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Originally posted by Slash Man
Napoleon Dynamite, hands down!

This. What a completely stupid movie. It tries to be funny, but it fails horribly.
idk what to put here
Originally posted by K3fka
Originally posted by Slash Man
Napoleon Dynamite, hands down!

This. What a completely stupid movie. It tries to be funny, but it fails horribly.

I love this movie

Also, Nostalgia critic made me see "The room" after I saw he's review, but really, its so bad its funny, so it ain't the worst movie I've seen. I think I would say "Homeboy" is some of the most boring movies I've ever bought.
That movie tried way too hard to be funny. People tell me it's "stupid funny" that movie was just stupid in my opinion. I saw that movie and I didn't laugh or smile once. There's another movie he was in though, School for Scoundrels, that movie is hilarious.


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The Wizard.
It's so bad.
One of the worst movies I've saw is Resident Evil Apocalypse.
It's clear that the stories of the movie is different than from the game series... but this was just ridiculous.. there wasn't a real story and the action scenes were just poor and boring... sorry the first movie was way better!

This is a difficult question to answer, as I've seen a lot of movies that I know are bad and am unsurprised when they are bad. I'll more reference movies that I wanted to be good and which turned out terrible.

The Big Shaggy Dog (2006). Ugh, the original was a classic, but this...Tim Allen didn't fit the role, and the film was just executed poorly.

Eragon (2006). Love the books, hated the movie. I really was hoping that this one would turn out as it featured Jeremy Irons and was a movie based off of a fantastic book. It failed due to poor acting, gross inaccuracies, and a forgettable soundtrack (excluding the Avril Lavigne song, which was quite good).

Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010). The other Marnia-based movies are both well made and true to their respective books--even the old versons of the films--including this one--have their merit. This movie had nice special effects and acting but may as well have been its own movie; it had very little to do with the original story and was sadly disappointing.
Its either between Limitless or Sucker Punch.
Saw, and anything of the like. It kinda crosses the line between a movie with a good plot, characters, and overall .. well, a movie and mindless gore, I guess.
Originally posted by Rye
One of the worst movies I've saw is Resident Evil Apocalypse.

Actually, I have to second that. I love the game series and I hate it when Hollywood abuses the licence. It could have just been a zombie movie, but no, they had to take the 'RE' franchise so more people would be inclined to go see it. Had they even played a game in the series or had they just looked at the back of the box of 'Resident Evil 3, Nemesis'.

A good RE movie would be Degeneration. It feels just like the games, cheesy and full of bad dialogue!
I've seen the Spy Kids sequels, I've seen The Land Before Time sequels, but the only move I've ever really hated to this date is 2012. Sorry to any fans of it but it's just...gah. The characters are the most unsympathetic people I've ever seen in any movie, mostly because whenever they save themselves it is exclusively by nothing but sheer coincidence. Every. Single. Time. It's never skill, it's just that they happened to be in the right place at the right time. During that scene where they were flying through a collapsing California and all its inhabitants were falling to their doom I wasn't thinking, "oh my god what a disaster those poor innocent people," I was thinking, "you know, if the main characters had gotten into the plane two seconds later they would have met the same fate." Besides, you can't exactly feel sympathy for thousands of characters you have no connection to. And then, instead of at least attempting to resolve the oh-so-original love triangle situation at the end of the movie they just kill off the third guy. And the whole situation that starts the plot off is the stupidest thing I've ever heard and earthquakes do not open mile-wide holes in the Earth's surface and they try to portray the guy doing the right thing as the villain and...

You know what? I'm just going to stop now. If I keep this going I'll have written a whole essay on the subject.
I should get a new layout.

Probably won't, though.
The worst movie I've ever seen (or that I remember at least) would probably be either Tarzan and Jane or Secret of NIMH 2. I don't really remember much of Tarzan and Jane, but it was so boring, and I heard it was just a clip show of the TV series. I could not sit through the whole thing.
Secret of NIMH 2, I have seen more recently, and it is the typical horribleness one would expect from an animated straight to video sequel, and more. It was basically a crack fic that had little to do with the original, some Looney Tunes physics, a self fulfilling prophecy, was generally dumbed down from the original, and a lighter and softer saccharine Disney style musical. NO! That is NOT how you make a sequel. Pretty much why I hate this film is similar reasons a lot of critics also do. There is a 99.999999% chance that fans of the first Secret of NIMH will hate this film.

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Twilight definately

I have a terrible movie. Explanation:

1. The movie had no title name so I dont know what the movie was called

2. The characters had no names.

3. All they did was sit in the car the whole damn movie (about 1 hr 30 min)

4. A guy / girl went driving in the woods, got stranded in a crash in the mountains on christmas. It was supposed to be scary and someone was out to kill the guy. The guy ended up dying from low low temp and the killer was shot. The girl got picked up, but the whole time the guy wanted to date the girl and didnt tell her until he died.

5. It was in black/white.


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As kadyastar said, there's a difference between obviously bad movies, and disappointingly bad movies.
Yes, I have been forced to watch some barbie movies with my sister, and god darn were they horrible, bu that was what I expected of them, so eh.

I'd have to say the movie I was the most disappointed of was K-pax
Originally posted by Sind
I'd have to say the movie I was the most disappointed of was K-pax

What! Its some of the best movies I've ever seen, really! Could you tell me a little more of your oppinion as I see it impossible to be disapointed at this movie.

Also, I was told Memento was great movie, I didn't get a shit of it.

Caveman, Ringo Starr's big break into show biz.

There's not one line of dialogue in the entire movie.

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Jason X, where Jason Voorhees comes back in the future and starts killing space!

...Wow. It takes a lot for me to look down on a movie, but this one fits the bill. And seeing as it was a later installment of the Jason Voorhees films, I could tell this was probably going to be a pretty lousy movie from the start.

Right off the bat, the characters have fairly bad lines, which was annoying but tolerable. Jason's bloody rampage is fairly typical of his movies; there were a few interesting deaths, but nothing else really noteworthy. And then, once Jason is finally killed (by a robot, believe it or not!), he comes back again, but this time, he's all armored up and futuristic-looking!


That is completely ridiculous and just should have never happened; the movie should have ended after he was killed the first time.

In my opinion, Jason X is quite a bad film. The characters' lines were no good, and the movie, as a whole, just goes too far into ridiculous town. Definitely the worst movie I've seen in quite a while, but it's probably not the absolute worst movie ever.
I'm not very picky, because I dont watch movies very often.
But I must say that Knight & Day was awful.

It was so much lameness in it. The story, the dialogues, the jokes.
And the action was nothing new or interesting.

Originally posted by E-man
The Room

I did not edit it, he's lying! I did not edit it. I did naht!... Oh hai E-man.

The worst movie I've ever seen is Snakes on a Train. Not on a plane, on a TRAIN. It was so bad I actually made a 25 minute review of it but only let my friends and family see. Yes It's kinda, 'Nostalgia Critic-ish' and the review is more entertaining than the movie. We actually were unfortunate enough to buy the DVD of it. You'd have more fun sitting on fire ants.

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Gayniggers from Outer Space.

No, I'm not being racist. I kid you not, this movie exists. A couple of friends and I watched it last week, and it's probably the dumbest thing we've ever seen - not in a good way either. It's a half hour film with a bunch of homosexual black guys in space going to various countries and annihilating women with their "GayRay" gun. Also, the characters' names are things like ArmInAss, B. Dick, Shaved Balls, etc. It's just .. words cannot describe the stupidity of it. Watch it and see.
All right. I know I already posted here, but...well, my older cousin and I decided to watch a movie called Thankskilling. The story is of five friends on their way home for Thanksgiving break who get attacked by (gasp!) a talking, homicidal turkey! I'd say it was like crack on film, but no--this was more like stepped on, rotted, bought-off-the street weed on film.

Apparently, there's a sequel. And did I find this movie in the dusty corner of an abandoned video store? No, fools, it's on fucking Netflix. Seriously, watch it.
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