 5 coins. Is there any other change I need to make? And those 5 coins: Is there a way to change that 5 into a 1 or a bit more?

Putting my YI hack on hold.
Another thing,this time about the red and pink flatberries(those that move horizontally & vertically). I know only the egg-plant can stand on them, but I'm thinking: is there a way to make the shy guy stand on those platforms?

Putting my YI hack on hold.
When a full guide on Golden Egg ? (precisely for bosss, music custom and custom graphics. Because nobody made a tuto xd) Thank if you do it
GoldenEgg is only a level editor, you can't edit the bosses (except than changing the level where they appear), music or graphics.

For custom music, there is a tutorial already, but not yet for custom graphics, though it's the same process of using YY-CHR normally, just the way to export/import them from/to the game is different. For bosses, they're rather complex, you can edit their HP and other properties via hex editing, but other than that it's really difficult due to the complexity of their code (though there is an altered version of Tap-Tap, if you're interested).
Hum okay thanks
The tool to extract graphics from YI is Ycompress, btw. The output is a single GFX file, though, so 4bpp (layer 1 and 2), 2bpp (layer 3) and mode 7 are all exported in a single file.

Okay, my layout looks ugly.
Yosh !~

I have an issue who prevents me from continuing my hack.

When I tried to modify 3-6 sublevels (7D and A5), I got this warning :

And then I got the question which scares me :

So can I modify and save levels with this warning? Or am I stuck forever? Is there a risk of irreversible corruption if I modify them ?

Thank you.
It's not a problem. That happens in the original game. If you want to edit it, select Yes. It will then ask whether you want to remove the old level data, and you should select No. That way, both levels will be fine and the issue will not occur again with that ROM (at least, for those two levels).
Okay, I've done it, thank you !
The FAQ is not the place to post this. If this is a tool you made then you can submit it to the Tools section or upload it to your File Bin and make a new thread in the YI forum if you want.
Originally posted by BTD6_maker
The FAQ is not the place to post this. If this is a tool you made then you can submit it to the Tools section or upload it to your File Bin and make a new thread in the YI forum if you want.

Thank you, BTD6_maker. Sorry me about it.
Yosh !~

So I have a huge issue, and I can't find a solution. Let me explain.

I have a ROM "A" which contains my hack (with 1-1 -> 4-1 modified).
My ROM "A" is full (no more free space inside it, I use Golden Egg of course). Okay...

So I have an original unmodified ROM named "B". This is the fresh ROM I want to use to insert my levels extracted from "A". Still okay...

So I extract levels and entrances from A to B with FURIOUS Level Tool. And then the issues start...

Once I have inserted my levels into "B", I save it into a new ROM "C" (to avoid overwritting on "B"). Then when I open "C" with Golden Egg I have a lot of random glitches (only one or several at the same time) :
- The ROM is fully corrupted (unable to open),
- Some levels have just vanished, resulting in a fatal error when you try to open them of course,
- Seed Contest Minigame is glitched (Yoshi passes through the floor)
- "? cloud with stairs" are triggering themselves and they are glitched.
- Sprites just vanished randomly in some levels.

I tried some combinations (to use headered/unheadered ROM during import/export, modify the extensions from .sfc to .smc) and sometimes I can have a playable game, but with some glitches from the list above.

The final issue : inserting custom sprites with normal utilisation of Ycompress (ycompress 1 120200 "MYROM" AllGFX.bin) results in a corruption of the ROM "C", but it's a success with "A" or "B".

I guess there is a reallocation of sprites memory during the importing process, so the adress "120200" is maybe not anymore where there is sprites, but I'm totally unsure (I'm not a specialist of memory)

I tried to make a good explanation but if you need more details I have backups that I can "copy and sacrifice for tests".

This is project I started 1 year ago, so it's painful to lost everything or won't be able to finish it... :/
I don't know exactly what's the issue here, because it depends on a lot of variables (even if you're being specific with the explanation, which is good) but this sounds like a space issue mostly.

In my experiences, Level Tool never works 100% correctly. Sometimes it corrupts the roms or corrupts the levels, or seems to work fine but messes up anything you can do in Golden Egg. But as far as I know, it relocates the level pointers (addresses) in a different way Golden Egg does, so it's "expected" that the roms won't work with Golden Egg after using Level Tool on them (though at least it's expected they work fine when you only import your levels/exits, and as you proved, it isn't a thing sometimes).

On the other hand, Golden Egg pretty much does weird things with level relocation and pointers, so it's most likely that you actually ended up using "more space" than what you actually used. It's one of the biggest Golden Egg problems when making long hacks.

And finally, I'm not that used to ycompress, but I think the best you can do is to insert all custom graphics before using Level Tool (for the reasons I gave before), though it'd still be useless if Level Tool isn't working properly for you...

I'm sorry for making such an useless post (as technically I didn't give a solution to your problem), but I guess it's worth to know the implications of using different YI tools, which definitely weren't developed thinking in a full compatibility between them. If I had to suggest something to you, I'd say that you should short your hack and divide it into 2 roms (assuming you're going to make it a full 6 world hack), but of couse that would be a real shame. And I don't think using EggVine would be a better option either (even when it has a much better space handling than Golden Egg).
Thanks for your reply. I will try to insert my custom GFX before importing the levels.

Furthermore, I will try to find a solution by myself. If I find something interesting, I will post it.

EDIT : I have a solution which fixes almost every issues (except the minigame glitch, so don't use it lol).

1) Create an original ROM, not modified (nammed a.sfc for example),

2) Add header with HeAdder and name it a.smc,

3) Import GFX with ycompress,

4) Open a.smc with Furious' tool and remove the header,

5) Import your levels and save it into a new rom b.smc,

6) Check some levels to see if everything is okay (Prince Froggy stomach was an issue with my previous ROM for example),

7) Add header to b.smc

8) Check again and enjoy your new Rom

PS: this is a very unofficial solution :p
I really could use some help. I got a couple questions. hmu if u can help please. Id really appreciate it
I can probably help. What do you need?
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Forum Index - Non-SMW Hacking - Yoshi's Island Hacking - YI hacking FAQ v2 (updated for 2018) - Ask questions here!

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