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Thunderstruck Mario - Finally updated 6th July


This is my hack, Thunderstruck Mario. I've been working on this on and off for the past few months, but now i've started to make good progress. Although I have decided to use vanilla GFX, this isn't purely a vanilla hack. There is custom music and i've used Ersanio's Counter Break Yoshi patch too.

The plot so far: Mario and Peach are going on vacation, they are taking a private plane to Delfino isle. During the flight, a storm suddenly forms and damages the plane, forcing them to crashland on an island, which causes Mario and Peach to become unconscious.
When Mario wakes up, he searches the wreckage of their plane, only to find that Peach has disappeared. So he goes to search for her in this unexplored region.

Here's a few screenshots of the first level "Welcome to Lily Pad". Excuse my timing on the screenshot with goombas on :P.

This is a screenshot of the 1st submap. I know i've spelt lily pad wrong there, but consider that fixed.

What do you think so far? Comments/criticisms appreciated.
Wow I'm impressed :D

This looks great :D
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Looks pretty nice so far. Level design looks very promising, as it is pretty fresh and original from what I can see. I also think you have some neat ideas here and there. The pallete could be improved a bit though. The contrast between the dark dirt and the very light dots in it is just a tad to big. Nice MAP16 art there too. I totally love that <3

Overworld looks very good. I love the look and all the perspectives are correct too. I miss the lines on the overworld though... It's a feeling for perspectives. I also think a custom pallete would spice everything up.

Looks promising. This hack has potential for sure. Just do a little more with everything, and you will be fine. More than fine, that is.
@marioVSshadow: Thanks, i'm glad you like it. :D
@georgeVSsonic: Thank you. I've changed the ground palette a bit as you suggested. I'm glad you liked the submap, i'll keep it as it is for now, but i'll probably fix it up a bit later on. :)

Here is the 2nd level, Hedgerow Heath. The ground palette is out of date as these shots were made a few days ago.

And this is the small bonus area in this level, i'm not 100% sure of the palette, so please say if you think I should change it.

Any comments so far?
Looks awesome!
Only thing I would say is make the shading under the grass, darker than the ground. It tends to look better this way. Other than that the pallettes are nice. Keep it up!
Originally posted by 1UPdudes
Looks awesome!
Only thing I would say is make the shading under the grass, darker than the ground. It tends to look better this way. Other than that the pallettes are nice. Keep it up!

Thanks for commenting 1UPdudes :). I see what you mean about the ground, so I will make the shading under the grass a bit darker.
Double post...

Here's some more screenshots, this is from the 4th level, Twilight Forest.

As i've shown in the message box, the aim of this level is to find a Yoshi to reach the exit, there are reset pipes around of course. But would this be considered fair or not?

What do you think? Comments?
It looks kinda... Generic. Not bad, but something everybody's already seen in a hack.
Good fucking bye.
Here's a preview of the WIP 1st castle. It's not 100% complete just yet.

I've jusy finishd a new level, Watermelon Hills. This is the second level of world 2. There is a secret exit to find here too.

The blue thing at the left in the screenshot with the midway point doesn't appear in game, I think it was my emulator playing up.

Originally posted by Mr ESC450
I've jusy finishd a new level, Watermelon Hills. This is the second level of world 2. There is a secret exit to find here too.

That looks like a bit like an SS-mark... Not to be cruel, but looks like it.

Sorry for not updating lately, but I have spent the last few days finishing up my vanilla contest entry.

If you'd like to try it out, click here. You can leave comments here in this thread if you'd like. If there's anything majorly wrong that i've missed please let me know.

EDIT: Actually, wouldn't it be technicaly cheating to ask people to tell me if anythings wrong with my contest entry? Oh well. :P

I will have some new screenshots up in a couple of days or so.
And, a couple of days have passed...

Continuing on the food theme, I have screenshots of the level Pear Canyon.

This is the short opening section of the level. There's a pipe which leads to...

...A strange, psychadelic-ish type area. Here there is some line-guided platforms and some bullet bills just to make it that much easier :P.
New Update:

I have made progress on the world 1 castle, i've posted an updated screenshot of the 1st section.

Click here

Also, here's a preview of the next level, Pear cave. I'm considering renaming it though.

This last screenshot shows the area leading to the secret exit, which is hidden in the cave somewhere.

Looks great! I love the layer 2 palettes, I think the green cave one would also fit well in a toxic-themed cave. Pear Canyon looks good too, I like the desert-themed palettes.Free counters!
Wow! The visuals really look good here.

My only quibble is with "Pear Canyon." I don't like the blend of pallets. The purple and red treetops by themselves aren't too jarring, but something about putting them against a green background makes it look bad to me. Perhaps you could try just changing the background to a more pleasing color? Or just synchronize the color scheme a bit more?
GvS ~ u:11380
Nice job here. I love the palette of the secret area, but the palette of the cave itself isn't the best. Level design looks really good too. Also, the BG in the cave makes my eyes bleed :/
Thanks for the comments guys!

@Jeorge535: I actually hadn't thought of the cave as toxic, seems like a good idea though. Thanks.
@Mission_316: Thank you for commenting, I actually have changed the palette for Pear canyon, I only showed in the misc palette thread though. I'll put it below for anyone who missed it.
@GeorgeVsSonic: Thanks for commenting. I didn't think the cave palette was that bright, but i'll have another shot at improving it.

I have a couple more screenshots to add.

This is the updated palette for Pear Canyon, just in case anyone missed it.

And here's some screenshots of Lilly Pad Lake.

This is the first part of the level, there's a pipe which leads underwater. (It's not a long swimming section, I know people don't like water levels very much.)

What do you think so far?
Thats a pretty nice looking hack. I like the custom palettes going on also. That palette for the cave background doesn't look right with the grey foreground, although thats my opinion
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