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What is the worst movie you ever seen

I haven't posted in a while but im back. and my layout isn't the best one on here but its the best one i could do.
Hannah Montanna Live in Concert.
most okayest
Napoleon Dynamite, hands down!


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Leslie Nielsen (Airplane! 1980)
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Originally posted by My Wishful Christmas
The above two posts have no explanation on why those movies are "not good".

To original poster: You should have people explain why they don't like these specific movies. That's just my two cents.

So you're telling off users for not following some non-existent requirement to explain why they don't like the movies and then insisting that the OP makes it one? Really, if the user feels they want to explain why they don't like the movie, it's their choice.

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Originally posted by Notch
So you're telling off users for not following some non-existent requirement to explain why they don't like the movies and then insisting that the OP makes it one? Really, if the user feels they want to explain why they don't like the movie, it's their choice.

-> media
No no no, it's not like that way, I wasn't saying it in a rude manner, I- Okay, I guess I should rephrase my wording(They don't have too explain why they don't like the selected movie), but I still wasn't saying it rudely if that's what you were thinking.

Edit: I'll just delete the post after thinking about it and just let this thread be, sorry for the inconvenience.

The Room

Absolutely horrible as a stand alone movie; riddled with continuity errors and with some very odd plot scenes (the four unneeded and extremely lengthened sex scenes as an example). Although, one thing that I will say, it's absolutely hilarious when you add in the comedians from MST3K. That particular Rifftrax movie is probably one of their greatest.

If not that, then possibly The Final Sacrifice.

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Pocket Ninjas, it's so bad that parts of it are past the point of being so bad that it's funny, and are just sad. Runner up would be Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus for hilariously bad cg scenes involving sharks taking bites out of airplanes.

The upcoming Justin Bieber movie
The Human Centipede.

I usually like these "splatter" kind of movies, but this one was horrible. Seriously. There was barely blood in it.

YouTube <-- Let's Plays and stuff.
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Super Babies: Baby Geniuses 2, hands fucking down.

What the fuck was director Bob Clark smoking prior to the making of that movie?

Your layout has been removed...NOT! :D


Yeah thats right, it sucks.

Disaster Movie:
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Seltzer and Friedberg sure got the disaster part right. Where can I start... from the plot (or lack thereof), to the vomit-worthy special effects, to the lack of references to actual disaster films, to the total lack of ANY SORT OF HUMOR WHATSOEVER (I did not even smile once when I watched this "comedy"), I believe Disaster Movie is well worth the title Seltzer and Friedberg gave it, as well as the title of WORST FUCKING MOVIE EVER. PERIOD.
the room. if you have seen this movie, I shouldn't have to explain.

Super Mario Bros is not THE worst, but on the list.

How do you screw something up like that.
I thought the Super Mario Bros movie was in the "So Bad it's Good" category.

Avatar, the special effects were impressive, but it was boring. Only time I walked out of a movie.
after last season, it reach a level of badness so high it's almost surreal, most of the movie is made of grey CGI shapes moving around, most of them less complex then what was seen in starfox, the movie also sometime randomly cut to random stuffs like clocks or chair for no real reason.

It has been a while.
Originally posted by MarioPikachu11

Because if it isn't one of the Mewtwo movies, Cry of the Unown, Pokemon 4Ever (meh. I only like it because Suicune sounds like a lung cancer patient), or Zoroark: Master of Illusions, I agree 100%.
I mean, come on. they made Latias a human form, and then made her fall in love with ash, and Ash fall in love with her, making any Ash on Latias Rule 34 cannon. Then in the Arceus movie, they made Arceus be thrown in a tar pit and nearly suffocate and die, which, being as the Sinnoh legendaries are mostly based on religion, is basically saying "HEY FUCK YOU CHRISTIANS WE KILLED GOD WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW OLLOLO".

I would say the upcoming "TALL MAN", a movie on Slenderman.

Bridget's got the kids!
Bring me Bridget, or I'll blow us all to hell!
Doom, the Movie. Come on... It's horrible. If all it was, was the famous FPS-styled scene, then it would be a great movie. But it's like a giant terrible cutscene from Doom 3 itself being as a whole movie. I mean, even freaking Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and Carl Urban don't make it any better. It's a terrible movie, and they could of done better. It was so bad, anticipating to Doom 4's upcoming release, John Carmack, id's CEO had asked Universal Studios to make another Doom movie. Yeah, so you see. It's so bad. And since it's so bad, even though I collect Doom-related stuff, I will NEVER put that piece of crap in my collection.

I'm back from the dead, and now I am more spergy than ever sadly.
You name it. I fucking hate it. lol

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