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I Wanna Be The Super Mario (Fixed)

Link Thread Closed
This is the fixed version of IWBTSM without flying munchers.
It would be the best if you can't release your hack with .smc and simply replace with IPS.
Edit: The link is broken.
Don't make new threads like this. Close this.

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Yoshi's Island Disassembly C3 Thread
SPASM - LevelASM for Yoshi's Island!
Yoshi's Island Disassembly Data Dump Wiki
..was that an actual ROM? ROMs are illegal to distribute, make sure to create an IPS patch and upload *that*.

Also duplicate thread, you can always post in your older thread, and edit the first post, there is a link that will allow you to do that. Closed.

Also, DJSecret, come on man, that's like the exact perfect example of backseat modding.

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