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M A R I O: A SMWC Creepypasta

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That he's online doesn't say anything, he was online every now and then over the past few days and he even answers PMs (even if he answers in all caps and doesn't answer any questions).
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Originally posted by Forxen
I hate you is pretty good advice. :P

I saved that pic for use against the trolls.


Well, so much more me getting any sleep for the next week or so.
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Originally posted by Stu Pickles
Meanwhile I'll be working on making this hack "better"
!SPOILER ALERT! by making it better I mean dumping my /x/ folder in it
By the way, anyone have any ideas as to what images I should put in it? I have some exorcism pics, 1 Grudge demon, the pic posted in this thread, the infamous "GO TO SLEEP" dog demon thing (by the way, what's up with that mutilated hand in the background of this pic?), and a couple succubus pics.
I can also make it look like the bonus room is destroyed, like the wall is broken and the blocks are all hit, maybe a broken pipe on the floor, etc.

I can tell without even seeing the results that it'll probably be frowned upon for trying to improve upon the authors initial idea. Don't ruin the fun by remaking it.
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We all know the author who made this hack is M A R I O... Or is there a more sinister being behind this hack who forced him to uplkoad it as his own???
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Originally posted by Bob Righter
We all know the author who made this hack is M A R I O... Or is there a more sinister being behind this hack who forced him to uplkoad it as his own???

The second message box in level 103 says " Welcome to ILLUSIYELLOW ", who, as it says in the thing that funny_ha_ha posted, is a user. So maybe he's the guy behind this, or it was a trick played on him ?
Psht, and you call yourself SMW Hackers.
ILLUSIYELLOW is the layer 3 text used on the overworld for the YELLOW SWITCH PALACE and the FOREST OF ILLUSION because the names wouldn't fit while using the normal letters.

e: so just to clarify this, the ILLUSIYELLOW text is in the original SMW ROM and does not have anything to do with this, besides being yet another strange reference to something we don't get.
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What if all the message box texts are to be read in order of the level number?
Just a thought, as the last message possible says "end of text"
Also it's kind of strange that every map not used is covered in stars
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Man, Adam, I have to say, you made a very very nice creepypasta(of a real hack!). The way you wrote it was definitely creepy.

But also the author. He deserves some credit for making such a mysterious hack. I think he did an awesome job of it. Things like the jpeg hidden in a txt file add the feeling of, "He's genuinely a twisted guy who added that for his own reason, knowing people probably wouldn't find out what it is."(and the image itself is effing creepy too).

To analyze further, I believe that there's a good chance he isn't really a twisted person, but just trying to convey that with this hack. He could, though, actually be bonkers, I don't know. If he showed up, uploaded the hack, and left forever it'd be cooler, making him seem more reclusive, but him here on our site is also pretty neat(I bet he's reading this thread from Raibys's link in the removal XD)

Just, like, everything, from the description, which makes the creator look insane, to the random "find me find me find me" in the txt, which makes you think again he's insane, to each and every design choice, it's well made I say. Not everything he did is entirely super-creative, but still.

Every thing he did, like adding in random personal tiny changes(which I think you're supposed to notice) like changing "Switch Palace" to "Mario World" make the player think "why". It's just really mysterious. Things like calling the level Yoshi's Island 7 and making it empty, or dulling Mario's palette. It's a pretty useful technique if you're trying to make yourself look like a delusional individual who just makes these random choices out of personal preference. I believe the message boxes are cryptic and at times make no sense, to, on purpose, be cryptic. It's not like he lacks the ability to say "Mario is evil and ruined Dinosaur Land" or whatever the real "meaning" if there is any to the hack is. He wants the player to conjure up there own conclusions as to what the messages mean individually, and together. They may mean nothing, they may be just random things he thought up when trying to think up random things, but it is interesting to think of if they do have a meaning, and what it is. He of course wants the player to think, and he got him to. It's definitely eerie with the revisiting a post-apocalyptic Dinosaur Land. And replacing the antagonist's name with "Mario" really makes it seem all deep, like Mario's a bad guy. The overall, "You're not welcome" is a nice feeling, combined with the "These messages are cryptic, the creator must have something he wants us to know." and the "christ this creator dude is super dark" is awesome. Like, he didn't mention "This hack is supposed to be dark"(besides the title) either. He makes it seem actually dark in itself, not "This is a hack that should be dark.", from uploading it and making it seem ominous, to it itself.

Overall I think he did a great job. Very chilling if I do say so myself.
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Mario is the antagonist.
M A R I O is the original creator
Mario is the player.
MARIO is the hack name.

Like seriously what if the "bad" mario is really bowser in discuise?
Bridget's got the kids!
Bring me Bridget, or I'll blow us all to hell!
I'm honestly guessing the hack creator meant it at a more deep level, like how Mario does do dark things(kills tons of creatures etc.), basically just trying to have us view Mario in a new light. Hasn't been done in SMW hacks many times, so I applaud him for it.
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Once you guys are ready, I'd be more than happy to case this. It actually was quite creepy and well written!
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Adam, I lol'd so hard when I saw you submitted it again.
I don't even think we've delved deep enough into this. If we can find a way to open this in LM, we can get a better look at this sadistic mess.
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Well, we've pretty much analysed the whole thing, so you might as well do it now before it gets worse. The author, even though he is online quite a lot, is obviously not posting here, and never says anything really interesting, so it's not as if we're going to get something out of him.
ninja'd : @Hermey the Elf : I opened it ages ago and looked at it, read the other posts.
The only way we can get any more out of this is to somehow force the author to explain his reasons for creating this. Which isn't really gonna happen. So yeah, case it.
Good fucking bye.
Originally posted by young_link
Eeheehee they have no idea.

No, they don't. Not at all.
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