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Egypt and the resignation of Mubarak
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Read here.
After two weeks of protests, Hosni Mubarak stepped down after 30 years of effective dictatorship. The army is apparently in charge for the time being.
Given the scale of this event, it feels right to make a thread for it. Anyone have comments on it?

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My history teacher was playing a stream of what was going on in Egypt at the beginning of all his classes for a couple days. My class was the lucky one to have actually seen the resignation. All the other teachers got a phone call from him, which I found amusing.
If the army is in control then a tyrant militant might take over. It's good that their leaning towards a more democratic gov. but they need to elect someone soon.

It was about damn time...
I hope it will get better then it used to be though, I mean jeez.
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SMWHacking? I rest my case.
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Based on a reddit meme. Yeah.

layouts suck
Yeah, about damn time...

I had actually started to expect him to keep lying, and send the Egyptian military to "persuade the protesters to leave" via mass killings. Glad THAT never happened.

EDIT: Let us hope that the next guy who steps up, isn't power-greedy.


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