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GFX00/GFX01 free space?

I'm trying to insert a new sprite onto GFX00 and GFX01 so it exists in all levels and I don't have to worry about ExGFX. I need to free up 2 16x16 areas for it. Are there any things in GFX00 and GFX01 that can be overwritten or at least remapped easily? I tried replacing some dustclouds but that turned out to be a disaster since way too many things use those graphics, and most aren't on the ROM map.

If I can't free up any space, I may resort to moving the key and information box to a new page. I considered ExAnimation but I have enough ExAnimation already, and it'd be a pain to enable it in every level.

Oh, and I already have something in place of the smiley coin.
Hmm... I've always sort of considered it a waste for Blue Shelless Koopas to have separate graphics from other Shelless Koopas, so you could give them all the same graphics. Or you could make the flopping Cheep Cheep use its second page swimming frames flipped upside down instead of having separate flopping frames on the first page:

0x0B319 [9D F6 15] Change to EA EA EA and Cheep Cheep's tilemap will use a single GFX page
0x09E0D [67 69 88 CE] Cheep Cheep tilemap (change 88 CE to 67 69)

If you want to get rid of floating point notations and replace them with blank space, that would also free up a tile and a half, but that's a lot of work. I'm thinking the Cheep is probably the best option, but I don't really know what you've already changed, so moving the key and info box could be reasonable if you're not planning on using them very much.
Replacing cheep cheep is probably the best idea. I can move him down to SP3 on top of the amazing flying hammer brother, who I never liked and probably won't use anyway.

Oh, I also need an 8x8 area as well. I'm already using the glitched 5up tile for a squashed goomba. Are there any others you know of? I was going to replace part of the goalpost tile, since I'm slowly phasing goalposts out of my hack, but if there's an alternative that would be good.
The null tile? :/
Null tile? Nah, that will glitch the sprite with Mario's tilemap.
Use the ! tile (above fireball, second frame) or the <-> tile (below stepped-on springboard tile) in GFX00, I'm pretty sure those are unused...