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Which hacks are you waiting for?

Pretty basic, what hacks are you waiting for to be done?

I personally am still waiting for The Tale of Elementia by Supertails :<
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SMWHacking? I rest my case.
SMWCentral? I leave it to rest.

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I'd say The Big Boo's Legion 2. The updates Hadron makes are very promising.
Also, Chocolate Flavour. JDC really knows of good level design and has a good graphical style. This hack could be one of the good ones around here.
Copied from previous thread.

Originally posted by me
Never Released
A Block's Life
Blue Flamingo

Demo Released, Full Version To Be Released
Pokey's Adventure
Final Destination
Super Mario World 2 (Adam)
Super Mario Odyssey (New Version)

Never Released, Unlikely To Ever Be Released
Legend of Zelda: Seeds of Time
Bellum Letale
Buried Treasure Future Episodes

Demo Released, Full Version Unlikely To Ever Be Released
Super Mario TKO

The full version of Exodus to Death! Been waiting for that game since I started making MKM1. If it's taking this long it must be a plethora of pure awesomeness.
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My own. I'm not kidding, either...I've had to postpone it for over a year and still haven't technically "started", although I have a lot of the stuff ready for it.

If that doesn't count, then I don't know. Every in-progress hack I can think of that I really want to see finished is unlikely ever to be finished, Keytastrophe and Super Mario TKO being two examples. Bonni's Quest is borderline, I guess; I really hope Ladida is still working on it and still plans to finish it, but I wouldn't count on it.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here. Progress: 64/95 levels.
Honestly, SMWCP2, after seeing all the effort and ambition that's gone into it. I love how it's taking basic ideas and conventions of hacks and turning them on their head.

A Block's Life, despite being on hold. The simple, yet effective graphics and presentation as well as good level design really clicked for me.

Also, The Artifacts of Marvelous Birds by exit1337. I remember playing the first demo quite a while ago and enjoyed it. Plus it's nice to see someone hang onto a hack for so long.

Super Mario Odyssey
Super Mario World 2
Super Mushroom Planet
Super Mario Whatever

I'm also wondering what ever happened to Seeds of Time?

Apart from SMWCP2, which looks very promising, I'm looking forward to:

-A Severed Freedom
-Krypto Moon

And maybe Final Destination and TSRP2R if that ever gets released... honestly there are hardly any hacks that impress me anymore so I'm not really anticipating much.
Krypto Moon (Foop)
The Title is Irrelevent (Forty2)
Blue Flamingo (Two Headed Yoshi)
Adventure on Koopa Rock (MVS)
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Originally posted by Chikane
I personally am still waiting for The Tale of Elementia by Supertails :<

You ARE aware that wass cancelled, right? :/

Anyways, time to go for something I don't think very many people have played: Mario Wants His Mushroom. The demo was wonderful.

Edit: Oh, and SMW Custom 2.

Edit: OH, and The Crater and The Furnace Mishap.
Good fucking bye.
I know, but that doesn't mean I'm still hoping for it to be continiued :<
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D³ Releases: RL1, [RL2], [RL3], RiS
SMWHacking? I rest my case.
SMWCentral? I leave it to rest.

Well, considering the fact that St has next to no levels after the last demo and I don't think he really wants to make it a two-part hack... (Not that I wouldn't love to see it as a finished project. :/)
Good fucking bye.
Shy Guy's Adventure by K3fka
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Honestly, pretty much all the ideas I had for later areas in Elementia were transferred to A Severed Freedom. Considering I've been actively working on the project for nearly two years and have over 30 levels done for it, it's unlikely I'd put it on hold just to return to the old hack.
I'm wait for the full version of:
- Brutal Mario
- Super Mario Odysey
- Keytastrophe
- Hunters Revenge 1-3
- Randorland 1+2
- Bowsers Labyrinth remake
- Crystal of Desaster
- SML4
- Nadors Quest
- Eggs of Saer
- Crater
- Scorpion vs Hunter 2
- Muncher Run III
Might as well post a shortened version of a random list from my profile (which contains other things as well as hacks)...

- NEW! Yoshi's Island
- Any of Mineyl's hacking projects
- Also Keytastrophe and Super Mario TKO, though they seem canceled to me.
- If you count non-specific hacks, I'm waiting for any good Zelda ALttP hack or SMB3 hack, as well as any joke hacks that are actually well-designed.

Originally posted by Rockythetigre
Is that a typo, or are you actually referring to my TSRP Unreloaded from last April Fools' Day? If enough people want me to continue that, I will... though I do have four active hacks of my own currently (five if you include that I'm helping organize AASMWCP).

Advynia: a Yoshi's Island editor - Alyssa's Unlikely Trap demo 3
I mean you Hack. I haven't seen it yet. But I read about it in the Wiki. Uhm... Is Your Glitchland finished, or is it only a Demo?(Cause I can't beat the 3rd World)
Zeldara's Glitch City demo 89 (the current demo) is 6 worlds long, plus a little more.

If you need specific help, could you send me a PM to keep this thread on-topic? (Which level are you at?)

Advynia: a Yoshi's Island editor - Alyssa's Unlikely Trap demo 3
Originally posted by Jacob
Legend of Zelda: Seeds of Time

:'( Man, if full versions of those were ever released, I'd be so happy...

Personally waiting on the following (in no particular order, restricted to SMW hacks only):

- Alyssa's Unlikely Trap
- An SMW Central Production 2
- Eggplant
- Kaos Islands 2
- Luigi's Fight for the Mushroom Kingdom
- Super Mario TKO
- The Second Reality Project 2 Reloaded

Originally posted by Zeldara109
- Any of Mineyl's hacking projects

Aww, someone mentioned me! I feel special. #w{<3}