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009: Reclaimed Refinery - ToxicRave
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Claimed by: ToxicRave (aka notgoodwithusernames)

World: 1
Exits: 2 (READ BELOW)
Theme: Grass/Industry Castle
Music Options: 1, or compose your own.

Briefing: This is a world 1 castle, so introduce some castle enemies to the hack. Bear in mind that you CAN include mechanical/factory aspects or graphics if you wish, but it's not 100% necessary. It could also include some outdoors aspects.

There is something to be noted about this one. The castle should have two DISTINCT paths, one of which leads to a regular exit and the other which leads to a boss. Each path should have a different design while still maintaining the castle feeling and a steady difficulty level. Neither path needs to be overly long. If you need inspiration for how to make this split path idea work, take a look at The Counterfort from SMWCP 1.

If you are not designing the boss for this level, simply create a boss door leading to an empty room, and a boss designer will take it off of your hands.

Special Note: Due to the split path nature of this level, you should only place the three SMWC coins on one path, NOT split between the paths.
Could I claim this level?

Only if your serious about actually completing this level.
Make sure you read through the sticky notes at the top of the Signups Section so you know what we are looking for.
Layout by LDA during C3.
Yes, I would like to claim the level then.

Then so be it.
If you need any help don't be afraid to ask.
Layout by LDA during C3.
Here is the 1st part of the level, it's only 2 screens long so its not much.

For the 2nd part of the level, the path that is leading to the boss will have the three SMWC coins. For the path that leads to the normal exit, I will use the invisible 1-up points. I will most likely use a green coin for the invisible 1-up points graphics.

For the boss fight, I was thinking that if you fall into the pit. You will teleport to a free-fall section, and if you don't die on the free-fall section, you will be at the boss door entrance. The teleport block will randomize one out of three free-fall sections. The free-fall section will have a coin trail to fellow, but you won't be able to collect the coins.
Is going up all the way up (top left) needed for just a few coins? But other then that it looks good!

Your layout has been removed.
Looks very nice. :)

The BG fits well with the FG and the BG palette is great.

Not to many decorations which is good. I dislike it when people go a bit overboard with decor. Great work.
The level itself looks fine, but the tileset just doesn't sit right with me. I think it clashes with all the other GFX in the rom, largely due to the lack of outlines. It really noticeable when compared against the enemy GFX.

Your layout has been removed.
Yeah I agree with the tileset. I will just add the black outlines to it so it will look better. But I didn't made the tileset and I don't want to mess with it unless I know who made it. I did darken up the sprites so they could fit with the dark atmosphere.

Here's part of the second part of the level:

I'm kind of judgy with the difficulty on this part, it's not hard for me but it maybe for others.

@Bloop: I added six coins on the top left instead of three, and a power-up to the top right.
Looks pretty cool so far. It's not too hard for a World 1 castle (although it's just a guess, testing the level will actually tell it), and there are various enemies, so they won't become boring. The decoration makes the construction of the platforms really nice. Also, good to see you changed the sprite palettes, now they look much better. I can't really say anything negative about your level right now, so keep it up!
I'm a little confused about what you can stand on and about some of the sprite placements, but the architecture looks pretty good (apart from maybe the layering along the bottom dirt), and it looks like there's a lot going on without it being too hard, so...I'm looking forward to seeing where this one goes. Keep at it.

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I claimed some map16 tiles so I could add some lighting into my level.

Also, I posted this video before in the screenshots/video thread, but you should still check it out if you didn't yet.
Video link

I'm also looking for level names because I don't know what to name the level as.
The only thing that annoys me is that the horizontal twhomp don't make sound... that's kinda weird to me.

Your layout has been removed.
Wow, that's actually really great. Maybe a bit too hard for World 1? I guess i need to play the level before judging that.

The only problem for me is that the secret exit is not really hidden. In fact it's probably the first exit the player will take, because the vine block is right above him/her when the level start.

Anyway, nice work. #w{:>}
Originally posted by S.N.N.
Special Note: Due to the split path nature of this level, you should only place the three SMWC coins on one path, NOT split between the paths.

Yeah. The level is actually pretty well designed, but it's just tooo hard. Try toning it down. A lot.

Also Bloop, the Horizontal Thwomp not making the sound is a problem with the sprite itself, not the level.


(previously superdragonyoshi1. sup yall.)
Level name Idea...

Clanking Keep

But I'm worried that DKC has something similar...

then again there's always...

Castle Hassle

Nah. Too simple.

Oh well. Those are my ideas.
Ridicule away.

Check out my music!
In particular, some setups in the top half seem too difficult, like the statue + wooden spike, the grinder underneath the coin blocks, the second horizontal thwomp, and the diagonal fireball + thwomp sandwich.

I do like how you use the ball n' chains at junctions so they apply to both sides of the wall/ceiling/whatever.

The p-switch usage is a bit odd, since you only need it for a second but it lasts for far longer.

Oh, you don't have to hit multiple coin blocks to show us the level. That's a waste of time.

Anyway, visually the level looks very nice, but something still feels off. Maybe it's just me, but on a screen-to-screen basis, it seems like the difficulty is all over the place. Maybe you just need to temper the harder bits so it seems more consistent. I'm also not very fond of the way you split the paths. You choose between two doors in the beginning, and that's it. But if you have a choice of two levels from the beginning, why are they in the same level, you know? From a structural standpoint, the only connection between the paths is that they run in parallel, but is that necessary? It might just be my style preferences, but it feels odd to me, is all.

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Here is my level if you guys want to try it out:

Don't worry about the cut-off in the first part, I'm going to end up just nuking the first part and just replace it with something else. It was really serve to get to the doors much more easier for testing. I'm planning now for the first part is to make it five screens long and ends with a door that leads to the bottom path for the second part. But to get to the door that leads to the top path, well I'm still thinking on what to do there. I'm thinking something like this:

The idea is that because of yoshi being in the level, the yoshi egg hatches into a 1-up instead of a baby yoshi. So you have to kill the yoshi in order to make the egg to hatch into a baby yoshi. Therefore, knocking the mushroom out.

Someone comment on my video and suggested the name, "Moorland Foundry" and I really do like the name, but is there a rule on how to name your level?

Also, I'm not planning on making the boss for the level, but for you boss designers, I would like something like this for the boss.


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

- Personally, I see being forced to kill Yoshi the same as a forced power-down and that if you need to resort to powering down so you can continue on with a "required" portion of the level, then you're doing something wrong. If you intend on using Yoshi, create a setup that plays to his abilities- whether that be using his tongue to eat/get an item that Mario cannot or even throwing block 311 (Solid for Yoshi) into the mix. Too many hacks out there already make a habit out of treating Yoshi like some disposable object, so don't make this one be one of those.

- As for the level, it feels alright, but very bare bones at the same time. Regardless of which road you take, it feels like half of a whole level, which feels underwhelming for even a World 1 Castle, so consider doubling up the length of the whole thing. Not to mention that your level MUST include a checkpoint, regardless of its length. Since you have a castle level, you're allowed to have two, but one of them has to be before the boss room.

- Unless you're using anything in your level that uses Palette 8 that "needs" to be darkened (in which you should use a custom variant that uses a different palette), then don't mess with Palette 8 at all. The new Mario GFX that are going to be uses also use the brown/tan on Mario's head, which comes out looking bad when it's edited. Change it back to the default for the time being.

- Level names must be a rhyme (Incineration Station, Volcanic Antics) or some form of alliteration (Girder Grasslands, Shivering Cinders).

- The Boss Discussion thread in the main SMWCP2 forum is for where boss suggestions can go, so hit that up when you have the chance.

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