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I Wanna Be The Super Mario

A very #w{:<} Hack

Floating and Stacked munchers aren't good as I see.
But this hack is good.
What have you done to Mario's graphics?! They look hideous.

Anyway, there was nothing special about this hack. It was just the generic spin-jumping on stuff and dodging Munchers while falling. However, the INVISIBLE HURT things are NOT COOL!

That jump in the third room was too hard. You have to be PIXEL PERFECT to make it to the door near the 4 stacked floating Munchers.
I'm not downloading something I know pretty much nothing about.
Good fucking bye.
Originally posted by Crafstmas
I'm not downloading something I know pretty much nothing about.

Next time, tell him what to do, he probably wont understand he needs to post screenshots/videos.

So anyways yeah, post videos and screenshots for people to get interested in the hack.
What's with the Mario graphics?!? I recognized some graphics from IWBTG, but most of it were pretty simple, silly, pixel-perfect jumps.
Also there were stacked munchers, bullets appearing from nowehere, invisible munchers, general bad graphics etc.
I didn't particularly like this, it was neither good-looking nor creative.
Of course you should fight fire with fire, you should fight everything with fire.

Oooh look at my userbar!

Sadistic Designer - testing Pit without tools.

Try to use something like this for floating munchers
(It's a GFX replacement)