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Yoshi's Island Hacking Forum Rules (Updated 2021/01/03)

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Welcome to SMW Central's Yoshi's Island Hacking forum, your primary Yoshi's Island hacking resource! In addition to these forum-specifc rules, the SMW Central Site-Wide Rules still apply here.

About This Forum

This forum is for all-things Yoshi's Island hacking! Here, you can showoff your WIP hacks, ask questions on hacking, discuss other hacks and release your hacks too! Anything YI-related, this is the place!

We also have on SMW Central a plethora of Yoshi's Island hacking resources, such as memory maps, custom music, level-specific ASM (aka: SPASM) and more. Take a look on the site's menu for everything available. There's also a section in our site F.A.Q. about hacking Yoshi's Island too.

Forum Rules

1. Please read the YI Hacking section of the F.A.Q. before asking questions in this forum.

If you have a question not covered by the F.A.Q., make sure to leave a post in the "Ask anything" thread. This includes potential hex edit/ASM patch questions you may have that are also not covered in the F.A.Q..

2. When making a thread, make sure you tag it appropriately.

The thread tags available are: Help, WIP Hack, Hack Release, Information, Resource, and Tool. Tagging your thread appropriately makes it clearer to other users what it's about, and also enables users to filter for different kinds of threads in the forum

3. When making a thread to showcase your hack, please post screenshots/videos of your hack!

Much like the SMW Hacking Works in Progress forum rules, screenshots/videos are mandatory for us to see what your hack looks like. Use your My Files section, or another image hosting website to host your images.

3a. Do not link to commercial ROM files (.smc/.sfc files) here.
This should be self-explanatory. .bps patches are preferred.

4. Refrain from posting in older threads unnecessarily; unless it's a hack thread, and you're the creator.

If you need to ask a similar question that someone else has asked previously, it is preferred for you to start a new thread instead of bumping an old one, as the old thread will likely contain outdated information/methods.

Should you have a question about this forum, please feel free to PM one of the moderators of this forum (listed under the "Moderated by:" section on the Forum Index). Please don't PM the moderators with questions related to hacking the game, use the forum for that instead.

We also have a #misc-hacking channel on our official SMW Central Discord server where you can discuss Yoshi's Island hacking, so please join there to hang out with us!
I'd like to add that there is no reason to send me a PM just because I didn't respond to a post you made in the YI forum.

If you didn't get a response within the first day or two, then I simply didn't have anything relevant to say. It does not mean I didn't see your post.

(To the various people who have sent me a PM like this: No, this is not just because of you-- I'm posting this because it's become a recurring problem.)
You might have noticed it already, but as of some hours ago the rules have been overhauled to satisfy the standards we have adopted, including the addition of tags. Be sure to give them a read.
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