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Mario Dark Legacy Good Version by BobbyBombmaster

Hack Name: Mario Dark Legacy Good Version
Author: BobbyBombmaster
Description: I made my friend play and saw some cutoffs and glitches. Remove the other version please.

This is a hack based on Gauntlet Dark Legacy.

Spacing issues with the text. With ALL the text.

...what was the point of this?

Water placed like this is an absolute behavior nightmare. It just doesn't function the way it should. Also, glitched sprite. That's because clear blocks are incompatible with the sprite set you decided to use in every single level.

You are forced to die in order to progress through the level. Why on earth did you think that was a good idea?!

Why do I get the feeling that you're recycling the original level exits? Maybe it's because you are.

This just doesn't look right.

Big Boo with a bad palette.

100 seconds?!

A very boring, winding slog through Dry Bones.

No, that is quite clearly the Yellow Switch. Why do you insist on renaming stock SMW objects to be more gloomy and gristly and start with the letter G? It's rather dumb. If you're going to rename the enemies, at least edit their graphics to look more like what they are supposed to be!

To be honest, your hack really hasn't offended me that much, but it still needs a little more work before it can go onto the site.

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