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00A: Lily Swamp Romp - Milk


Latest Demo!

This is, more or less, the finished version of the level, pending further concerns/suggestions as well as a couple minor items I'd still like to see done.

Things to keep in mind:
-Once again, I had to reinsert all of the custom sprites on my end due to the bubbles/shooter not working properly (SNN and I are trying to find the cause), so the venus traps are slightly different from those found in the Base ROM. Also, the Base ROM's goal sphere is not present, since I don't have access to that sprite - for now SMW's original goal sphere is present, however it may not show up until after you pass it and backtrack due to sprite limitations. This is a leftover issue from the last update, but I want to have all of the correct sprites inserted before I look into this as it may/may not necessarily be an issue in the end.
-I'm aware of the animated lantern after the goal sphere, again, something that will be fixed once I can work with the correct goal sprite since I may have to modify the last two screens if the sprite limitation is persistent.
-Again, FastROM has been applied, so ideally, there shouldn't be any slowdown.

What's new in this update?:
I've fixed all other issues/concerns that have been pointed out. The latter half of the second area's been shuffled around quite a bit to help alleviate the warp bug issue involving the bubbles, although any modifications to the actual architecture is likely unnoticeable. I tried to make said changes as transparent as possible to retain the original architecture while moving the shooters away from the screen boundaries as best as I could. As of yet, I have not experienced the warp bug myself.

A ceiling generator has been added to 0A6, however, I'm still not a big fan of Mario's violent shuddering when he's squeezed between the ceiling and a bubble (see below).

I would still like some feedback regarding the rafting sub-level - mostly looking for opinions regarding it being useless or not since there was the discussion of dumping it altogether. Also, I modified the sloped land so the large bubbles can't be killed as well as modified a couple bubbles' y-pos (apparently the bubbles and the layer 2 tiles didn't get along very well while trying to spinjump them).

What am I still looking for?:
Well, I added some animated bubbles to denote where the larger, rideable bubbles will emerge. I'm not sure if the animation is the best, but eh. However, I would still really like it if someone could draw up some better bubble graphics for the rideable bubbles. The more I look at their current skin, the uglier I think they are.

I would really love to have a "pop" routine added to the rideable bubbles. Ideally, something that would happen after the bubbles reach a certain/average y-position or after a certain number of frames. More information can be found in my first post in this thread or in the Resource Request thread.
The only things I'm a bit iffy on are the positions of the swoopers on screens B (the lower one) and D- they seem set a bit too far back and/or down to be much of a threat unless players go out of their way to activate them. Interestingly, though, the upper one on screen B caught me off guard a bit because I was focused on the lower one. Still, something you might try is (a) add a left-facing branch on B for the lower one and (b) put the one on D on the lantern so it encounters Mario while on the gas bubbles. Would it work? I'm not sure, so take it with a grain of salt :b

Other than that, it looks fine to me.
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Both of them were originally 1 tile forward (to the left), and I shifted them back as I always felt they were activated too early. Those two have proved the hardest to find that perfect "sweet" spot since the bubbles shift from side to side themselves (as well as allowing for a more varied point of intersection between Mario and the ravens since they also rise).

I moved the one on screen D to roost atop the lantern, which was definitely a good call. I forgot to take in account that I raised the land formation between the two bubbles, and that I should have followed suit with the raven as well. Based on timing the jumps between the two bubbles, there's now a much higher chance that the raven could prove threatening.

I tried moving the one on B all the way to the left edge of the landmass hoping that perhaps it could be activated from the right edge of the previous landmass, but to no avail. In the end, I decided to stick him on top of the lantern as well. Of course, he still won't always be a threat, as his activation is based on when you jump aboard the bubble. If you jump on at a lower altitude, he'll fly over you; at a higher altitude, he could prove to be a minimal threat. Needless to say, I tried a few different positions and there's really no ideal position since the moving bubble comes into play here more so than elsewhere. But at least under these conditions he's an overhead threat at worst.

But if all I'm having to fret over is a couple raven positions, I'm pretty happy.

And if anyone else has thoughts/concerns as well, I'd love to hear them.
Originally posted by Punk Sarcophagus


Nothing big - Mario's behind the tree.


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

How the hell did you get that first screen to happen?

Was trying to hit blocks - jump button mashing. Bubble came up, I got pushed through the blocks.
One easy way to fix that would be to make one of the blocks a throw block, although just having a single throw block out of nowhere might look out of place...maybe sprinkle them across similar formations, too, or is that the only instance?

Of course, looking into the bubble sprite code might provide the more elegant solution, but failing that...
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