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Mario vs LEMMY--ExSuP

Hack Name: Mario vs LEMMY
Author: ExSuP
Reasons for Removal:

I do not speak German, so my apologies for not writing a German removal log. If you need one, feel free to talk to one of our German-speaking moderators.

Is so much capitalization really necessary?

This overworld is. . .not good. Perspective errors and cutoff abound, level tiles are already revealed, there are no events, and I'm not such a fan of the unrevealed path colour (though that isn't really a reason for removal).

That isn't the best spot to put a 1-Up, as I have to get hurt, or even die, to collect it.

Take out the Munchers (Black Piranha Plants) to Mario's left. They aren't really needed, and it will give the poor Koopa some room to move around.

Major slowdown caused by too many sprites on-screen. This happened in a few places here and in other levels, and you might want to cut down on sprite usage overall. Also, this level involved going all the way to the end, grabbing a P-Switch, and carrying it all the way back to the start. Without alternate paths or enemies, it was pretty boring overall.

Ugly Cement Block palette. Just stick with the original.

I doubt I was meant to get here. To fix this, make sure every part of this level has a ceiling to keep me from going over the top and into the walls. Also, the ledges underneath me look odd and cutoff not blending into the ceiling. Give them corner tiles and remove the line separating ceiling from ledge, as that will look much better.

The level right before the castle was interesting, as it involved several subsections, but it needs more time on the clock.

Verdict: not a bad hack. The level design was repetitive (little pipes with Munchers, Bill Blasters, and excessive sprite usage in every level?), and you might want to work on spicing it up a little. Work on that, fix the noted errors, and find and fix others, and you can try again.