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Catalan SMW Hacking

Link Thread Closed
Aqui podem parlar en catala els que som catalans, els que el parlen, i els que en saben poc i el volen practicar. VISCA CATALUNYA!

Thanks Ladida for this EPIC and Awesome layout!

I not see much use in this thread. This thread will die soon, cause I have not seen any person so far here who speak Catalan.
I've seen linkunarre. Are you blind Italian7? Also why you trolled him? just let this thread die with your mouth closed.
Your layout has been removed.
Actually, what Italian7 meant is that he didn't see anyone else who speaks Catalan other than linkunarre, so nobody else would easily be able to reply to the thread and it wouldn't get anywhere. He wasn't trolling linkunarre, he was just pointing it out, that's all.Free counters!
But his apointing about it was not needed, so his post was completely unecessary.
Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by On-On Stalker
But his apointing about it was not needed, so his post was completely unecessary.

Just like your post. Try to keep these opinions to yourself and not bump old threads next time.
I don't get why you didn't close this thread Hadron, all it has done until now was bringing conflict. Besides Catalan is only spoken is some parts of Spain and Italy, so there's a really low chance for somebody who speaks Catalan to join this place, and even if someone does, this thread won't help him/her much since nobody would reply besides linkunarre, (and I don't think he knows everything about SMW hacking).

I'm closing this thread for now to avoid pointless fights between users. If the unlikely happens and somebody who speaks Catalan joins the site and needs to post in this thread, just send me a PM and I'll reopen it.

hadron-edit: sorry, I totally forgot to close this thread.

Roy edit: Catalan is really only spoken in Spain and Andorra, not in Italy. Just wanted to point that out.
Link Thread Closed