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The Last Christmas - Karate Pikmin

ExGFX Removed: Karate Pikmin
Type:: Original
Palette: Custom
Author: The Last Christmas - submitted by: The Last Christmas

Originally posted by Description
These pikmin are dressed in karate belts and headbands, and they're ready to enter the dojo and kick some butt!

Simply paste this into your AllGFX or ExGFX file, in place of the Koopa. Works with normal palettes, but a palette edit for the red-orange and orange colors is recommended, as they look a little funny on it.

One final note: The shell GFX and shelless koopa GFX are not in this file. It is recommended that you download my "Koopa and Shelless Koopa to Pikmin" ExGFX, as that includes both shells and shelless koopas that work for the pikmin.

By Piky36. Drawn by hand. No credit is needed, because I know how much of a pain it is.


Pretty simple edits of existing Pikmin, they don't exactly seem terribly useful. How often are people going to be looking specifically for "Karate Pikmin" in their hacks?