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Mario and the Star Road Quest (videos)
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This is my newest hack, and the first one I plan on finishing.

Plot: Mario visits Yoshi at his summer home a few years after his adventure on Dinosaur Island. He finds a note from Yoshi, who has gone to the Yoshi Nursery. He finds out a star has falled from Star Road and Mario must go on a journey to find why the Star Road is falling apart.

What to expect:
-SMW Redrawn base
-Custom blocks
-Minor hex editing
-Custom sprites
-Fair amount of ExGFX
-Custom music
-My patented "save-state free difficulty level"

What happened to Super Mario Globe? and SMB3 Lost Levels? (oh please like you remember them) Well SM Globe is cancelled right now, but my favorite levels will be back as secret levels coughStarWorld1cough. SMB3 LL is staying seperate, but on hiatus.

Here are screenshots of the first world, Genera Isle.

This is the first submap. First world? No! First HALF of the first world! I plan on five main worlds at least 50% bigger than the original's.

Seed Haven, the first level. Short and easy, populated with Wigglers and Koopas.

Sprout Lake. It uses Layer 3 water. This prevents vertical scrolling, right? Wrong! Custom sprites allow complete vertical freedom. Paratroopas allow you to reach higher places.

Wicked Woods is the third level and has a secret exit. Hidden foes in the trees make this level the first real challenge. Find the P-Switch to cross the huge gap!



Root Caverns is the fourth level. Very reminiscent of Brinstar, right down to the music. Look out for Buzzy Beetles and stay on your toes.

Genera Fort is the midway point for world 1. Look out for the undead roaming the lava filled halls. Don't get lost in the canvas maze! Ends with an encounter with the Bomb Bros. Harder than it looks!

Can you find the Azure Block Fort? More minigame than bonus is what I'm aiming for. I'm surprised no one uses this sprite this way...

These levels are still in the testing phase, so only a few screenies.

Genera Highlands is where you meet Yoshi. Not Yoshi Yoshi but a Yoshi. Not A Yoshi the hacker, just some Yoshi. Is that too confusing? What I mean is that this Yoshi is not the one he met a few years back, okay?

Canopy Castle is the World 1 finale. Starts off with dangerous jumps and ends with a puzzling... um... puzzle. Is the background okay? I think it gives a nice atmosphere along with the mist.

Thanks to...
Icegoom for Redrawn
Delmaru for agreeing to help me with the music
Darklink898 and Reini for the ExGFX

I unfortunately will not be working on this hack too quickly because I have wwwwaaaaaaaaayyyyy too much homework to get any more of it done except on weekends. I would love to hear some feedback and constructive criticism. I will also accept ideas for the next few worlds.

EDIT: Expect a demo this X-mas break. By then I will have the first world completely tested. I may allow some people to test, but I won't accept requests for the moment.
Tree going in water =


You've never seen a tree growing out of the water? Go watch Discovery Channel. I think it looks fine. I like it.

I really like the background for Canopy Castle. I look forward to your progress on this!

I'm part of the Testers for Hire thread, so if you'd like something play tested, no matter what it is, PM me, and I'll give you honest feedback. Anything else is in my profile.

Support the SMWiki!
Great use of palettes, redrawn graphics, and fun, varied level design. I'm curious as to what other music you plan on using.
By the way, if you create a userbar for this hack, I'll add it to my sig.
MamaLuigi, a little quick to post a fail picture over one detail that isn't even impossible in real life? Meh, I've seen your posts and I don't really trust you as a critic.

Originally posted by Farm Fresh
I really like the background for Canopy Castle.

Thanks, it was something I was messing with mostly because I can't get my BGs and FG palettes to cooperate. I tried Layer 2 FG as BG and it worked!

Originally posted by Supertails
I'm curious as to what other music you plan on using.

Seed Haven - NSMB 1-1
Sprout Pond - Forest Maze
Wicked woods - Lost Woods
Root Caverns - Brinstar
Genera Fort - Mute City
Genera Highlands - Green Hill Zone (well its green hills ain't it?)
Canopy Castle - Mute City, but switching to YI Castle when I have Delmaru help me with that.

I'm using the custom music patch as a base, with others inserted as well.
It looks really good. One thing If I can add is that in the 13th screen it looks a little bad because everything is green. Wouldn't it be better if NOT everything was green?

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It is suposed to be based off of Super Metroid's brinstar. I can't find a picture of the game right away, so take my word for it >_<. It is just a small subarea with one Dragon Coin.

I can see the resemblance. It's not bad considering you're trying to copy a palette from there not even using the graphics from SM. However, the background from Super Metroid is blue-green. Maybe you want to add a more blueish tint to the level BG and darken the green in the foreground.
Is this better? I love Metroid, but I was working from memory :p

This looks very good! And the tree in water gives it a sort of swamp feel. Thats how i feel at least. Keep up the good work!

looks good so far

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That looks so much better then a green background. Im assuming your gonna use Metroid music?

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Mmm... I may have a problem with Canopy Castle. You know how I am using Layer 3 mist? Well that also causes the level to use the ghost house intro. If I disable the intro, Yoshi can get in, which will cause problems with the castle sprites. Does anyone know how I can either disable the intro and disallow Yoshi at the same time, or change the intro to the castle one? I can disable the mist, but I would like an alternative if possible.

EDIT: I'm deciding to make the castle ghost-themed anyways. I forgot you can't use message blocks with the mist anyway so thats gone. Not much of a loss I suppose.

Finished with world 1, so expect a demo after I finish up my OW. I tend to work on levels first, OW second. Anyone got ideas for world 2's theme?
The levels really have the nice sight.
New screenies for the first level of world two. I need a name for this beach level.

This level uses the same sprite as Sprout Lake to submerge half the level underwater. Features the new YI sprites by smkdan. Demo will be ready soon, I promise!

As for Canopy Castle, it is now called Boo's Castle Haunt (dare guess who the boss is?) and its name now belongs to Genera Fort. Don't worry, the boss battle isn't as easy as the original.

There are still a few things I want help with. Is there a way to disable Yoshi for some levels without the normal intro? Like when you enter a castle through the midway point. I also want to know how to increase the time for a level to fade-in when it starts slightly, so my water sprite has time to start without players seeing the water jump to a new position. Can anyone give me a few pointers?
I'm not sure about how to fix the water sprite or Yoshi, but you could always consider calling it Saturn Beach, and have a Mr. Saturn hidden in one of the levels or something as an easter egg.

I've got one spot left, and am quite interested in this hack, so I'd put a userbar in if you'd make one.
Mr. Saturn doesn't really fit a beach, but I was planning a cameo later on in the game. Walking table sprite, anyone?

Meh, theres nothing particularly unique about my hack that I could use to make a userbar... Maybe a Mr. Saturn image ^_^

Anyways, keep that spot open, because I'll try and make one tommorow.

EDIT: Here is a userbar. Please support my hack.

I can't find a way to post the full HTML without actually showing the userbar. You can figure out how to make it link here one your own, right?
Okay, the beach level is done. Its name is... Flip-Flop Beach. Why do you ask? The level is only 9 screens long, but once you reach the end, you go backwards through an upside-down remake! This is not a exact remake, but there are a lot of moments that parallel each other. Features ptooies and shyguys.


Anyone got an idea for the name of the 2nd world? It is going to be ocean/island themed. STILL accepting ideas for future levels.
Are you gonna use specific custom music?

Check out my profile for awesomeness!
Like I said, I am basing the custom music off of Delmaru's custom music patch. Once I get a few more songs, I'll get them inserted together. So far I want...

Pollyanna (Awesome job Supertails!)
Zelda 2 Palace
Koopa Beach (The one I want for Flip-Flop Beach)
YI Title
YI Castle
YI Boss

You think thats too many large songs if I replace a few that were already included in the patch with those? *cough*SMB3iceoverworldasleveltheme*cough*.

As for Riptide Reef, I am using Jolly Roger Bay, but I might change my mind.
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