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00D: Manic Mine - Foursword4
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This is a really impressive level so far. What's interesting is that fundamentally, it's relatively simple in design yet so interesting and fun to play through. The way you're using the timed lifts as mine carts works really well, and again, although most of the setups are simple, each track sequence feels unique. The difficulty feels pretty much spot on as well. Great job so far!

However, there are two nit-picky things I'd like to point out, and seriously, these are both nit-picky. The first is the area tatanga pointed out on screen 0C/0D. I know the palette's going to change, and true, perhaps that'll help, but there is something about that top railing that makes you think you can jump on it. I was tricked into it myself and tried, only to fall into the deep, dark abyss. I think it's the fact that that support beam doesn't have a rail sitting on top of it. Personally, I latched onto the notion that beams with rails were passable, not just yellow beams. I suppose I probably could have figured this out on screen 07/08 if I tried to jump up to that upper beam, but there was no reason to. There must be a better way to implant this idea into the player's head - don't just look out for rails, but all yellow beams.

My other nit-pick is on screen 10. Every other instance of the falling objects, you have a pit for each of them to endlessly tumble into, except for here. I understand you need some solid ground down there for those who take the upper route, but it looks weird to see those falling objects cross in front of the ground. Perhaps this area can be slightly reworked to accommodate both the falling object and the SMWC coin route.

Otherwise, yea, I'm lovin' this level so far and can't wait to see where you take it.

I see you signed up for a sublevel on the 27th, however, an update here at least once a week would be nice.
Layout by LDA during C3.
Been very busy of late, not much time to work on this level. However, here is a small update.

This is the first few screens for the second half. Basically, it's an auto-scroll stage. Three minecarts scroll with the stage, staying on the bottom rail, and you must avoid obstacles as you reach them. I have two ideas I want to throw in, but I have to test them both out thoroughly before I cement them.

Not much done since you had it since July. Screen shot seems a bit empty. Time is running out. You gonna have enough time to finish this level or should we pass it on now. Please don't wait till the last minute...
Layout by LDA during C3.
The level has been complete design wise for a few days now, but I really wanted to touch up a few loose ends and test it more thoroughly. However, I got way too much work to handle right now so I figured I should put the IPS on here as is so everyone can give it a go.

Here is the level.

Everything is done minus the aesthetics. I still have to make the auto scroll parts look more attractive, because they are quite bare right now. The first part of the level is pretty much complete though.

Few things that I need to fix:

-Message box palette is incorrect.
-The final room will be a transitional screen, which I haven't changed the graphics for yet.
-Make the auto scroll sections look more attractive.
-A few miscellanea palette things, mostly with the sprites.

The first part remains mostly unchanged from the first patch I put up, but I fixed a few things people pointed out. The auto scroll section may or may not be a hit or miss. I find it quite fun, but it was absurdly hard for me to design in a way I originally intended, and many people might find it too "boring". However, I'm pleased with the second auto scroll section.
-I suggest putting the midway point somewhere before the pipe: 2 midway points at the same place looks weird to me.

-It irritates me you have to walk on the mine carts to stay on the carts. The boat section at Tourou Temple fixed this, and I don't know how.

The level itself looks pretty good, actually.

Your layout has been removed.
I agree with Bloop @ the midway point. Having two in there is rather odd. I think sticking it directly inside the autoscrolling room would be better.

As for the level itself, it flows rather nicely and doesn't try to do too much, thankfully. I kind of feel like you should tone down on the Munchers in the final room and focus more on adding enemies which use the dark brown rails. For instance, towards the end you used Spike Tops on the rails. In the earlier parts of that room, try getting rid of the Munchers and doing the same thing.

One other minor complaint:

It might be worth adding some coins or something else down here.

Other than those points, I enjoyed the level quite a bit. Nicely done.
I agree with the two mid-points thing, I don't see the need for two in the same place.

BTW, to make the second part work properly, without making Mario walk, and tile 352 on layer two, or make the mines act like that tile. You probably already knew this anyway.


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

That only works for sublevel 1AA, however. 1AB has a faster scroll rate so a faster conveyor block will be needed.


Ceiling Buzzy + slopes = no. Stomp on ceiling buzzy while its mid-air = glitch where the buzzy never comes out again

Layout by LDA during C3.

*points to topic*
Layout by LDA during C3.
Fixed those palettes(as I usually do). Bug Extroble about that layer 3 background he made, it looked beyond amazing and we need to use that.

aran - Graces of Heaven
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