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Tip: If you place a moon, midpoint, or dragon coin through Map16, it will always respawn whenever you reenter that sublevel. It will not respawn if you add it through the Add Objects/Extended Objects window.
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012: Akarui Avenue - Teo17
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Looks good. I stumbled upon a few other complaints this time around, though they're pretty minor.

I'd shift that Bute to the right somewhat. As it stands, it's absolutely no threat at all.

That Bute is also pretty useless. A sword-swinging one might work better there.

-No screenshot, but I missed a totally obvious bug on my first few playthroughs - set the horizontal scroll in any levels which use the mountainous background to "none" that way the sun doesn't keep repeating.

-No screenshot, but you may want to reconsider a couple of your music choices. I almost feel that the song you used for the main room would work better for the key/keyhole room. I also feel that one of the calmer oriental tracks may work better for the underground temple rather than my cave track (which was mostly meant for crystalline levels).

Other than those, it looks and plays nicely.
The first thing that strikes me about this level is that it's extremely stingy with powerups for the first level of World 3. There's absolutely zero before the midpoint, and just a single mushroom (added for practical purposes) at the midpoint itself. Remember that not only are we still in the early game, but your level takes place immediately after a boss battle--we can surmise the player is probably weary at this point, and could use a powerup near the very beginning of the level (that's usually a good policy in most levels, but above all in introductions to a world). I'd also recommend having a question block with a flower at the midpoint itself instead of just a mushroom, and perhaps another halfway through the underground portion as well.

Secondly, I think it would be a good idea to have a greater difference between the foreground and background palettes in the underground section. The bamboo especially needs to be noticeably lighter than the other objects--not only because bamboo generally isn't very dark, but because some of them behave as spikes, and it's really not a good idea to have something which hurts the player blend into the background or with harmless foreground platforms. Also, have you considered using Oriental Them 2 for this section? It seems a fitting track, and I don't think anyone else is using it at the moment, so it would add a touch of uniqueness as well.
I have fixed everything the suggestions said, and it should be alright now. I added also more powerups.

Download A.A. 3-1

I still highly disagree with your music usage. Using pretty much all of the oriental themes in the very first level of the world sort of ruins the musical surprise for people. Basically, do what I said before and use the same theme for both the main level AND the secret exit area (Oriental Level 4 (Camerin's) or the one you're using now is fine, but not both). The cave theme can stay though, since it's generally slower.

Aside from that, the level looks good now and I'm willing to clear it and accept all of the resources for it once you fix up the music issue. We'll try to eventually get some more "updated" Bute graphics into the ROM, but you don't have to worry about this for now.
I could draw some Bute graphics up for you... make them look like they're dressed like ninja or samurai or something >.>

Ok, it should be alright. So, here are things I have to send when I'm done:


- .mwl file:

Main Level 12
Level 1C0
Level 1C1
Level 1C2

- Map16Pages:

Tiles 3C0 and 3C1 are modified on Page 3, here are the properties they have: Map16Page(3), Map16PageG(3) (Note: Those pages are from 08-04-2011 base ROM, to insert them properly, copy only those two tiles onto the Map16Page 3 tiles 3C0, 3C1.

There are some new tiles on page D I made for my level. I'm pretty sure there's nothing new on this page so you can insert this one into the base ROM straightforward by pressing F3. Page D: Map16Page(D), Map16PageG(D).

- ExGFX Files:

I used 2 new ExGFX files. They are ExGFX1DF and ExGFX199. Insert both into the base ROM as one of them isn't in the Base ROM and the second one has big changes and additions.

- ASM Files:

All of the ASM files, that I coded/used are already in the ROM.

- Other Things like Message Box Text:

Yeah, message box texts:

Level 12 Message 1:
"Oh dear! It's too dark in here. Go back outside - perhaps you can find some sort of lantern which will brighten this room.'

Level 12 Message 2:
"This old lantern will brighten the ancient underground temple. Stand next to it and press Up to switch it on."


I hope I gave everything.

Minus the Butes (which Teyla offered to redraw .. hopefully he does at some point), that seems to be everything.

Originally posted by Punk Sarcophagus

I did not intend to do this - now I can't get the key!
Originally posted by Punk Sarcophagus

Hitbox shenanigans. I don't know what this is, but it's spastic sprite that jumps around. I stomped on it when it was in mid jump, and got stuck on this wall.

The same sprite as above, but why is this here? It certainly surprised me. And similarly, I died after getting the goal because of the sprite.
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