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Winter Level Design Contest - Rules + Submissions
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Happy Holidays, SMW Central, and welcome to one of our most exciting contests ever - the Winter Themed Level Design Challenge. In this contest, you will be tasked to design a level in the spirit of the holidays - that is, snowy! Of course, this theme is quite broad, and you can pretty much do whatever you'd like, just as long as it pertains to Winter.

  • Similar to the Chocolate Level Design Contest, you can use any resources in the level. ExGFX, music, patches and sprites, you name it.
  • Remember though that this is a single level. You cannot require the player to go through more than one level tile on the overworld.
  • You must post the level in the entry thread by January 15th, 2011 at 11:59 EST (UTC -05:00). Please make sure a proper IPS file is included for your entry - if it doesn't work, it'll be disqualified.
  • You may edit your post and update your level any time before the deadline, but once it's released, what's there is final.
  • Unlike the previous contest, you cannot team up on levels. While you may have others test them, the ultimate product must be your own.

Judging Rubric:

THEME/15: How winter/holiday-themed is the level? Does it only have a few pixels of snow, or does it effectively integrate holiday themes into the design?
OVERALL DESIGN/15: Is the level nicely designed overall? Is it genuinely fun to play and gimmicky, or downright bland and boring?
AESTHETICS/15: Do the graphics and music help or hurt the level overall? Are vanilla graphics or ExGFX used appropriately, and does any custom music fit the setting?
TECHNICALITIES/15: How polished is the level? Is it chalked full of bugs, or did you ensure that it plays like a charm?


As you can see, the points scale is quite high. It is expected that you put your full effort into this level and ensure it impresses the judges. From my personal experience of judging, however, length DOES NOT ALWAYS ensure that your level will be good. If you are planning to make a long level, ensure it can hold the player's interest long enough. Some of the best levels out there are actually kind of short! Just a tip, of course - do what you need to do to win!

Remember that this isn't just a contest to make the "most" holiday themed level. Rather, a strong level will use the holiday theme along with good design, testing, and aesthetics to create a fun and unique experience.

  • One Super Nintendo Entertainment System + Super Mario World cartridge (matching your region) *
  • Team Fortress 2 or Left 4 Dead 2 (winner's choice, on Steam)
  • Super Meat Boy (on Steam)
  • Minecraft account
  • Name color and title

Total prize pool: ~€100

* To receive this prize, you will need to supply your full name and address, which will be forwarded to the merchant as shipping information. This information will not be used for anything else. If you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to contact Kieran either through PM or e-mail. (NOTE: If you are less than 18 years old, please make sure you have your parents' consent.)

Addendum Note: The top five winners are eligible for ONE of the prizes listed above. The top winner receives the first pick, and subsequent winners may choose from the remaining prizes. If you win the contest but do not want any of the prizes, you are also welcome to offer the prize you pick up to another user of your choice as an act of kindness.

Yes, you read that correctly. This year, we've decided to raise the stakes. We include these prizes not only to encourage users to participate, but to thank all of you for your continued support over the past five years and into the future. We wish you all the best of luck: this competition will naturally be competitive, but please be respectful to other users.

Please use this thread for submissions and nothing else. If you want to discuss the contest, use the other stickied thread. The next person who breaks this rule is disqualified from the contest. I've had to delete about 5 posts from here so far. I can't make this font much bigger.

Happy holidays!

(Named after the IPS file if no name provided)

  1. Good luck to those who graduate - OGS93
  2. Entry for contest - PJ Reed
  3. Mario and Yoshi's Christmas Dash - lucariokiddo
  4. Winter World - Clay_Buster
  5. The Mountain Climb - Courptendo
  6. pserafi's Winter Wonderland - pserafi
  7. Super Mario in Ice World - Luigi370
  8. Cold Cold Valley - BBkaizo
  9. Mario's Frozen Adventure - Blue_raven
  10. A Gift for Luigi - Tails_155
  11. A Snowy Stroll - OTAKU
  13. Mario's Winter Trials - Schrikvis
  14. SnowyLands - .Henix.
  15. Ripperon-X's Winter Level Design Contest entry - Ripperon-X
  16. Merk's Winter Contest - BlueHoppip
  17. Super Mario, Lost on iced planet - Lexator
  18. Snowball Hill - super pokemon world
  19. Mario's Winter Nightmare - Hadron
  20. Santa Simulator - Lunar Rico
  21. A Level - pacman227811
  22. SMWP - 2dareduck
  23. Winter Level Design - Link13
  24. BeerQuest! - Atma
  25. Frosty Mountain - Mr ESC450
  26. Winter Level 2010 Final - TomPhanto
  27. Santa Mario - yoshicookiezeus
  28. The Christmas Switch Palace - Shellface
  29. Winter Level - MarineYoshi
  30. Ice and Cocoa - Gabu
  31. Mario Saves Christmas - Kipernal
  32. Return To Ice World - Koyuki
  33. A Winter Adventure - HalfMaster1
  34. Generic Snow Level - Dotsarecool
  35. Holiday Contest 2010 - Raibys
  36. Navidad de Super Mario - Skalibur
  37. Light The Tree - Snifit
  38. The Snowman Invasion - WhiteYoshiEgg
  39. Brad's Mid-Night Snow Exploration - Brad172
  40. Nightwing - flareblade26
  41. Mario's New Year Tradition - keckcellent
  42. No Tree No Life - SL
  43. A Gift by TheGamer - TheGamer
  44. Monty - two_headed_yoshi
  45. Yuki-Onna - .Lester Vine.
  46. Lunardrakewinterentry - LunarDrake
  47. Mario Miraculously Saves Christmas - PowerStrike
  48. Sinterklaas - Kevinskie555
  49. Mario's Great Frost - Chachii
  50. Khastvrokg's Level Entry - Khastvrokg
  51. A Mad Christmas - HuFlungDu
Here is my entry

It's short, but it's my first contest!


Not the best of one's but a least i gave it a shot :D
i tried my best on this level. i'm not sure if it'll win though... if it does i'll eat my shoe! (the yoshi's house on the OW is just for decoration) and yoshi's christmas dash.ips

hope the link is submitted correctly...

EDIT: yes it works like this.

Call me Kiddo the dragon. :)

My first contest, not sure if this is a great level. If I win I'll eat both my shoes

And happy holidays to all!
P.S sorry if the link is broken it's my first link attempt too.



Now Playing:
Real Life
I'm Outta Here

I am finally done, I hope I did ok, it might not be great, this is my first contest. My level is called the Mountain climb!

Edit: Use this one I had to fix something! this is the fine change

sorry for that! oh by the way all the names on the first screen are just different names for me, Couruptendo on Smwcentral, Slaughterbrother 2, youtube, mr rom, talkhaus.


My Hacks:
-Mario is Sick!

Join me on youtube and the slaughtercast!

put in 50+ hours on this
Here you go.
was originally a .sfc if it matters
was all tested on zsnes


This post will be reserved for my submission if/when I make one. This'll be my foist contest, so I hope I do good.
I have no idea what to change my layout it to...
My entry:
Super Mario in Ice World
Download: Download
My entry!

Cold Cold Valley.

Currently playing: Mario Forever Remake v2.3, SUper MArio Bros. X, Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360)

GPX Plus eggs and Pokemons

PokeFarm Eggs and Pokemons

I'm done! I know it's short, but please cut me some slack, it's my first (official smwc)contest.Play Mario's frozen adventure!
Here is mine. It's called..... Tails_155's WLDC Level or A Gift for Luigi

EDIT: Updated 12/22/2010 12:33 AM CSTSuper Mario World Hacks 101
Heres mine. Take note this is my first attempt at hacking EVER. #w{=)}


Is now updated AGAIN.

Some info I forgot to include in the readme:
-You can walljump in the level. However, it is not required to get the normal exit. :D
-You should play this in ZSNES. In Snes9x, there is some flickering on the top of the screen, and I didn't even test this on bsnes.

EDIT: redisabled layout because
Well, here's my hack!
I hope i will win something, but i doubt that will ever happen.
Hackname: Mario's winter trials
How does this work?


Edit: You can't upload contest entries as hacks?
My bad. Sorry >:

Phew, just in time.

Hack is contained in a self-extracting RAR for minimum space usage. Reading the README is advised.

I really want that Minecraft account. :| (That's why I LITERALLY put my heart and soul into this hack. I tested it, fixed things that needed to be fixed, tested it again, fixed, tested, then I was done. I hope it was worth the effort.)

EDIT: I have updated the hack. See the README for updates.


EDIT2: Just a note, the second level on the OW is just something I felt like adding. You do not have to go through it, HOWEVER, there is a hidden 3UP moon for those who pay close attention.
Want to see some of my cool swords? Well, too bad, right now you only get to see one of them, and it's my avatar. Might set up some kind of gallery/portfolio at some point, though.
My entry is done:
Download link: => ...
I hope I get a better spot this time. Oh well, life is full of surprises. I hope you like it the way it is.
Edit2: Updated already: Entry here
Fixed certain cutoff and removed slowdown. I hope the challenge is still there.

You can download my VLDC12 entry here.
Here is my first contest entry ever. So sorry if it isn't that great, but I'm not used to hacking. :D

My Contest Entry:

P.s. If you know how to make a part of text into a link, please pm me!
This is my entry, it's my first contest on smwcentral !

"Super Mario, Lost on iced planet"


My SMW Romhacks:

Work in progress:

Super Mario Land 2.5: 100% (testing in progress)
Download Demo

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