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* A YI Hack.

Im working on a Yoshi hack.
And i want you to tell me what you think.
So try the Demo!
The demo only have level 1-1 1-2.
Level 1-3 is not done.
So try it out! :)!.ips
First of all, please make a clickable link to the file next time, that will be much neater.

I've tested your hack and here is my feedback.
Sorry if that seems rude, but the level style is not good and that cannot be called a subjective opinion. It simply is a fact. I'm going to start now:

- In 1-1 you didn't use a collision between walls and floors. If something looks odd to you, or simply wrong, look, how Nintendo did it in their levels.
- Castle Walls Cutoffness with the lineguide in the castle level.
- Most of the messages (Flower, Baby Mario lost, Midring) are not displayed, there is only a black box.
- In the second level the doors are placed one Y-axis too high each.
- And a deadly sin: Non-working Midrings!!!
- I wonder: Where COULD you have got the inspiration for 1-1's header settings??? Hmmmmm..... That's a mystery....... And that's the next point: Do not make obvious copies of other people's levels or parts of them. When you really feel like you must, then don't make it as plain as day. Others like it a lot more, when you prove, that you are creative and want to create something unique and esthetic; implement your own level style and your own ideas.
- Overuse of Flashing Eggs.
- Non-working Fuzzy-Dizzy Animation (I consider non-working level gimmicks, like deficient-working Sprites as a deadly sin of YI-Hacking, too (And yes, there are many deadly sins of YI-Hacking, I guess far more than only 7)).
- Weird scrolling of the Layer 3 clouds in level 1-1.
- Another deadly sin, btw is placing score-bringing/important Sprites above other collectible Sprites. In case you don't get them all at once, they will disappear, because of item memory. Make sure not to have a ?-Cloud, Coins of each kind, Locked Doors and Flowers above each other.
- Sometimes the shadows of Castle Walls in 1-2 are wrong.
- Overlapping objects 48 aren't a good idea either.
- Falling down the deadly spiky area in 1-2's red castle area is weird, because when you reach the bottom there is no left wall anymore.
- Wrong Entrance Type to 1-1's Goal Area. Use #6.

Those points might be confusing, because I've jumped from level to level and back again. I hope they are helpful anyways.

And I don't know whether this is intended or not, but the levels are too hard for the first two levels of the game in my opinion. If you want to make an intentionally hard hack, it's OK, but make sure not to overdo anyhting. I won't say anything to 1-3 until it's done.

Happy improving!
I did not call copying a sin neither do I want to claim those header settings a my own and tried to "copyright" it (just mentioning), I've only said that making an exact copy of other people's things seems a little uncreative to me. Aside from that, also the level start is very similar (Koopa Shells, which must be spat in the long Cross Section). I think if you really want to get things other people did into your hack, then at least don't make it that obvious.

Three other things I've noticed:
- In 1-1 you cannot get all of the 100 pts, because the top right red coin of the E in the cross-section vanishes.
- In 1-2 the small blargg behind the ? cloud that builds the bridge goes into the castle bricks when attacking leftwards.
- In 1-2 you've placed 6 flowers overall. The one near the yellow Bullet Bill Blaster vanishes everytime I play, though. Anyways, then you should at least remove it.