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Drugs and the like
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I know many of you are too young to consider these things, but in today's society, such acts seem to occur at younger ages. It always irritates me when I'm walking around and witness a group of 10-12 year olds smoking, using street slang like they have a clue what goes on in the world, and act rebellious. It's almost depressing honestly. I had someone who looked no older than 15 offer to sell me some ecstasy at the bus stop the other day. It was .. just ridiculous, to say the least. I almost punched him out.

Have you had any negative experiences with drugs? Have you ever, or are you ever -planning- to do them (I sure hope not)? I don't know .. this has always been an unsettling topic for me.
One day i took what I thought was a headache pill that one of my supposed "friends" gave to me when I asked for some Tylenol, and it ended up getting me high, to the point of where everything was just weird, though Ive told many of you this before. Eh, I was stupid back when I was 12, and its not something I'd do again.
Although I have never, ever, ever considered doing any sort of drug or branch of drug (smoking included) there has been one drug that's piked my interest, which is nicknamed smurf. I'll probably never take it because I'm not that much of an idiot to do something as stupid as drugs, but this drug makes you feel like you're about 2 to 5 inches tall. It just seems trippy.

But yeah, I have friends who do drugs, and it's not pleasant. They teach their younger siblings about these things too, which ends up making them take drugs, which influences their friends to take it, so it becomes something that's happening to younger and younger generations.

It's depressing, I agree.
I see kids smoking all the time at my school, it is bullshit. What I hate even more then people who get high, is people who get high and say that drugs aren't bad for you, and will argue with you to no end. It makes me want to stick one of their joints right in their eye.
Nope, never did drugs, hopefully never will. Although I really wonder what it would be like to hallucinate after taking in those dried shrooms - that would not go without risks, however.

I feel nothing for drugs that involve smoking. I always feel like I am suffocating when I stand besides someone who is smoking a cigarette, let alone how it would be with more serious drugs.

The only thing I am committing myself to is alcohol, but not too much.

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Don't even get me started. I do not do drugs, nor have I ever smoked, but God if I know someone my age who hasn't done either.

There have only ever been two drugs that have grabbed my attention: LSD and Shrooms. I only have an interest in either to see what I would hear/see/hallucinate.
I get horribly affected even by prescription drugs, so I wouldn't even think of experimenting with something MADE to mess you up. I actually have a fear of having my consciousness or perception altered, not to mention that I would probably end up doing something embarrassing. So yeah, never trying drugs.

That being said, after having studied this topic in health class, I feel that perhaps marijuana is the one drug that doesn't deserve such a bad reputation, even if I would never use it. It's not addictive, and it's physically impossible to overdose on. There are so many myths surrounding it that it's actually quite scary that most people perceive it as more dangerous than smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol, both of which can be deadly when abused. I can't advocate the use of marijuana, but I really can't think of a reason why we haven't begun to legalize and regulate it, rather than let criminals take control of its industry (coughprohibitioncough).

I realize this will probably be a very unpopular and controversial view...
I've actually been high once before from weed, unintentionally of course. I ate one of the "magic brownies" my cousin made on accident, I didn't know they were made with weed and I hated the feeling. Now I know weed isn't bad for you, I just hate how people act when they're high, more irritating than usual. As for others, I've seen the effects of PCP, Cocaine, Acid and Roofies. All of which I hated being around. It's amazing to think that people actually kill and fight eachother for those things.

Well, I very sometimes smoke weed when I'm with a friend of mine (and even if I do, it's not much as I get stoned real easily).
The first time I did that I was either 17 or 18. When I do it, it gives me a pretty nice feeling.
I never smoke normal cigarettes tough (never done that, never want to do it).

I really wouldn't want to try any other hard-drugs myself tough, I know my best friend has used them and luckily he stopped. He also recommends me to never try such a thing.

Just do everyone a favor and don't do any hard-drugs at all, it's not cool and will only give you problems. I also would not recommend smoking (either weed or cigarettes) and if you really want to try weed, please wait till you are over 18 or even 20 and do it at home or be with friends you trust.

Lastly, I myself actually find it odd how no one really cares about smoking cigarettes, as a lot of people are addicted to it and not even the goverment seems to care (higher taxes on such products are not going to stop people from using it).

Originally posted by S.N.N.
It always irritates me when I'm walking around and witness a group of 10-12 year olds smoking, using street slang like they have a clue what goes on in the world, and act rebellious.

I always find it sad stuff like that happens. And it's really hard to get them stop, as they think they know everything (which you obviously don't, especially at that age). A friend of mine actually knows 2 kids that are about 13 which do that. I've seen them actually smoke once, which was after I went to the fair with a girl I had a huge crush on (and I still kind of have actually, even tough she has someone already). I went smoking with her and then those 2 came, she knew them as they were from her school. They just started smoking aswell (not from our weed tough), and the girl told me she knew they smoked, she said they had done that a lot already. Kind of made me sad. :/



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No, never did, never will.

In my former school, a lot of people did drugs. With a lot, I mean half of the school. You'd would see them after school gathered together in the park not far from there and smoke, drink and take all kinds of shit. It's terrible. Especially when you see these small five-six graders (12-13 year olds) taking a pull on one cigarette after another.

BUT to be honest, I don't really care what they do with their lives. As long as I'm not involved whatsoever, they can enter their trippy worlds as often as they want for all I care. Probably a sad attitude but that's how I see it.

Also Lucas, I share your opinion. From what I have gathered, weed doesn't seem to affect you that badly opposed to other stuff so legalizing it would be most likely a better idea than keeping it on prohibition.
Young idiots here smoke because that's all they have to do. I am not enjoying that. I am never going to be involved in this stuff.

But then again, it is none of my business.
Drug discussion, huh?

Like a few other here, I've never done drugs or that sort, yet I've seen many people around me at school do it. Smoking being the most prevelant of all where i live, though I hear some folks also do meth. Both of these I consider to be very bad habits to pick up in the first place, the latter of which is something you should never even think of trying for any reason. On the other hand, I challenge you find me a hundred urban envrionments more toxic than a bus terminal where the air is a vile mixture of deisel exhaust, arid dust, and cigarette smoke.


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Hate to see whenever someone my age is smoking. Makes me pissed.

Doing drugs myself? Nope, never had, never will.
No, but there's that school, full of 12-15 year old people with drugs, guns, knives... In fact, you can't have a backpack just because you can hide your drugs or weapons there. I don't know how many people there has been killed or who is a killer. What a luck i don't go there.

Fuck this country.

they say... i forgot
Originally posted by everest700
Young idiots here smoke because that's all they have to do. I am not enjoying that. I am never going to be involved in this stuff.

But then again, it is none of my business.

Same here, I'm even in the same form as a kid who smokes, and a kid of the type who's known to do drugs (not sure if he does or not)Free counters!
I've never seen any kids of 10-12 years smoking, but many people in my grade smoke, but seeing how almost all of them are either 16 or 17 it's completely fine in my opinion.
Some also do "lighter" drugs on occasion, which I also don't care about because it helps loosening up the atmosphere.

I myself never took any drugs or smoked, even though some of my friends ask me if I want to sometimes.

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Oh, other people. I think people from my class in Schiedam started smoking at the age of 12, 13. Not that many though, but still, some of them did. I shouldn't be saying anything about that though because that was the age I started drinking liquor, at first not on a regular base and usually low-percentage liquors, sure, but I did so anyway.
Much like Buu, I don't really care whether people smoke or drink them to death - that's not my problem and unless said person is close to me, it hardly affects me. Yeah I know I'm heartless.

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Originally posted by Lucas
I actually have a fear of having my consciousness or perception altered

Oh man this. Even if I was moronic enough to want to try something, this would still hold me back.

Coincidentally enough, as I was walking up the four flights of stairs to my class in the math building today, I overheard some kid commenting that "Man, these stairs aren't made for smokers' lungs." It's funny; you even realize that it's bad for you, and yet you still start. Whatever, it's not my life that's being ruined.

So yeah. Never have, never will.
I should get a new layout.

Probably won't, though.
I just smoked like two or three times in my life, other than that, I never took any kind of drugs, and I'll never do. I simply hate drugs, they one of the main money resources for the narcotrafic which is a major problem in my country, and buying buying them means inderictly contributing to the narcotrafic.

Leaving criminal associations aside, taking drugs just fucks up your health, the reason why teenagers take them is because they don't know it's dangerous, they say they are looking for the "cool effects and sensations" that come along, but that's just a lane excuse to hide the real reason: teenagers want to be independent and free, they don't want to obey to their parrents or any kind of autority, and taking drugs a good way for they to show "they can do whathever they want". Peer presure also contributes a lot, when I was in hightschool, halfe of the were either adicted or smokers of marihuana, I remember one of my classmates told me once that I was not normal because I wasn't into drugs.
I don't drink, I don't smoke and I don't do drugs, and I don't plan on ever. I find them all atrocious and stupid. Especially smokers. Druggies keep to their own place, drinkers elsewhere but smokers just blast that smoky shit into your face without a damn care. Being Asthmatic makes the whole damn thing worse and at times I may even almost vomit.

In terms of the younger children being influenced, just today on the bus home I was peering outside to see what seemed to be a 12 and 13 year old fighting each other, swearing, using that 'hard man gangster' language that really annoys me. Within seconds that fight was broken out but it still got me thinking into what the hell the youth is becoming. Out of the 120 students in my Year group, I can approximately say around 20-30 do drugs, smoke or drink, but they aren't really apart from everyone else, they do their business out of school and acts like normal people in school.
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