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The Blue Paratroopa support group
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For those of you who didn't read the entire thread: Summary of the hack project as of 2012-1-20

Base ROM patch link:

By the way, you can place this file in the same folder as the base ROM (rename it to match the ROM name) for the power-ups and 1ups to appear correctly in Lunar Magic.

Included in base ROM:

- Koopa player graphics and shell/wing power-up graphics
- Various hex-edits to help those graphics/power-ups function correctly

Map16 pages:
2 - Generic multi-purpose page, currently contains pipes in all 8 palettes, a leftwards arrow sign, and 2nd/3rd midpoint blocks

ExGFX files:
80 - (to be updated)

- "Perfect Cape Flying Disable Patch"
- SMA2 powerdown
- No More Sprite Tile Limits (less cycles version)
- 400+ timer bonus fix
- Multiple Midpoints 1.3 (3 midpoints) (current ASM file)

- ObjecTool 0.4 (freespace $2F8000 = x178200)
Extended object A2: 2nd midpoint
Extended object A3: 3rd midpoint

Custom blocks:
2F2 - 2nd midpoint block
2F3 - 3rd midpoint block


I think blue Paratroopas deserve more respect.

Not only does the original Super Mario World not contain any blue Paratroopas at all, but even Paper Mario TTYD only includes exactly one blue Paratroopa in Glitzville (while blue normal Koopas and even purple Koopas/Paratroopas appear several times in the Pit of 100 Trials).

Who agrees with me?

Anyway, if you'd like to add blue Paratroopas to your SMW hack, try making these hex-edits: change xA9D4 to 06, and x3F609 to 06.

This will change sprite 0B (red horizontal Paratroopa) into a blue Paratroopa, allowing you to use all 4 colors in a single hack without custom sprites. And unlike a simple palette edit, these blue Paratroopas will walk faster if stomped and allow Yoshi flight if eaten. (I've even made an IPS patch for those of you who don't like hex-editing.)

Remember, blue Paratroopas deserve to be used in more hacks. Don't let them down!!

- A random blue Paratroopa

Wait, how did this random blue Paratroopa (probably from ZGC) manage to post something from my account? Well, I hope the point gets across, anyway-- I do think more people should include blue Paratroopas in their hacks, at least for consistency.

Of course, the inconsistency in the original SMW is the reason why I use one as my avatar... :-)

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
Now that I think about it, yes, blue Paratroopas need to see more use.

And I didn't even know about a hex edit to put blue Paratroopas into a SMW hack. I'll try to do that in one of my hacks in the future. :)
Layout by Mirann <3
You can use tweaker to change the parakoopa's pallete, it takes less time than making a hex edit.

Why do you like blue parakoopas so much anyway?

Edit: Whoops, I forgot about yoshi's power.
If you're curious, the Tweaker edit is the one at x3F609. But I'm pretty sure it's faster to make two hex-edits than one hex-edit and one Tweaker edit (though I think you realized that).

Why do I like blue Paratroopas? I found a blue Paratroopa in the SMW rankset here, decided to use it as my avatar (since I didn't have one yet at the time, and I don't think many people use rankset images as their avatars), randomly added "blue Paratroopas deserve more respect" to my profile, and... well, it turned into something much larger. Sort of a joke, but I really do believe more people should add blue Paratroopas to their SMW hacks.

By the way, the reason why I chose sprite 0B is because the green bouncing, green horizontal, and red vertical types all appeared in SMB1. So it made sense to convert the red horizontal.

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
Hex editing horizontal red paratroopas to become blue?
Boring. Making new behaviours for them is better.

Also get a better password. If a Koopa can crack it, you're doing it wrong.

<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
Because that blue Paratroopa was on my computer, which is set to keep me logged in, maybe? Well, I think I've better protected my emulator/ROM/image folders now. Hopefully nothing else gets out.

Thanks Alcaro for helping support the use of blue Paratroopas in SMW hacks!

What's going on?! Wait, I think that this one has already taken residence here. I'll leave it alone-- it can't seem to find its way out of this secluded forum anyway.

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
Everyone who has found this forum and is willing to support your cause should receive a Blue Paratroopa badge. If Valley Fortress has a badge, we should, too.
Now I think about it, the tweaker edit would be enought if you don't put yoshi in your hack.
Originally posted by aj6666
Now I think about it, the tweaker edit would be enought if you don't put yoshi in your hack.

Not exactly... It would still become a red Koopa if normal-jumped on (meaning it walks slower, and will produce a red shell-less Koopa if jumped on again).

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
I highly support your cause, Zeldara. We cannot allow such a mysterious, yet simple, creature as the humble Blue Paratroopa to remain an unsung hero in the many adventures of ROM Hacking. Long live the Blue Paratroopa!

“The moment you declare a set of ideas to be immune from criticism, satire, derision, or contempt, freedom of thought becomes impossible.” - Salman Rushdie
Originally posted by Zeldara109
Not exactly... It would still become a red Koopa if normal-jumped on (meaning it walks slower, and will produce a red shell-less Koopa if jumped on again).

Yeah I didn't think about that.

Anyway, I have to say I like the idea of adding these kind of koopas, I would do it for my next submition of M2W2V, but I don't want to add blue koopas because if yoshi eats them the player can easly skip a great part of the level, so I won't. Maybe I will do it for annother hack where yoshi won't be included thought.
So, what about the Yellow Paratroopa? It's in the rankset, too, and yet it isn't in SMW (it walks and has wings but does not fly). Why isn't it getting any attention?
Probably because it actually exists in the original Super Mario World (even if it can't fly). The blue parakoopa didn't; I guess people find the idea exotic or something to the like. That's my personal idea on the matter.

So because of that I support this movement, mainly for the reason that I love the blue colour and the original blue koopa in itself. (When I was a kid I always liked that you could fly with yoshi if he had a blue shell in his mouth.) So I'll be sure to download that sprite that Alcaro posted and use it where I can.

May the Blue Paratroopa live on!

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The yellow parakoopa will jump and move its wings if you throw a shell in front of it, it doesn't realy count as fliying, but whatever.

We should start a team hack where blue parakoopas aprear in every level and are used in everyway, what do you say people?
Originally posted by aj6666
We should start a team hack where blue parakoopas aprear in every level and are used in everyway, what do you say people?

Maybe. It might work well as a 1-world hack or something (more than one world of blue Paratroopas could get boring I think). Not sure if it would be any more successful than most team hacks, but it could be nice to discuss at least.

Would every type of green/red Paratroopa be recolored blue?

(By the way, I agree, yellow Paratroopas also deserve to be seen more often in SMW hacks-- even though they do exist in the original game, their lack of ability to fly results in them being neglected. Maybe the hack could be themed around blue Paratroopas, but also contain at least one yellow Paratroopa in every level?)

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
What about a blue Paratroopa player? A patch can be used to make Mario always have the cape, and the animations can be changed to show the blue Paratroopa 'flying' while using the cape. Have the hack centre around him overcoming his loneliness at having been left out of SMW.

Really, a team hack would give this forum due life.
I support this cause and hack idea. Whatever you guys think is best, I'll roll with it.
My idea was to use edits the other parakoopa sprites as custom sprites so we could have them use use different colors. But Kadyastar's idea sounds better, allthought I think it would be nicer if the player starts as a blue shelless koopa, mushrooms will be blue shells and he will turn into a blue koopa when he gets one, feathers will be wings and he will turn into a blue parakoopa if he gets one.
That's better, actually. And there are existing Koopa player graphics tht we can edit.

We should call it, "Shades of Blue."
A blue Koopa/Paratroopa player? I agree, that's a good idea... and the proposed storyline even fits in with the name of this forum. (I propose keeping it as a simple journey without bosses or other major conflict, like in Rise to the Challenge or The Title is Irrelevant.)

Time to work out the technical details I suppose?

- I expect fire flowers wouldn't exist then, only shells/mushrooms and wings/feathers?
- Maybe the shell power-up could remain stationary like a fire flower, instead of moving like a mushroom?
- I think the player should always keep a 16x16 hitbox regardless of status (instead of becoming taller when powered up).
- I suggest using the SMA2 powerdown patch, so taking damage while winged would only reduce you to shelled status instead of shell-less.
- What would the wing power-up do exactly? I think it would make sense to disable standard long-range cape flight, and possibly the cape-spin as well... and should the player still be able to do the super-high jump at full speed when winged, or should that also be removed (meaning the wing power-up would simply slow your falling speed)?

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - The Blue Paratroopa support group

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