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M A R I O: A SMWC Creepypasta

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Okay, I just spent an hour working on unscrambling that corrupted image
I took pieces of it, unscrambled it, and put it through some color filters (the highlighter feature in paint)
what I got will disturb me forever. I got this face. like a humans, except without a nose. It had two breathing holes. It's pupils were just vertical slits, like a snake. The eye however was morphed into a look of rage. THe eyebrows slanting down. It had the most evil smile I've ever seen. It curved up it's face almost up to the eyes. It had a mouth of very thin razor sharp teeth. It had no hair. I say had because as soon as it was completed paint crashed. However, I got a screencap beforehand (thank god for PrntScrn!) When I pasted it into another paint session, I got a picture of the face itself. Not my Windows bar, not Paint's shitty intercace, but a cookie-cut of the face itself. Apparently Paint has an autosave function, though, so my previous project saved to My Pictures. However, the disturbing thing is that the filename was "pleasehelpme"
I open it up in Windows Photo Viewer to find the image is 666x666 pixels. at that point I just go "fuck this" and close the window.

The image set itself as my background.

I tried to upload it. I got a screen that says "ERROR: You're not allowed to do that" and get redirected to the main page.

And I just noticed this whole time I've been chewing my fingernails. Furiously. Right now my left hand is literally covered in blood. I'm kind of pale, but it's winter, so I tihnk it's normal.

Why won't the blood stop? It's getting all over my desk. I can't leave though, I have to solve the mystery.
I just wrapped my hand in a piece of paper from the floor. It smells like cat pis,s but it'll have to do.

I'm getting pretty tired here. I can't og on. Maybe toomrrow.
Someone invert the colors of the image provited by google images fro me.
ill jsut lya odwn rigth hree/,
Bridget's got the kids!
Bring me Bridget, or I'll blow us all to hell!
PLease don't make me read creepypasta in the nights ;m;
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Originally posted by Stu Pickles
Creepy stuff.

Are you trying to creep us out(Well,duh)?Seriously,I'm going to have nightmares for a week,and on winter vacation no less!
Someone find the creator of this "frankenstein of SMW hacks" and send him to a hospital.This is just too...good grief,someone make a different theme for the board,PLEASE.

EDIT:You're really trying aren't you?
You did say you couldn't log in,and yet you changed your avatar to that creepypasta jpg.Good grief,someone PM me when this topic is safe to read.
I sent him a PM yesterday, however, he doesn't log in, and I'm afraid of his answer, maybe it is a scary picture..?
YouTube <-- Let's Plays and stuff.
^ Made by Tahixham
I've been desensitized to things like this thanks to that Pokemon Black creepypasta (and most likely fictional) rom hack.

This definitely does have potential, though. To me, a good piece of horror can come across as scary even though every part that makes the story isn't very scary on its own (which is why jump scares aren't as scary as they are startling).

First of all, I like the idea of hidden messages within something that shouldn't be expected to have them. That image that continuously doesn't fail to scare the shit out of me posted by Kieran, for instance, makes the hack feel like it's 'coming alive,' if you will, with its influence going further than the boundaries of a game would allow.

The hack also indulges in a lot of vagueness and mystery, which I would like, was it not for the fact that this hack has too much of it. The amount of space that this game gives to the imagination is actually too much. I dunno, I just think that a lot more details could have been supplied, even if the whole game is mostly vanilla.

As it stands, the hack could have done a lot more. It's keen that it supplies said image that continuously doesn't fail to scare the shit out of me by burying it into the game somewhere, and that hidden message in that txt. file was a nice touch. However, on its own, it just wasn't made that well. What a shame. Hopefully though, there will be some more interesting horror hacks sometime in the future utilizing these ideas in the future.

Now if you don't mind, I'm going to not visit this thread in a while. I blame Wizard the Wizzisential (Or Stu Pickles. Whichever is more relevant at the moment). EDIT: Oh God damn you for adding that face in your avatar!

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Wow, this have good potential indeed. This remember me that Majora's Mask creepypasta with Ben and everything. And this image really bothers me, please take it off... Because really, it's very scary seeing this "eyes" and....

Ohh god....

bluedit: please don't ruin this.
Before I say anything else,will someone PLEASE edit those jpgs into seperate links or with spoiler tags(not sure if we have them,lol),and would ya please edit your avatar as well?I never want to see that...thing again.

Whelp,that was interesting to read,now has anyone gotten the ROM to work in LM yet(too lazy to get a hex editor,deleted the hack,and creepypasta'd)?I'm not that bothered by the game itself,as it's just a game,however...THE EYES...yeah.Lets see if the "creator" left any other additions in the hack.Although I'm also intrigued about who the author is exactly,as he/she apparently registered only to submit the hack,and stay silent for the rest of eternity(uhh...Ok,that sounded a little creepy...).

For the record though,I REALLY hope horror hacks die off(I'm twelve,FYI),no pun intended.They're just depressing,and give you the heebie-jeebies.The only reason I'm still with this thread is because of all the gimmicks(jpg to txt,and vice versa) and strangeness of this hack.
Well this certainly isn't what I expected when I started reading the thread. I actually hope that we see a couple more of these because it actually does get a little creepy as you read/play.

Also to whoever mentioned the Pokemon Black cartridge, yes it's a fake, but someone made a flash version of it. I don't know where it is but I think I saw a link in a youtube video, so a little searching on Youtube might turn something up.
Originally posted by Odnetnin46
Whelp,that was interesting to read,now has anyone gotten the ROM to work in LM yet?

yeah, i just did, so what i found for now is :
the rest of the first part of dounut plains, where is says to fly away, is also sprite-less, and with no goal post, so flying over the invisible blocks would be useless. Then the little doors don't have an exit, so moving the mushroom is also useless. Then the pit leads you to level 0, and it looks like this : too big, click here.
So yeah, that would be why it crashes. After that, i haven't found any other edited levels, but when i looked in the message boxes, i found this :

Originally posted by message box, level 005
I don't think you should be here.

And also :
Originally posted by message box, level 013
At the current
hour, there is no
known treatment
for the disease.
The best we can do
is provide drugs
to ease the pain.

A disease ? Maybe caused by something mario did, explaining why everybody hates him ?

Originally posted by message box, level 12A

Originally posted by message box, level 103
Welcome to

And finally,

Originally posted by message box, level 13B
end of message.

The levels themselves seem to be the same, so it's as if he wanted us to open it in LM and read the messages...
EDIT : Also, only the first castle has an edited message, so there aren't any other autopsies. Oh well, at least it means that there won't be any more of those images...
holy fuck holy fuck holy fuck holy fuck. reading this at 4 am in the morning right before I go to sleep. holy fuck man.
I think I've just been put off romhacking for life...
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Hands down, this is the best WoI thread we've had in awhile. It brings tears to my eyes.
Oh my god this thread is getting really really odd.
Good fucking bye.
Originally posted by PK freeze
Originally posted by message box, level 005
I don't think you should be here.

This one gets displayed when you enter YOSHI'S with yoshi and hit the message box.
Anybody tried to delete all the sprites in level 0?
Your layout has been removed.
you've met with a terrible fate haven't you?
How i love the Ben creepypasta.

Originally posted by M A R I O
Victim #1

I guess it implies that there is more victims. And if there is more hacks to be submitted with the other victims?

Heck, this freaks me out, not the hack (It need a bit more efforts to be creepy), but how the hack tells about this image (That freaks me out hell of a lot)

Also, this hack should be featured!

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Originally posted by Stocking
Anybody tried to delete all the sprites in level 0?

Yes. I actually changed the level to 1C7 (Bowser fight)
i just lurk sometimes
Originally posted by PacheClaus
Originally posted by M A R I O
Victim #1

I guess it implies that there is more victims. And if there is more hacks to be submitted with the other victims?

Yeah, that's why i checked the other "castle beaten" messages to see if there where any other victims, but there weren't... But a different hack, i hadn't thought of that. We'll have to see if he uploads anything else...

Originally posted by Stocking
This one gets displayed when you enter YOSHI'S with yoshi and hit the message box.
Anybody tried to delete all the sprites in level 0?

Yeah, it's both for level 005 and 104. And if you delete all the sprites, you get the game over music for a bit, and you just fall and die normally.
EDIT : M A R I O's online...
EDIT2 : Yeah, you noticed before i edited.
Originally posted by PK
We'll have to see if he uploads anything else

I guess it's about to happen, he is online now. He is not by now.

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You gotta think that if the author is reading this thread, he's having a good laugh right now.
I honestly have to applaud the effort he put into making this thing. Heh.
It's weird that I'm not that scared by this when I'm the biggest wuss ever.

And yeah, I guess this is the best WoI thread in a while, but I'd rather have a funny one than a scary one.
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Wow, that's some creepy shit.
Whoever made this hack has some serious talent! Somebody give him a contract to write stories for things like this!
Plus, we've been so busy talking about the creepy part of this hack, we haven't really mentioned the fact that this guy is obviously pretty technically talented, considering he's made no posts. If he did all that on his own, then that's pretty good! I wonder... is he some other user in disguise?
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