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How many power-up's do you put in a level?

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Title says all. In normal levels, I put 2 or 3. In Ghost Houses, I put 4. What about you?
2 or 3 powerups for me as well, but I tend to have only one in ghost houses.

Usually, I put them around the beginning-middle of the level, and the middle-end. If there's an alternate passage, chances are there will be such a powerup there as well.

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Personally, for my levels, it just depends, possibly based on difficulty or how I play them.
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I average 2 or 3, but it could more or less, depending on how difficult I want the level to be.

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Depends on the world, level type and level length. Usually I'd say I give 3-5 though, but in some levels there are even more.
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On the first set of levels, I have 3 powerups - 1 at beginning, one at middle and one near the end.

On levels afterwards there are 2 - near beginning and midway point.
I will usually put one powerup within the first 1-3 screens. Then one at the mid-way point, and maybe one towards the end of the level. I haven't made a ghost house level yet, but I would put one powerup towards the middle of it.
I take a methodical approach to my power-up placement and plan it out in a chart which is used for a guideline for all of the worlds in the hack. An example looks something like this:

World 1 - 6 Power-Ups - Every 5 Screens
World 2 - 6 Power-Ups - Every 6 Screens
World 3 - 5 Power-Ups - Every 5 Screens
World 4 - 5 Power-Ups - Every 6 Screens
World 5 - 4 Power-Ups - Every 6 Screens
World 6 - 4 Power-Ups - Every 7 Screens
World 7 - 4 Power-Ups - Every 8 Screens
World 8 - 4 Power-Ups - Every 9 Screens

Anything additional would be up to my own personal judgment in order to create a customized, difficult experience for the player and wouldn't follow a pattern like this. The placements in these cases would most likely follow a mentality of, "this part should be hard. I'll give them a goodie before it just in case."
I just use the orignal SMB as a guide.

W1: Plenty of power ups, I think theres 3 in the first level, not including the star.

W8-3: 2 POWER UPS, But there not obvious...
I typically put a power-up near the beginning of a level and one near the midpoint (if there is one) regardless of the difficulty of the level.

The length and difficulty of the level affect where I put other power-ups. If a level is longer, I'll put more. If the level is less difficult, I'll put more.
I put atleast 2 power-ups in my levels - one at the beginning and at the mid-way. I'll put more along the way depending on the length and difficulty of the level.
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It really depends, for me, there is no strict rule. If I want to design a hard part or feel, it's been too long without a powerup, I just place one.
At the beginning, midway, and right before a really challenging part.
I usually place around 2-5 power ups depending on the difficulty of the level. The higher the world number the less power ups there are in a level.


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Depends on the level's length/difficulty, so it can be anywhere between three and eight.

Nearly every level I make has at least 2 power ups, one within the first 2-3 screens, then one shortly after the midpoint. I sometimes have additional ones in castles, and around parts I deem difficult.

In one-level hacks, or monstrous final levels, I have 4 at the minimum, and they're generally in every room with 0A (10) screens or more, or every other room if they're small.

As for kaizo hacks, next to none unless it's required.
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To me it depends on the difficulty and length of the level, but normally I would place around 4 in total. One right at the beginning of a level, one about one-third across the level, another one two-thirds across and then a 4th one in some tricky/challenging part of the level. If there's a boss room in the level, then there's also going to be one right before that. But yeah, it varies per level.

OP: Why 4 in a ghost house? They are usually pretty easy and have few enemies compared to most levels, so normally I'd expect someone to only put 1 or 2 there.
I normally put 2-3 powerups in a level.
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Originally posted by Iceguy
OP: Why 4 in a ghost house? They are usually pretty easy and have few enemies compared to most levels, so normally I'd expect someone to only put 1 or 2 there.

Well, it's my fault for not explaining, but I have only one Ghost House in my hack. And that's the final level. It's very long and that's why I put in so much.
Anyway, you guys were pretty right; It depends on the level's difficulty.
Typically, I use 2-3 powerups in the main part of the level, but there are often another powerup or two in out of the way places as bonuses.


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