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Native MIPS: Subtitle Here. - by Shadow Duplicate D

NAME: Native MIPS: Subtitle Here.
AUTHOR: Shadow Duplicate D
DESCRIPTION: In the series of hacks that have no relevance to each other, the newest installment has arrived, Native MIPS is a free-roaming, non-objective game with no storyline.

From the original post at SMW Archvies:
-This hack uses everything from the original ROM except a few patches, very few modified graphics, and some hex changes.
-This music has no music, as I've changed it to have none everywhere. (Meant to have music overlayed through an external source.)
-Anywhere on the Overworld it seems like you can walk / swim, you probably can.
-All of the levels were playtested several times, so anything you can't beat is probably because you aren't thinking hard enough.
-Other than that, the game should be somewhat easy.


Nothing wrong here apparently... but I just carried one of those shells and suddenly a Koopa came out and I died :/

As most levels have no time limit, everytime I die the time up screen appears. You could use the Time Up Fix (Patches section).

Meh, the goal bar is slightly cutoff here.

Taking away a carryable block here results in floating muchers.

Minor cutoffness.

In this bonus area, if I go back down the pipe...

... I see major cutoffness ...

... and I find myself in an area of another level! You have done things wrong here.

Annoying part if Mario is big. Also, if I take the shroom to the right, I need to use a glitch to escape.

If the shell disappears or you shoot it away, you are screwed. Reset pipe/doors!
Furthermore, you need to use a glitch to advance here. This is against our rules; you should better inform the player beforehand and tell him how to progress.

Another glitch you force the player to use but don't tell him beforehand.
If I had gotten the coin before I hit the ?-block, I would have been screwed again.

Question spheres using ghost graphics is... meh.

Nothing wrong with the palettes here as the level has the word "inverted" in its name.
However, these two ghost circles are placed in a way the ghosts never have an opening. Therefore I have to jump through two ghosts which is no problem for me. But that jumps is quite difficult and rather unadvanced players need to abuse savestates here...

Well, there are some neat ideas in your level design but all in all there are too many errors in the gameplay. Also, the fun-factor somehow was not.. that good while playing these levels. You could have tried to use better palettes.. and music.
I play different games on Twitch, I did speedruns of Pokemon Red and Gold, Mario Party 4, but I also do SMW stuff.
I only stream to make progress on my hack currently. Check out my twitch!

Exits done: 50, Overworld: 99%
Play through Taomb Demo 3
Taomb is alive again. Check my Twitch as I work on in it when live.