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Luigi's Trip (The Return of Super Mario Starmix) Demo 1 - by MetalJo

Hack Name: Luigi's Trip (The Return of Super Mario Starmix) Demo 1
Length: Unknown
Author: MetalJo - Submitted by: MetalJo
Description: My first Hack ^.^


(Wenn du willst, dass ich dir das übersetze, schreib mich an.)

- Glitched message box graphics.
- The background palette could use some work. Green, brown and bright blue all on the same hill? Yuck.
- You could also remove some unnecessary spaces from the message box text for readability purposes. Just a minor nitpick though.

The breakable brick doesn't animate, which looks weird, and it turns into a completely different-looking (and differently-colored) block when hit.

Piranha Plants with red stems should not be used, as they can apparently cause graphical glitches of some kind. Either apply the "Piranha Plant Fix Patch Fix" from the Patches section or just don't use them at all.

The fence looks cutoff at the edges. Not too important, but it'd be great if you could find/make some proper ending tiles - a black outline at the edges would be enough already.

Wrong initial FG position, which allows you to see some cut-off water.

The water palette doesn't exactly look too great. If possible, the status bar palette should also be improved.

"Wrong initial FG position", take 2.

"If possible, the status bar palette should also be improved", take 2.

It's really weird having layer 2 follow you vertically, but having it scroll up and down at the same time. I suppose it's not a removal reason, I just... felt like stating that.

The boss door's palette could use some work as well.

The event after the castle cuts off the land. It's not even necessary either, since this seems to be the end of the demo.

Overall, not too shabby for a first hack. I still recommend you read the Hack Submission Guidelines (and possibly watch this video), though.