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018: Tourou Temple - Hadron


Hey, thanks for the feedback, Axem. Yeah, sorry, I forgot to save the picture as showing the screen boundaries, it would have really been more handy. Won't forget it next time.

Yeah, you're right about the not too big variety of enemies, I'll have to think of more (I might implement Teyla's Sumo Bumpty idea, but I'll need more custom graphics for it).

Also, changed the parts of the level you mentioned (the first and the second Chuck, the first Sumo Bro). It's a bit harder but more interesting now. Also, all of the sliced bamboo tiles act like Munchers, but I've changed the part at the second Chuck, so there aren't upside-down sliced bamboos now. I wasn't really sure about them, and I think they could have been somewhat annoying (and misleading, maybe). Sprites walk in front of the screens, so there won't be 'traps' like that.

Okay, I think I'll go with Tourou Temple, then. The graphics Teyla and 2dareduck made are really temple-like actually, so I think it's a fitting name after all.
I'm glad you liked the level part overall, thanks for the detailed comments again! :)
Bumping this thread for a little "update"-like post.

So, as you may have seen, I've just requested the lantern boat graphics (took long enough, yeah...). I really hope I can find someone eventually who will be able to help with them. After I've received them, I'll finally start working on the second part of the level. I've been really busy with school, real life and other site stuff lately, but hopefully I can get back to business soon.

The palettes can be easily changed.
I redid all chucks is GFX 09 and 13 except whistling guy. He gets no make over.
You like??
Hm, I think it's not bad, although the face could be a bit better, I suppose. Something more similar to the Chucks' faces. Also, it could be a bit more 'fat' (but that's just a small nitpick, really).
But thanks for drawing it anyway. Send it when you feel like you're done.
In my opinion, the ninga-chuck's look like they have helmets on instead of masks.Try making the head wear a bit thiner.
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Now that i look at it they kind of due.
#w{x(} i already sent the graphics...oh well nothing that can't be fixed.
Maybe something sorta like this?

I figure, even if they're wearing ninja outfits, they'd be kinda tubby, so I tried to keep the head the same size.
That looks exacly like I imagined them.
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Oh, that's really cool indeed, Teyla (sorry for the kinda late reply). It'd be pretty awesome if you could do all the head poses, if you feel like it. Thanks for everything in advance!

Also, Snifit started drawing the lantern boat graphics (he showed the progress in the stickied request thread), they look very nice as well, in my opinion. I think I'll start the second part when he's done.
So, I've just received the finished lantern boat graphics from Snifit, he really did an awesome job and I'm really thankful for him.

I've got a small-ish problem what I didn't really expect though:

So I want to set up level F0 (where the lantern boat part begins). I opened another hack to see the settings, how to do a layer 2 scrolling level (funnily, I've never done something like that before).
Here are the settings:

Here's how the screen looks (water is on layer 1, the boat is on layer 2).

The only problem is: the lantern boat doesn't show up in the game at all! I have no idea why, I tried so many options and such (though probably it's going to be a very easy solution, I have a feeling). These settings worked well in that other hack, I hope I didn't miss something.

So yeah, if anybody have a solution or suggestion, please let me know here, thanks in advance!
When you use the None/None option for layer 2 scrolling, the layer 2 position carries over from the last sublevel you were in. According to the description, this patch fixes it.
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Thanks for the suggestion, yoshicookiezeus, but sadly, it still doesn't seem to work. I've patched it to the ROM (the freespace and everything was correct), tried it again (with all of the Layer 2 initial positions), and still nothing has changed.

Before your post, I tried doing the same method on a clean ROM (just the settings, without the patch), and it worked perfectly. We were discussing about it on the IRC, Lightvayne and I found it suspicious, maybe there's a problem with the base ROM itself?

Either way, I hope we'll find a solution to this problem soon, I'd really love to use this 'gimmick' in the level.
It does indeed seem very suspicious, since I know other people (i.e. Kipernal) have been using layer 2 trickery with no issues at all.

I'll look into this myself. If all else fails, try designing the level on a clean ROM since it works there. I'll import it and see if the level retains its quality, and if not .. well ..
Having done a raft level for my own hack in the past, I've run into all sorts of silliness concerning layer 2 in these "raft-style" levels. Before LM1.7x, the patch that YCZ pointed out was all that was ever needed to fix it. However, post-1.7x, I've always encountered a weird Y-Disp deficit that I've never been able to explain. This may be the same problem you're dealing with in which case it's likely putting your boat well below the screen.

In the level I had made, my raft was supposed to sit at Y=24, but I actually had to put it at Y=12 with C0/C0 as my initial Layer 1/Layer 2 settings. I remember I fought through a number of setups and that was the only one I could get to work. I haven't begun making the raft section for my own level for SWMCP2 as of yet (it'll likely be the last part I make), so I haven't gotten to mess with it as far as this hack. I know there's got to be a more logical solution, not sure what, but it's worth a shot.
Ohh wow, now after trying Milk's method, it finally works! Yeah, I just had to move it up about 12 tiles vertical, now it works very well. (I have no idea why is this needed though, but I'm happy with it)
Thanks a lot for helping, now off to design the lantern boat part!

Its weird that had to be done to get it to work, but, oh well.
I do like the lantern boat gfx alot, but the fence on top does seem a but cut off on the ends. Should be a simple fix though. :)
Layout by LDA during C3.
Finally, I've finished the second part (the lantern boat part). Sorry that it took so long. Now I'd like a few testers to try the level, how it looks and feels so far.


- I might insert a layer 3 background in the lantern boat part (if the L3 patch won't affect the status bar)
- the Boos will be probably redrawn to Will-o'-wisps

Thanks in advance! Hope it's long enough and you'll like it.

Also, here are two screenshots, just to show something:

Those bamboo things don't look like they're hurting you from the side, but they do. There are blocks in the ROM that only hurts from above, you might want to use those.

Why doesn't Mario stands on his place on the lantern boat?
Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by Bloop
Those bamboo things don't look like they're hurting you from the side, but they do. There are blocks in the ROM that only hurts from above, you might want to use those.

Ah, okay, I didn't know about that, I'll use them (the Map16 page of the Oriental Castle FG needs an update anyways).

Why doesn't Mario stands on his place on the lantern boat?

Um, I don't really see what you mean, why does Mario "slide" down from the boat? I think that's because the boat is layer 2, I can't really change that...

Also, any input about level design, difficulty?

EDIT: updated it a little bit.
No complaints with the first segment, I really like it. The second part is very ehh. I felt i had to much to deal with:
Mario sliding back, everytime i jump i get caught off guard when i land on the upper parts of the boat, weird
koopa movements( it was walking to the right but getting no where HA ha that was funny). Maybe a diffrent
approach to the second part is best. Like Supa koopas or giant gas bubles, which aren't used that much.