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Tip: Entering a door or pipe, activating a P-Switch or grabbing a star, completing the level, hitting a message block, and dying will cause issues on the title screen, such as causing musical glitches, or trapping the player in an endlessly-looping level.
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00F: Treetop Toss-up - agie777
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Just insert it! :p

Your layout has been removed.
Wow, that's a lot better! I have to say, you have a knack for clever spritework...The inherent difficulty of the hopping flame is mitigated by slopes and carryable enemies, but players still have to move cautiously and think about where they're jumping. The abundance of coins helps to maintain that "bonus" feel despite the sprite challenges. Good work- this is easily ten times more engaging than the previous version.

I'd like to point out a couple of things.

2, top: This parachute goomba faces right (not left) upon landing, and immediately falls off the platform. I'm not sure whether players will wait that long, so it might not even be an issue; I just want to make sure you're aware that these parachute enemies move differently depending on their orientation upon hitting the ground.

3: While this is probably one of the harder obstacles in the section, I've found quite a few strategies one can use to safely cross without just waiting for several seconds (and actually, this spot can be easy depending on how the sprites spawn). You may want to check with others just to be sure, but I think it's fine and should be left as is.

9-A: If you go for the coins, you'll spawn the enemies on screen A, which will then follow you back to all the sprites on screen 9, which will cause slowdown unless you've already killed one of them. I'd say removing a single sprite should do the trick. Keep the parachute enemies, since they produce a neat effect as you jump down into that section; maybe remove the walking bob-omb on the left? It can blindly waylay players who choose to drop down before proceeding to the right, anyway, so that's probably the safest choice.

The thing I don't like about the end of the section is that players pretty much have to choose between the smwcoin and the key. I don't think players should have to come to this section a second time after having done the star run properly, for example. Maybe there's a way you could include the smwcoin in the star run, such as changing the location of star blocks or something? Also, I'm thinking the key would look better where you drop down instead of right next to the keyhole, personally.

Edit: The last piranha plant in the upper path of the sky section spits its fireballs off-screen every other jump, making them disappear. You might want to consider moving it and all the surrounding platforms down by one tile.

Edit 2: You should probably put a powerup somewhere near the beginning of the secret path, if possible.

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Final update unless things change: 2-5 Treetop Tussle.

Still too lazy to insert the sprites (to be honest I don't have any expirience with custom sprites), but besides that, everything is done. I'd like to have FirePhoenix and/or S.N.N. look at it, and tell me what they think.

Violators will be prosecutedt to the full extent of the jam.
Oh man a drastic update: 2-5 treetop tussle.

Violators will be prosecutedt to the full extent of the jam.


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

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I'll try to give a (slightly) more detailed analysis when I get the chance, but I'll say that the level is a vast improvement compared to the last couple of versions I tried out back then. However, there are a few things about it that just feel off for this and that reason, but nothing that shouldn't take too long to rectify. Basically it feels like it's on the road of being accepted into the hack, but I'm not the judge of that.

Ok, let's see...

Like MrDeePay, I only see minor issues that feel a bit off here and there, so I guess we'll work together to find out what those things are, but I agree this is pretty close to acceptance (if not basically already there). I'll just list my own thoughts/opinions and then see if it overlaps with what others say.

I find it a bit odd that the first two piranha plants in the sky area only come up once, and that the last one in the upper path isn't really hidden (I feel like the green propeller part should at least be hidden when the enemy is at rest). Also, three's still a little bit of slowdown around screen C.

When you return to level F, that first powerup might be a bit annoying to get because the block below it isn't level with the ledge, and the gap is small.

I don't really like the last smwcoin. It could just be me and my new-found distaste for carry-able objects, but I feel like you could be more creative somehow. For example, remember how you used to have a vine block by the lotus that led to the secret area? You could put it back, hide a throw block or two somewhere, and move the ledge closer to that screen. I mean, there are plenty of possibilities- it's just that portable springboards seem overused after the first SMWCP, and personally I think it'd be nice to rely on other tactics a bit more.

Oh, and insert the ceiling generator and goal sprite. I thought I provided directions before...?

Originally posted by AxemJinx
As for inserting custom sprites, I believe you press the Insert key while in Sprite Editing Mode, and then enter the sprite number and whether the extra bit is set.

According to the Sprite Signups Thread, it looks like the goal roulette is #2 and the ceiling generator is #D0 (put these in the 'command' field).

The extra bit determines whether a sprite has an alternate behavior, kind of like how Monty Moles either chase or ignore Mario depending on their X position. It's just a way to include two similar sprites in one slot to conserve space (correct me if I'm wrong).

I don't think the extra bit would be set for either the goal roulette or ceiling generator, so I believe you should enter a '2' in the 'extra bit' box.

Don't worry about the graphics in Lunar Magic- I think they show up fine in the game.

I think that's what you do, at least.

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The level's just as fine as always. The only thing I would comment on is that you seem to be spamming the Paratroopas.
Also, you can jump over the ceiling in the Golden Forest part. Doing so would skip a big chunk of the level. I understand you're including the ceiling generator, but just a quick note.
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Agie, your level is looking really good. Couple things however...

1. I think there were too many Chucks in this level. They're some of the most annoying enemies in the game, and while I'm not asking to remove every one of them, maybe you should remove one or two.

2. The Golden Forest part was really cool. Good job!

3. I saw no problems with the graphics whatsoever, they looked really nice.

I think this is a great level, the only thing that needs to be done is that there should probably be less enemies.

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I agree that chucks tend to be misused in very annoying ways, but from what I remember, agie777 has used them pretty responsibly...were there specific chucks that you didn't like? I mean, asking him to look at the entire stage and pick a couple to just take out seems a little vague.

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More specifically, I think the one right after the end of the Golden Forest area (after you go down the pipe) is really, really annoying because it's in a tight space and you don't have a ton of room to get rid of it. That Chuck was responsible for many, many deaths.

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I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

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Played through your latest version that was in the Level Testing thread.

I would put a ceiling generator in this level on screens D and F. Persistent players (or ones with a cape, especially if an earlier level provides one) can make the jump to (or over) the pipe and skip over 3/5 of the entire level.

The sprite you would be looking for is Custom Sprite D0.

Like so.

However, this particular jump would cause a new problem, since Mario will most likely go over the screen, the generator will make him bonk his head, having him run the risk of landing right in front of Chuck, ergo, a cheap hit. Possible solution? Lower Chuck's platform a tile or two.

This isn't something major, but the change in music seems off here. Of course, it's mostly just me thinking the canopy section's music can cover the level as a whole and not just... the canopy section. Again, nothing that "needs" to be changed at all.

The placement of the checkpoint here is slightly annoying. Perhaps put it on the higher ledge altogether?

Be sure to replace this sphere with Custom Sprite 02.

I do not feel this Star 2 Block is necessary. If the player is too slow with making it to and across the muncher field protecting the keyhole, then they do not deserve a damage-free second chance. Your Star run allows plenty of time to make it through in the first try. If you still want to put a block here, then I suggest the 1up Bonus block (and since the player will have most likely collected 30 coins already in the level, then it's just a free life).

Also you should run through your level a couple times since a major gameplay element was added to the latest base ROM. (Mario powers down like in SMB3), so be sure to readjust your difficulty balance accordingly.

Other than all of that, very, very smooth sailing. I still stand by what I said before in that your level is just about good to go and should pass the last stage in level testing, which is a major plus in my book.

Thanksies for those final pointers MrDeePay. Of course I knew a long time ago about the ceiling generator and the problems it would bring, but there's also some stuff I didn't know.

Violators will be prosecutedt to the full extent of the jam.
Agie, if you have a moment, can you test out this update bin I made for WYE's cabin? The zip contains an updated ExGFX112 as well as updated Map16Page/PageG files. I updated both cabins on Map16 page 0x09. If I did everything correctly, you shouldn't have any graphical glitches in your level.

The main reason I did this is because I'm using most of WYE's set as well, but I also have a lot of other graphical stuff going on and I'm trying to squeeze as much space as I can out of my graphics files. I noticed there were a few unnecessary tiles in this particular file and decided to fix that (though there's still a couple dupe tiles still in there). Also, I do not want to have to use any more Map16 space than I need, especially if the graphics are already present within the ROM elsewhere.

I know it probably looks like I only moved a small amount of tiles, but for me it was a huge space saver. If all is well on your end, I'll go ahead and forward the update to SNN.
Uhm, what do you want me to say about it?

Violators will be prosecutedt to the full extent of the jam.
Just want to make sure I didn't screw up anyone's levels who were using the original ExGFX112 file. You're the only other user offhand that I know who is using this file so I wanted to get a second set of eyes confirming all is well with the bin before I send it in for the base ROM.
Thanks for asking. This is my ExGFX file. Can you see the difference? (snn edit: fixed the link)

Violators will be prosecutedt to the full extent of the jam.


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

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Despite the "complete" nature of the level, there are still a couple of things you should check into and fine-tune. Ignore the BG that I inserted so I'd see how it would look with your level.

On the left is what you currently have and on the right is something I did with a minor edit. For the dirt underneath the Lotus, you used an inverted dirt tile which comes out looking a tiny bit bad. Something like this cannot be fully stamped with several levels, but the instances can be dealt with as best as they could. Just replace the inverted dirt beneath the Lotus with the upright variety that's found in the standard object set.

If you plan on using the forest BG set, consider messing around with the palette so you can match up what you have currently. My attempt didn't go off too well (though it personally reminds me of Gloomy Gulch a little.), but feel free to experiment. Of course, the easiest way of dealing with it is to just have the secret room use the same palette as the main level.

*no screen*
Hiker's Hollow provides Mario with a cape near the end of the level, so I urge you to add ceiling generators to your level on screens D-E in Level 00F. As for the Chuck platform/ceiling issue that would arise, just lower Chuck's platform by one tile and move him to the left one tile- that should take care of that issue.

Other than those, I have no gripes with this level.

MrDeePay: I really don't see what you're talking about on the first pictures. Where is the difference?

Edit: oh, now I see. Wow, you have a sharp eye.

For the other issues: I figured I would have to change the palette for the bonus area, I just didn' thave the background yet. For the ceiling generators: I was aware of that a long time ago, but honestly I kind of forgot about it. S.N.N. told me he would insert them, so yeah.

Violators will be prosecutedt to the full extent of the jam.
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